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  • IoT for Home. Be Smart, Live Smart

    IoT is one of the hot topics these days among the software techies and the

    citizens, and is considered as the next big thing after Mobility, Cloud and Big


    Are you really aware of what actually Internet of Things is all about, and how it

    can transform your normal boring house into a smart home? If not, then you

    are at the right place. In this article, we are going to explain how the Internet

    of Things is going to digitalise our lives in the coming days.

  • What is IoT?

    Internet of Things is a simple network of interconnected things that are linked

    with the sensors and internet-enabled devices, which allows them to gather

    and share the data responsively.

  • This means IoT extends the internet connectivity beyond the regular devices

    like Computers, Smartphones and Tablets to a wide spectrum of electronic

    components and daily things, which will use the embedded technology via

    Internet, for interacting and communication with the external environment.

    What IoT do?

    Internet of Things makes it easier to manage our daily life aspects, without

    getting tensed or worried about anything. The power of inter-connectivity

    minimizes the chances for glitches and makes the smart devices to work for


    Just imagine how cool it would be, the moment when you wake up in the

    morning and the smart coffee machine prepares a bed coffee for you.

  • It will definitely be going to make your day awesome.

    Is IoT the future?

    IoT is existing; there are already several IoT applications that are available in

    the market, which most of the people are already using them in their daily

    lives. In the coming days, the number will gradually increase as more people

    are likely to buy IoT products.

    According to Gartner, 4.9 billion things were inter-connected in 2015, and the

    number is expected to reach 20.8 billion by 2020.

    Switch to Smart Home with IoT

  • Le Corbusier around 80 years ago has referred a house as a machine designed

    for humans to stay and carry out their daily life aspects. From then on-wards,

    a number of attempts have been made by different techno-brains to

    transform this vision into reality. With the emergence of IoT, this vision of Le

    Corbusier finally seems to be fulfilling on a rapid pace.

    We are now already talking to our Smartphones (via personal assistants like

    Siri, Cortana etc.), and in the coming days we will be doing the same with all

    the other internet-enabled devices that are present inside our smart homes.

    Smart homes with inter-connected devices are loaded with wide possibilities

    that makes our lives easier and more comfortable.

  • Let us imagine that you are returning back to the home from office, and you

    are in the need of an instant shower. Rather than turning the geyser on when

    you reach home and wait for the water to get heated up, you can simply use

    your smartphone while leaving the office, and tell the smart thermostat to

    heat the water up to a specified temperature.

    No shortage of possibilities exists with IoT and analytics, because in future,

    anything that can be connected will be connected.

  • 1. Operate Remotely

    With IoT, you can now have everything hooked up with the Internet, whichallows you to operate any appliance from any part of the world whether youwant to turn on the bedroom AC or just need to switch off the bathroomlight, anything and everything can be done on your fingertips.

    2. Intensified Home Security

    Different devices are making the security aspects smarter for the people toalways keep an eye on their homes. Whenever the security cameras detectany unexpected motion inside or outside your home, it will give you aninstant alert message.

    3. Re-design Every Occasion

    What will be more fabulous than the home lightening that changes with yourpersonal tastes and occasions. With the inter-connectivity of bulbs and lights,you can switch between the various florescent colors, and can also adjust thebrightness levels depending upon your current moods.

  • 4.Personalized Health

    We are already using some smart wearable like health bands and wrist bandsthat monitors our heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure, sugar levelsetc. With IoT, your smart refrigerator now holds the ability to self-order formilk, vegetables and other food items when you start running low.


    There is no doubt to say that, Internet of Things is the next great thing for us,and our lives are going to be greatly improved with it. Not only for houseautomation, IoT holds charge on the energy sectors, healthcare,manufacturing, transportation sectors and a lot more. However, the pointthat is to be noticed is the smarter the devices inside our homes become,the higher the scope for misusing them will also prevail.

  • In order to lay smart restrictions on these pitfalls, the big giants like Amazon,

    AT&T, Belkin, Bosch, GE, Cisco etc. have already started hunting for the

    talented and skillful IoT developers, who can smartly connect them. In order

    to meet these market requirements, Kovid Academy is offering the IoT online

    training and classroom training for the aspirants who holds an aggressive

    passion towards internet working technology. Come and learn Internet of

    Things from Kovid, and start connecting your smartphone with the electronic

    devices around you.

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