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  1. 1. An open platform for Smart IOT November 2015 Proprietary and Confidential
  2. 2. Some decisions can be delegated to the edge assets. The engines now in effect have a mind of their own. Newer, higher order languages will become prevalent in safety-related systems and one more barrier to innovation is removed for machines becoming brilliant. Rich Phillips, Chief Architect (GE Aviation) Source: https://www.gesoftware.com/blog/dodging-emissions-and-schrodingers-cat
  3. 3. Removing barriers to Smart IOT Looming Crisis Too many devices Lots of sensors Low level languages not suitable for advanced algorithms Julia Strong mathematical foundation High performance, high productivity Common language for engineers, data scientists, and computer scientists Common language for devices and cloud
  4. 4. The Open Source Julia community 100,000 users Nerve Centres in Bangalore and at MIT Julia: The strategic choice
  5. 5. Analytics on the device Speed and Safety Cloud analytics Scalable algorithms Programmed by Computer Scientists Iron and Silicon: A common language Programmed by Engineers Fe Si
  6. 6. Develop algorithms DeploymentEngineer Months Then Deployment Now Days or Weeks Rewrite in low level language Programmers Develop algorithms Engineer The engineer is the programmer - Deploy what you develop SiFe SiFe
  7. 7. Julia Programs are Transparent and Auditable Wall Street Energy Grid
  8. 8. Julia as the specification language for Airborne Collision Avoidance (ACAS-X) Julia for collision avoidance Source: Robert Moss https://youtu.be/19zm1Fn0S9M Fe
  9. 9. Julia for 3D Printing Julia drives the 3D slicer that prints this quadcopter Source: Jack Minardi https://youtu.be/PluP562Xdv4 Fe
  10. 10. A population based predictive platform for healthcare costs Financial models based on zip codes, insurance, utilization rates, past volumes, revenues, and costs Julia for predictive analytics in healthcare Si
  11. 11. Next generation search, pricing and commerce algorithms Learning algorithms mine data from a 300 Terabyte data store spread over 1000+ servers on a daily basis Julia for search and pricing algorithms Si
  12. 12. Thank You Email us at: info@juliacomputing.com