Mac Basics: Keyboard Shortcuts and Editing

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Keyboard Shortcuts & Editing

Mac Basics

While there are slight variations depending on model and device, you can find the same basic placement of important keys at the bottom left hand side of your keyboardKeyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Undo: command/Z

Redo: command/shift/Z

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cut: command/X

Copy: command/C

Paste: command/V

Duplicate: command/D

Keyboard Shortcuts

Bold: command/B

Italics: command/I

Keyboard Shortcuts

Web screen zoom in: command/+

Web screen zoom out: command/-

Keyboard Shortcuts

Full screen screenshot:command/shift/3

Partial screen screenshot:command/shift/4

Then click and drag to select screenshot

Keyboard Shortcuts

To quit any program:command/Q

Keyboard Shortcuts

Scroll through applications:command/tab

Reverse direction:command/shift/tab

NOTE: Applications will only open visibly if they are not minimized.

EditingShow the Inspectorin order to edit documents, text and other features of Mac applications like Pages & Keynote

EditingDocument settings

TransitionsAnimationsText formatting

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