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Forest Lake High School. 2009-2010 Registration Process and Information for all Forest Lake High School Students. Introduction To Registration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Forest Lake High School2009-2010 Registration Process and Informationfor all Forest Lake High School Students Introduction To RegistrationCareful registration for each years courses is very important. Schedules are created and staffing is assigned based on numbers of student requests. Be sure to choose carefully.Introduction To RegistrationBeginning with the 2009-2010 school year, NO student change requests will be accepted once the quarter begins. Introduction To RegistrationResearch the Minnesota Career Pathways/Clusters link found on the Forest Lake Area High School website. Identify a career cluster that interests you. Introduction To RegistrationChoose courses that support future career decisions. Remember that high school is the time to prepare for future careers.YellowPAGE 2Grade 10 Page 2009-2010 Forest Lake High School Registration WorksheetGRADE 10Student Name:__________________________________________ID#__________________________(Last)(First)(required for registration)Home Phone:__________________________Cell Phone:_____________________________Instructions: Use a pencil to PRINT all information Choose courses from pages 2 and 3 that support career cluster/pathway choice Courses with prerequisites are noted with an *. Please note these when registering Write the course name AND course number on the lines below in order of priorityCOMPLETE ALL BLANKS(Each line represents 1/2 credit)Course Name Course #1.American Literature A4002ORAP English A4020(circle one)2.American Literature B4003ORAP English B4021(circle one)3.US History A7001ORAP US History A7012(circle one)4.US History B7002ORAP US History B7013(Circle one)5.Health60006.Phy. Ed. 1061007.Math:8.Math:9.Science: THREE ALTERNATES (Students DO NOT enter these into the computer during registration):Course NameCourse #1. 2 3 Identify Career Cluster/Pathway Choice(s):(as identified through MCIS inventory)___________________________________________2012 CREDIT REQUIREMENT CHECK-LISTMinimum Credit Requirement = 26REQUIRED COURSES:9TH GRADE____English 9A (.5 credit) ____English 9B (.5 credit)____Civics (.5 credit) (Social Studies 9A) ____Careers (.5 credit) (Social Studies 9B)____IPS Science A (.5 credit)____IPS Science B (.5 credit)____Phy-Ed (.5 credit) ____IT or FACS (.25 credit)____Bus. Ed (.25 credit)10TH GRADE____ American Literature A, or AP English A (.5 credit)____ American Literature B, or AP English B (.5 cr)____U.S. History A or AP US History A (.5 cr)____U.S. History B or AP US History B (.5 cr)____Phy-ed (.5 credit)____Health (.5 credit)11th & 12th GRADE____Speech or Comm./Theory & Practice (.5 credit)____Writing Course (.5 credit)_________________________English Elective (.5 credit) _______________________English Elective (.5 credit) _______________________World History A (.5 credit)____World History B (.5 credit)____Economics (.5 credit)____Social Studies Elective (.5 credit) _____________MATH (9TH-12TH GRADE)____Algebra 1 A & B (1) OR____Integrated 1 A & B (1)____Geometry A & B (1) OR____Integrated II A & B (1)____Algebra II A & B (1) OR____Integrated III A & B (1)SCIENCE (9TH-12TH GRADE)____Biology A & B (1 cr.) OR AP Bio A & B (1) & Comparative Anat. (.5) OR Forensic Bio (.5) & Methods in Field Bio (.5)____Chemistry A (.5) OR Accelerated Chem. (.5) OR Chemistry in Comm. (.5)____Science Elective (.5 credit) _____________________ART Visual or Performance (9TH-12TH GRADE)____Art Elective (.5 cr) _______________________________Art Elective (.5 cr) ___________________________CAREER PATHWAY ELECTIVE COURSES:#1.#2.#3.#4.#5.#6.#7.#8.#9.#10.#11.#12.#13.#14.#15.#16.#17.#18.(class of 2012 = 18 elective courses, each course represents .5 credit)Advisory Teacher Checklist: (initial below)_____ Career Cluster choice identified_____ Graduation requirements discussed_____ Registration Worksheet completedComments:_______________________________Introduction To RegistrationMake certain that courses chosen satisfy graduation requirements and provide adequate preparation for future plans. Remember, high school is far more than the end of education. Its the beginning of the next steps.Introduction To RegistrationDo not request courses already taken, or will be taken during the remainder of this school year. Credit is only awarded once per course.Make sure that all prerequisites are satisfied. Introduction To RegistrationAsk questions of homeroom teachers and deans to guarantee that course requests are done accurately and appropriately. Study the registration information on the FLHS website to learn about requirements and prerequisites.Check out the FAQs pages.Introduction To Registration The final responsibility for course selection rests entirely with students and parents or guardians. When in doubt, ASK.Registration NotesSign up for 14 classes, plus 3 alternates. Any spaces left empty will be chosen for you.Watch for prerequisites!Registration NotesDo not sign up for a class that is not listed on your registration sheet. It will not count, and an alternate class will be used.Double Check your course numbers - 1 out of 4 students copy down the course number incorrectly and end up in the WRONG CLASS!Schedule changes are only allowed for the following reasons and must be completed before the quarter begins:Student is missing a prerequisite for a class on his/her schedule.Student is lacking a class required for graduation or college admission.Student is academically misplaced.Schedule Changes Continued...Students who meet the previous criteria may make schedule changes before the first day of the term.After fifteen (15) days into a term, a student who drops a course will receive a final grade of F for that course.Registration Open HouseActual registration will be done in an open house format from 4-8 pm on February 5 and February 9. Choose one of the nights to meet with your homeroom advisor.Go to a computer lab to meet your dean and do the actual course requests online.Online RegistrationEnter all 14 course requestsDouble-check course numbersDo not enter alternatesLeave course request worksheets with your deanRegistration, FinalAll students who bring their parent(s) to the registration open house and follow all directions will be given preference if courses fill.This does not guarantee that all course requests will be granted, however.It is far easier to do it right the first time.Registration Help SessionAll parents and their students are invited to a help session in the high school media center at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 29. Introduction To RegistrationAll registration materials and information can be found on the Forest Lake Area Website at request worksheets will be distributed to students the week of January 26.Registration Guide Handbooks will be available in student services for students without online access.


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