Making Teacher Learning Visible

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Slides from my workshop at the 2013 AIS conference

Text of Making Teacher Learning Visible

  • 1. Cameron PatersonE: cpatersoMakingTeacherLearningVisibleAIS2013
  • 2. ShoreSchool Founded in 1889. Located in North Sydney Non-government school Co-educational from K to 2, then boys school from 3-12. 161 teaching staff 1583 students The emphasis on professional development and growth for the teachingstaff is a notable feature of the schools activities.
  • 3. Classroom isolationleads teachers to fallback on theapprenticeship ofobservation that theyundertook as schoolstudents
  • 4. "Schools are deeply hard-wired, culturally andstructurally, to resist systemic practices of adultlearning."(Richard Elmore)
  • 5. Undergraduate Professional Graduate Advice fromCourses Reading Courses ColleagueWhat Influences TeacherProfessional Practice?1=Notinfluential4=Veryinfluential1. Douglas Reeves, The Leadership and Learning Center
  • 6. Schools learn collectively in teams and teachers get better byworking in teams on teaching issues.Richard Elmore
  • 7. Watching most teams operate in schools is like watchingAstroturf grow. Richard Elmore
  • 8. From a socialisedmind to a self-authoring mind
  • 9. The most powerful source of information aboutteaching and learning in a school is the student andteacher work that occurs in classrooms, day in and dayout.(Tina Blythe)
  • 10. 80% of professional knowledge is builtinformally
  • 11. Key Readings
  • 12. Mentoring
  • 13. 2 + 2
  • 14. Professional Learning Choices 2013CoachingCultures of Thinking Breakfast GroupLooking At Student Work Focus GroupFeedback Focus GroupInstructional RoundsLesson Observation Focus groupSupervising a Student-TeacherTeam CoachingRelevant Tertiary StudyOther Approved Option
  • 15. Leading Learning:
  • 16. Recent Book Studies
  • 17. Professional Learning CommitteeIm grateful for the opportunity to be on the PLC ashaving dialogue with colleagues gets me stuck andpushes me to reflect on my teaching but alsoencourages me to keep trying and affirms the smallthings I may do effectively.Rebecca Cornish email
  • 18. A development culture, not a compliance-oriented culture.
  • 19. Leadership is aboutbuilding highly functionalpeople into highlyfunctional teams.Richard Elmore
  • 20. The job of a leader is to follow thework, not to dictate the work.Richard Elmore
  • 21. Networksrather thanhierarchies
  • 22. A stand-alone school cannot be a self-improving school. Self-improvingschools work in partnership, inclusters.David Hargreaves
  • 23. I BLEW IT!I tried something new andinnovativeand it didnt work as well as IwantedThis coupon entitles me to befree ofcriticism for my effortsIll continue to pursue ways tohelpmy students be successful
  • 24. I used to thinkNow I thinkA routine for reflectingon how and why ourthinking has changed