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Horror Genre Codes and Conventions

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2. CAN YOU IDENTIFY HORROR SUB GENRES? Identify at least two horror sub genres and providemovie examples. What relevant horror conventions do they have? 3. SUPERNATURAL HORROR Can include ghosts,monsters, dark forces, zombies, creepy things that cant be found in the real world. 4. DARK FANTASY contains fantasy elementswith a horror twist, or horror with a distinctly fantastical setting. 5. SCI-FI HORROR mash up of science fictionand horror, usually where the sci-fi aspects (aliens, space travel, robots) are used to precipitate the overriding horror. 6. PSYCHOLOGICAL HORROR driven by characters fearsand focused more on psychological dread than on murder, mutilation, and gore. Could be supernatural, but is more often associated with those twists where the protagonist turns out to be insane. 7. GOTHIC involves psychologicalterror in historically romantic settings, usually includes mysteries, ghosts, castles, decay, madness, hereditary curses and death. 8. SUSPENSE/ THRILLER does not involve anysupernatural or otherworldly aspects, instead relying on real-life situations to generate horror through serial killers, deadly situations, natural disasters and psychopaths. 9. SLASHER MOVIES typically involving amysterious, generally psychopathic killer stalking and killing a sequence of victims usually in a graphically violent manner, often with a cutting tool such as a knife, an axe, or a chainsaw. 10. TASK: IN PAIRS USE THE WORKSHEET TO PRODUCE A PRESENTATION ON THE CODES AND CONVENTIONS THINKING OF AS MANY HORROR FILMS WITHIN THE SUB-GENRE TYPICALSSETTINGS PROPS COSTUME NONVERBAL COMMUN ICATION CINEMATEXAMPLESFILMS