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GLOSSARY OF PROCUREMENT TERMS THUT NG U THUA. Acceptance of bids Chp thun trng thu

Acceptance by the competent person of Chp thun ca ngi c thm quyn i vi the evaluated most responsive bid h s d thu c nh gi l p ng cao nht Adjustment of deviation Addition or adjustment by procuring entity to correct omissions or redundant items in bids against requirements of bidding documents as well as correction of internal inconsistencies in different parts of bids. Advance payments Payments requested by the contractor prior to commencement of work under a contract Advertisement Hiu chnh sai lch L vic b sung hoc iu chnh nhng ni dung cn thiu hoc tha trong h s d thu so vi cc yu cu ca h s mi thu cng nh b sung hoc iu chnh nhng khc bit gia cc phn ca h s d thu v do bn mi thu thc hin. Tm ng thanh ton L vic thanh ton cho nh thu trc khi bt u cng vic c tho thun trong hp ng Qung co

Refer to the requirements for advertising L vic cung cp cc thng tin nh thng bo of procurement notices, invitations and other u thu, mi thu... trn mt s phng tin information in specified areas and publications thng tin i chng After sales services Services provided by the contractor after the supply/delivery of goods or completion of works, either under a warranty or in accordance with a contractual arrangement Alterative bids A bid submitted by a bidder as an alternative bid or offer along with the main bid. Alternative bids are frequently in response to a requirement specified in the bid documents. Sometimes, bidders submit alternative bids voluntarily Dch v sau bn hng Cc dch v do nh thu thc hin sau khi hon thnh vic cung cp hng ha, thi cng cng trnh di hnh thc bo hnh hoc theo ni dung tha thun trong hp ng HSDT thay th L HSDT do nh thu np km theo HSDT chnh. HSDT thay th c np theo yu cu ca HSMT. i khi nh thu np HSDT thay th mt cch t nguyn

Applicable law Lut p dng The law specified in the contract L lut nu trong cc iu kin ca hp ng conditions as the law which would govern c vai tr quyt nh v quyn li, ngha v v the rights, obligations and duties of the trch nhim ca cc bn tham gia hp ng parties to the contract.


Trng ti

L vic thng qua bn th ba lm trung gian The process of bringing an impartial gii quyt tranh chp bng cc quyt nh c third party into a dispute to render a tnh khch quan v hiu lc php l binding, legally enforceable decision. Arbitration is usually subject to specific laws which vary according to state and country. Arithmetical errors Li s hc

Errors arising from miscalculation which L li do tnh ton nhm c th c sa song can be corrected without changing the khng c thay i bn cht ca HSDT substance of the bid. Award of contract Trao hp ng

Notification to a bidder of acceptance of L vic thng bo kt qu u thu cho nh his/her bid thu trng thu bit Bid security Bo m d thu

The form under a deposit, a bond or L vic nh thu thc hin mt trong bank guarantee provided by a bidder to cc bin php nh t cc, k qu hoc np ensure responsibility of the bidder within th bo lnh m bo trch nhim d a specified duration according to the thu ca nh thu vi mt thi gian xc bidding document nh theo yu cu ca h s mi thu Bid capacity Kh nng u thu

The technical and financial capacity L kh nng k thut v ti chnh ca of a bidder to make credible offer for nh thu tham gia u thu thc hin gi performing the required work to the thu theo yu cu ca HSMT v trong thi prescribed standards and within the hn theo quy nh proposed contract period Bid closing ng thu

The deadline to finish the L thi im kt thc vic np h s d submission of bids which is specified in thu c quy nh trong h s mi thu the bidding documents Bid currency ng tin d thu

The currency or currencies in which L ng tin m nh thu s dng trong the bidder has dominated the bid price. HSDT ca mnh Bid discounts Gim gi d thu

An allowance or deduction offered L vic nh thu gim mt phn gi by a bidder in his price trong gi d thu ca mnh

Bid evaluation A process for examinating, analyzing and assessing the bids to determine the successful bidder Bid evaluation report A report prepared to record the results of bid evaluation Bid form

nh gi h s d thu L qu trnh bn mi thu phn tch, nh gi xp hng cc h s d thu la chn nh thu trng thu Bo co xt thu L vn bn bo co v kt qu nh gi h s d thu Mu n d thu

