Mac Basics: Keyboard Shortcuts and Editing

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<p>Keyboard Shortcuts &amp; Editing</p> <p>Mac Basics</p> <p>While there are slight variations depending on model and device, you can find the same basic placement of important keys at the bottom left hand side of your keyboardKeyboard Shortcuts</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts</p> <p>Undo: command/Z</p> <p>Redo: command/shift/Z</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>Cut: command/X</p> <p>Copy: command/C</p> <p>Paste: command/V</p> <p>Duplicate: command/D </p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>Bold: command/B</p> <p>Italics: command/I</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>Web screen zoom in: command/+</p> <p>Web screen zoom out: command/-</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>Full screen screenshot:command/shift/3</p> <p>Partial screen screenshot:command/shift/4</p> <p>Then click and drag to select screenshot</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>To quit any program:command/Q</p> <p>Keyboard Shortcuts </p> <p>Scroll through applications:command/tab</p> <p>Reverse direction:command/shift/tab</p> <p>NOTE: Applications will only open visibly if they are not minimized.</p> <p>EditingShow the Inspectorin order to edit documents, text and other features of Mac applications like Pages &amp; Keynote</p> <p>EditingDocument settings</p> <p>TransitionsAnimationsText formatting</p> <p>More GreatStuff!</p> <p>Next Session Requests?Drawing pads?InDesign?Photoshop?Keynote?Visual Literacy?Digital Storytelling?</p>