Lake Forest Arts Presentation

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Workshop with Education majors from Lake Forest College. Focus on integrating arts into the social sciences.

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  • 1. Presented by:
    Annie Sisson Rezac
    Director of Education
    Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
    Lake Forest College
    The Arts In The Learning Process
    October 26, 2009

2. Theatre Arts is for Everyone
Students of all ages and interests benefit from being expressive and creative.
Brings students together to share a common language through the creative arts.
3. Theatre Arts Integration

  • Alternative Lesson Strategies

4. Learning Modes and Intelligences 5. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence 6. Spatial Intelligence 7. Ensemble and Socialization 8. Self Assessment and Emotional Literacy 9. New Vocabulary 10. New Lens for Interpretation 11. Engaging of the Senses