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HA8 Task 1

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  • 1. Any media product designed for a specific audience. Thisincludes Games, films, newspapers and magazines at a massproduce amount.An example of this is the game last of us. A video gamethemed around a post-apocalyptic survival horror. This gamewas designed on mass and based for 15-25 year old males.Another example of this is the game Just Dance. a simulationgame based around Following an avatar and copying theredance moves to earn a score. It is profiled for everyone.

2. Semiotics is how a piece of media is read by the audience, from a newspaperarticle title to a game poster. These pieces of media normally cause anemotional response for the reader and can be read very differently dependingon the person.An example of this in the last ofus is a good example of thisbecause it is read verydifferently to the game Justdance via the situations you areplaced to when in the game.In the last of us there is a lot ofviolence and so can be read asgood or bad depending on theperson. Just dance can beinterpreted the same but for thereason they might not think thegame looks good to play. 3. Genre is the category that a media product falls into from games and filmsto books and music. These genres normally have smaller sub genres andcan normally help people find a certain product or products like that.An example of this in the last of us it falls into the category survival horror, but hassub genres such as action adventure,sandbox and apocalyptic. Through beingin this genre it has related games such asresident evil and fall out new Vegas.In comparison to this Just dance falls in tothe opposite category of Simulation buthas sub genres of family, sport and party.The game has related games such asMario kart and guitar hero. 4. Content is what the media actually consists of, this includes speech, art,gameplay and narrative. In games there is a lot of individual content thatvaries in every game.An example of this n The last of us. Thegame consists of a lot of violence, bloodand a very dark theme, with musicnormally being very atmospheric tomatch the lighting and scene. The text isalso very different and revolves around aheavy story dance has a very different list ofcontent. This includes bright colour, apositive scenario and a lot of music. Thesehelp the game be very friendly and madefor a range of people 5. Construction is based around how the game is put together and thenarrative. It consists of the layer and the structure of a piece of media, andhow each event is pieced together.In the last o us, each level is completedby making your way through the areakilling certain enemies and finding certainitems. Throughout this level you will triggerevents to complete your task and moveon. dance has a very differentconstruction system as it does not have astory line but has a level up system,dancing and motion. 6. Codes are conventions are the rules a specific type of media fall intodepending on what product it is and what genre it falls into. The codesand conventions make it easier for people to easily grasp the concept thegame.In the last o us the codes and conventionsinclude , gun fights, killing, blood,emotions and survival. These all allowplayers to relate to certain aspects beforethey have even played the game andknow what to do.Just dances codes and conventionsinclude bright colours, basic avatars anddancing. 7. Modes of address is how a piece of media text talks to the audience Thisincludes all the previous terms such as semiotics, genre, content andconstruction, they all help the media text talk. In video games this can beportrayed in first person, 3rd person or a narrative.In the last of us, The modes of addressinclude the very heavily narrated storyline. This game is 3rd person and has astrong effect when it talks to its audience. dances very different and the modesof address are different such as it is notheavy story based however has a lot ofbright colours and lots of game modes. 8. A target demographic is what group of people a game isdesigned for depending on age, gender, wage and addressThe last of us is designed for middle class males between theages o 15-25.Where as Just dance is targeted at everyone and has nospecific audience