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Welcome! Orientation to the M.E.S.M.S. Library Media Center Mrs. Baratta, Mrs. Vecchiolla, and Mrs. Voss

LMC Orientation Slide Show 2009

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Welcome to the MESMS Library Media Center! Join me for a quick overview of our library media center. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Text of LMC Orientation Slide Show 2009

  • 1. Welcome! Orientationto theM.E.S.M.S. Library Media Center Mrs. Baratta,Mrs. Vecchiolla, and Mrs. Voss

2. 3.

  • WHY?!?!
  • Build vocabulary
  • Read faster with practice
  • Get smarter, gain knowledge
  • and the library media specialists favorite answer of all
  • Because it is FUN!

Why do you read??? 4. 5. 6. What do we read?Fiction and Non-Fiction

  • Fiction is something told or written that isnotfact, its a made up story
  • Non-fiction is literature that isnotfictional

7. Dewey Decimal System

  • A system of library classification in which publications are assigned a number from 0-999 according to subject
  • Named after Melvil Dewey an American librarian who lived from 1851-1931

8. Reference 001-900s

  • Which books are considered reference materials?
    • Encyclopedias
    • Almanacs
    • Dictionaries
    • Atlases

9. General Categories

  • Generalities 000-009
  • Philosophy and Psychology100-199
  • Religion and Mythology200-299
  • Social Science 300-399
  • Language400-499
  • Natural Sciences 500-599
  • Technology 600-699
  • Arts 700-799
  • Literature800-899
  • 920 Biography Collections
  • 921 Individual biographies in alphabetical order

10. Where is the fiction?

  • Arranged inalphabetical orderusing theauthors last name
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles , byTony DiTerlizziwould be found in the D section. D is forDiTerlizzi .

D 11. Fiction

  • Genre stickers
  • Mysteries, Adventures, Sports, Science Fiction, Romance, Westerns and more!

12. OPAC

  • Search for a book using
    • Subject
    • Title
    • Author

13. How do YOU select a book?

  • Cover
  • Summary on the inside flap or back of book
  • Recommendation
  • Five finger rule
  • Remember: Skinny books can be boring, thick books can be so good that they end before you know it!

14. If you DONT like a book, what will you do???

  • Bring it back and get another one, of course!

15. Book Selection and Checkout

  • Select a book (or 2 or more)
  • Check it out!
    • Limit 4 books per person
    • 3 weeks
  • Reserve it! If the book you would like to read is not on the shelf, fill out a reserve card. When the book is back, your card will be sent to your English teacher.
  • Each time you check out a book, please take a bookmark to save your place.

16. Please fill in the card and pocket, then have your book 17. Creating and Presenting Information We are very fortunate to have a computer lab with 30 work stations in our library media center! 18. Our MESMS Library Media Center Webpage is now a blog!

  • http://mesmslibrarymediacenter.blogspot.com/

19. Suggestion Box

  • HELP! Make our LMC the best it can be! Contribute suggestions to the suggestion box which is always located on the circulation desk.

20. See you at the LMC!

  • Lunch passes
    • Get a pass as soon as you get off the bus!
    • If you cannot come when you get off the bus, come as soon as you can.
    • Visit us during lunch to:
      • Do homework
      • Study
      • Work on group projects
      • Read!
      • Podcast
      • Play educational simulations
  • Before and after school
  • Reading and research take place every day here at the library media center!Visit us often!