Guidelines for Organic in Sri Lanka

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  • 1.Introduction of LOAMand guidelines forOrganic Certification S.VaheesanHelvetas Sri Lanka & LOAM LANKA ORGANIC1AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS

2. What is LOAM?National Association with 70 membersLOAM Lanka Organic AgriculturalMovement, It is involved in:Promotion of O/A and Awarenesscreation on O/APolicy Advocacy for O/AAdvisory supportTechnical collaboration on O/A LANKA ORGANIC 2AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 3. Primary objectives ofLOAMTo promote Organic Agriculture (OA) inSri Lanka (SL)To contribute to establish, improve andmaintain standards for O/A in SLTo create awareness on O/A amongdifferent target groups various interestgroups, mainstream gov. organisations inthe Agriculture sector,public in general.LANKA ORGANIC3 AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 4. Main out puts by LOAMOA sector has been recognized by theGovernmentAn organic products council (OPC) hasbeen initiatedSetting up guidelines for organicproduction and processing standardsProposed a certification label for certifiedorganic in Sri LankaLANKA ORGANIC 4 AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 5. Highlights of the guidelinesfor organic stds.Prepared based on the IFOAM BasicstandardsPrinciples and aims of O/A - holisticOrganic Ecosystems system based approachmain aim is to conserve biodiversitySoil and water conservation- conservationthrough recycling and re-useLANKA ORGANIC5 AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 6. Guidelines contd.Genetic engineering not allowedWild harvested products- permitted, derivedfrom sustainable & stable systemsConversion period 24 months for annualcrops, 36 months for perennial cropsCrop production through rotation &diversificationUse of Seeds and their production - mostly oforganic origin LANKA ORGANIC6AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 7. Guidelines contd.Soil management long termprogramme based on composted organicmaterial, animal and green manuresOn-farm production of organic materialsfor nitrogen self sufficiency hedge rowsand cover cropsPest & disease management throughbiological, physical and cultural meansLANKA ORGANIC7 AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 8. Guidelines contd.Processing and handling of organicproduceLabeling of produce Certified Organic ormade with organic ingredients, InconversionAnimal husbandryIndigenous knowledgeAnnexesLANKA ORGANIC8 AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS 9. LANKA ORGANIC9AGRICULT URAL MOVEMENTS