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Welcome to your new template

From DATA 1.0 to DATA 3.0Digital planning changes & Transition to Consumer Centric marketing



Used 1st-paty data only

Pros+ Low CPA+ Simple activation procedure

ConsReach limitationRe-engage covered users (not new)

DATA 1.0: Re-targeting


Re-targeting is a very powerful tool to re-engage with consumers that have shown an interest but have not converted2

Used 3rd-paty data

Pros+ Cover NEW users (Prospects)+ Unlimited reach

ConsMedium complexity of activationMedium CPA

DATA 2.0: Audience Buying


Audience Buying is more applicable for the upper funnel to reach consumer profiles that have not engaged with the advertiser yet.

When Audience Buying, the media bought is audience focused, trying to reach the right consumer segments.


Consumer Centric marketing allows us to cherry-pick an individual consumer profile and determine the value and price of each consumer


ConsumerRIGHT CONTEXTTheme, ContentRIGHT QUALITYSite, Brand Safety

RIGHT PRICE Bid or FixRIGHT USER TargetingRIGHT TIMEFrequency, Recency, TimeRIGHT LOCATIONGeo, LocationConsumer

Used 3rd-paty data & 1st-party data & 2nd-party data

Pros+ Cover users through all purchase funnel level+ Unlimited reach+ Customized segments special for Client+ Higher ROI

ConsHigh complexity of activation

DATA 3.0: Consumer Centric Marketing


Consumer Centric view is combined as much data as possible into a holistic user profile, combining sophisticated segmentation of the website visitors with CRM and even sales data and enriching it with 2nd and 3rd party data.


Data is becoming the fundamental currency in brand-consumer relationships


Consumer Centric approach requires a significant re-organization of data collection processFIRST PARTY DATAMaximize the value and control of owned data SECOND PARTY DATABuild completed profile of your AudienceTHIRD PARTY DATAWorth the money?

Data is fuelled by attribution models that can assign value to each touch-point.

Rather than running short-term campaigns for specific products or offers, Consumer Centric advertising is always-on, the product and offers are selected based on known consumer interests rather than marketing top down decisions.


Audience segmentation based on level of engagement

Users saw the adUsers clicked the adUsers visited Brand websiteUsers visited Brand website & engagedConverted users


Audience AnalysisTo know who is your targetAd Campaign TargetingTo contact with relevant usersHow we can use the data?


interest: BusinessmenSEGMENTATIONDATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMInterest: Autoactivation

ProgrammaticPublishersExtension:Completed test-Drive formFIRST PARTY DATAExclude Converted Users and Clients from Awareness Communication


DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMCreating of new segment:people with the same profile as those who have clicked/converted during the previous brand campaign

Look-a-like modelingCollection modeling ACTIVATION


Creative #1Creative #2SECOND PARTY DATACreate performance segment based on 2nd party data


WEBSITE & CRM USER PROFILEData: Sex, Age, Social Status, Interests, Interests

Get insights about your audience!

THIRD PARTY DATADiscovery report of your site Audience

Installing DMP pixel on your website and emailing you can get access to the report providing profile of your site audience

Data: Sex, Age, Social Status, Interests, Interests12


How to leverage DATA knowledge across all digital touch-points?SEO DEPARTMENTSMM DEPARTMENTSPECIAL PROJECT DEPARTMENT

Be ahead of all competitors!