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Alejandra Santos Andrade


  • 1.Ushuaia, Argentina. Ushuaia, end of the world, beginning of everything

2. Ushuaia is the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Antrtida e Islas del Atlntico Sur Province, Argentina. 3. It is recognized as an industrial, administrative and tourist center 4. Important data: It is located in a wide bay on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, bounded on the north by the Martial mountain range and in the south by the Beagle Channel 5. Ushuaia has a cold oceanic climate This city was founded on October 12, 1884 by Augusto Lasserre 6. Ushuaias people speak spanish The Argentine peso is the official currency of Ushuaia 7. Where can you stay? The most popular hotels in the city are: Hayas Resort Hotel Las Hayas Resort Hotel opened in 1993, traditional and emblematic 5 stars hotel at Ushuaia Prices for night: *Standard Twin Room: $430.000 COP $ 36.814 AR *Junior Suite: $510.000 COP $ 44.042 AR 8. Mustapic Hotel is located in the historical centre of Ushuaia city, where guests can relax and admire the stunning city views. Prices for night: $3.399.882 COP $ 14.088 AR Located in central Ushuaia, Los Naranjos offers comfortable rooms with panoramic views of the surrounding Andean mountain range, or the Beagle Channel. Free private parking . All rooms of Los Naranjos are equipped with free Wi-Fi, cable TV and a safe. Prices for night: *$5,766,277 COP *$ 23,894 ARG 9. TOURIST PLACES Cerro Castor: Is a ski resort on the southern slope of Mount Krund, was inaugurated in 1999. The Train of the End of the World is a railway line. This connects Tierra del Fuego National Park with Ushuaia 10. The Integrated Naval Base Almirante Berisso is the southernmost port of the Argentina Navy, from which projects its power over the Argentine sector of the Beagle Channel. Beagle Channel is a strait in the archipelago island chain of Tierra del Fuego on the extreme southern tip of South America partly in Chile and partly Argentina 11. Typical house was built around 1920 by the Ramos family was family housing and retail general store. Today belongs to the Provincial Police. 12. What can you eat? Centolla: Delicious crustacean consumed raw, with soft cheese and spinach sauces or flavored oils, rice and sushi. Patagonian lamb barbecue: It can be prepared grilled, broiled or baked, and usually seasoned with a delicious adobe made oil with garlic, parsley, red pepper and white wine. 13. Patagonian Toothfish: Delicious meat; in the most dishes come bathed in a sauce made with white wine, grated cheese, nutmeg, salt and white pepper. Beagle beer: Craft beer that can come in different forms and colors: blond, red and black. 14. Advantages Disadvantages *It is a fantastic experience *You can know animals as penguins and sea wolves *The people is kind * The city is very traditional *It is so expensive *The climate is very cold *It's easy to get lost * The plane's hard landing for the small space of the airport 15. I think Ushuaia is a magic city. The landscapes make you feel calm and relax. When my mom was there she took amazing pictures and I love it. I look the pictures and imagine a different and magic world OPINION 16. GLOSSARY Bay: Baha Bounded: Limitado Range: Alcance Stunning: Maravilloso Surrounding: Circundante Slope: Pendiente Strait: Estrecho 17. References: 18. Alejandra Santos Andrade 11 B 2.014