Holiday destinations in romania

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Holiday destinations in Romania

University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine

Holiday destinations in RomaniaCiobnic Florin Cristian- MIEADR, IMAPA, Group 8212

SummaryIntroductionPele CastleThe Danube DeltaVorone Monastery Turda Salt Mine Snagov Monastery


Tourism in Romania focuses on natural landscapes and it's rich in history. It is having also an imp contrib in the world economy. Crossed by the Danube, Romania has a varied landscape, including mpduriii Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta, the best preserved European delta.

Pele Castle

Pele creek valley located in a place called Pietrele Arse, Pele Castle, the most famous royal residence in Romania, was built between 1875 and 1883 when it was officially opened.

It is said that by 1866, through August, King Charles I arrived in the area and spent the night at the monastery of Podul Neagului. Wild and picturesque scenery attracted him so much that he decided to put here to be the cornerstone of a castle.

The Danube Delta

Danube Delta, located mostly in Dobrogea, Romania and partly in Ukraine is the second largest and best preserved of European deltas.From 1991 was included in UNESCO, being the only delta in the world declared a biosphere reserve.

Vorone Monastery

Perhaps the most famous and stunning of the painted monasteries is Vorone, founded in 1487 by Stephen the Great to celebrate a victory over turks.Vorone Monastery was founded by Stephen the Great, ruling prince of Moldavia, to fulfill a pledge to Daniil, a hermit who had encouraged him to chase the Turks from Wallachiia. After defeating the Turks, Stephen erected Voronet in less than four months.

Turda Salt Mine

Turda Salt Mine is today a true museum of the history of salt mining. Excellent state of preservation works and mining machinery used to transport salt, alongside the care with which they carried out the work of preparing the mine to become a tourist attraction, made the history and legend intertwine harmoniously here. The growing number of tourists arriving in the most remote geographical areas to visit the mine are a confirmation of the historical and touristic value.

Snagov Monastery

Snagov Monastery is an important historical and artistic Romanian feudal country, which is on the island located in the northern part of Lake Snagov, near Snagov village.The monastery is probably one of the foundations of the late reign of Mircea the Old, was first documented in 1408. It was rebuilt several times by other rulers, among which we can mention Vlad Tepes and Mircea Ciobanu.