The formal letter of the bidder, L vn th tham d thu chnh thc ca made in a prescribed format, to undertake nh thu cam kt thc hin cc ngha v and execute the obligations or works hoc cng vic theo yu cu trong d tho required under the proposed contract, if hp ng nu c trao thu award. Bid invitation letter A letter/notification giving brief details of the project and requesting prospective bidder to participate the bidding process Bid opening The time for opening of bids was specified in bidding documents Bid prices Th mi thu Th/thng bo bao gm cc ni dung tm tt ca d n v ngh cc nh thu tim nng tham d thu

M thu L thi im m HSDT c quy nh trong HSMT Gi d thu

The price offered by bidders in their L gi do nh thu ghi trong HSDT sau bids after deduction of discount (if any) khi tr phn gim gi (nu c) bao gm cc chi ph cn thit thc hin gi thu Bid submission Np thu

Formal tendering or delivering of L vic nh thu np HSDT ti a the bid by a bidder to the place and time im v thi gian nu trong HSMT do bn designated in the bidding documents by mi thu quy nh the procuring entity Bids Document prepared by bidders in accordance with requirements of the bidding documents Bid validity H s d thu L cc ti liu do cc nh thu lp theo yu cu ca HSMT

Hiu lc ca h s d thu

A period of time after the date of bid opening, specified in the instructions L thi hn HSDT c gi tr k t ngy to bidders, for which bids must be valid. m thu theo quy nh trong phn ch dn nh thu Bidding documents H s mi thu

All documents prepared by L ton b ti liu do bn mi thu lp, procuring entity which specify bao gm cc yu cu cho mt gi thu c requirements for a bidding package and dng lm cn c nh thu chun b serve as basis for bidders to prepare their HSDT v bn mi thu nh gi HSDT bids and for procuring entity to evaluate bids. Bidder A individual or entity who participate in the procurement proceedings Bill of quantities Nh thu L c nhn hoc t chc tham gia qu trnh mua sm

Bn tin lng

An attachment to the bidding L ti liu nh km HSMT nhm cung documents intended to provide sufficient cp y cc thng tin v khi lng ca information on the quantities of works to cng trnh cn c thc hin nh thu be performed to enable bids to be chun b HSDT y v chnh xc prepared efficiently and accurately Ceilings for direct procurement Hn mc c ch nh thu

Monetary limits permitting for Gii hn mc tin cho php c application of direct procurement form thc hin theo hnh thc ch nh thu Civil works The works related to construction and installation of equipment for projects or project components CIF Xy lp cng trnh L nhng cng vic thuc qu trnh xy dng v lp t thit b cc cng trnh, hng mc cng trnh Gi nhp khu

A term of international trade L thut ng thng mi v ngn and banking, denoting cost, insurance hng quc t c hiu l chi ph, bo and freight for shipping him v cc ph trong cung ng hng ha Clarification of bids Lm r h s d thu

The explanations of the bidders L vic gii thch ca nh thu v relating to their bids as requested by HSDT ca mnh theo yu cu ca bn

the procuring entity provided that any mi thu vi iu kin khng c lm change on substance of bids as well as thay i bn cht ca HSDT cng nh bid price are not permissible gi d thu Competent person Ngi c thm quyn

The head of a government L ngi ng u hoc ngi i organization, government agency or din theo y quyn ca t chc, c quan SOE, or person authorized to act on its nh nc hoc cc doanh nghip c thm behalf who are responsible for quyn quyt nh d n v kt qu la approving the project and bidding chn nh thu results Completion date Ngy hon thnh

The date specified in the L ngy c quy nh trong bidding documents or the contract by HSMT m nh thu phi thc hin xong which performance of the contract hp ng must be completed Consulting service An activity to provide procuring entity with professional knowledge and experiences required for decision taking during project preparation and implementation Contract The promises, duties and obligations of parties concluded to create a binding legal relationship Contract finalization Dch v t vn L hot ng ca cc chuyn gia nhm p ng cc yu cu v kin thc v kinh nghim chuyn mn phc v cho qu trnh chun b v thc hin d n

Hp ng L cc cam kt, ngha v v trch nhim c cc bn nht tr lm c s php l rng buc gia cc bn Hon thin hp ng

The process of negotiation with L qu trnh tip tc thng tho successful bidders to finalize all details hon chnh ni dung chi tit ca hp of the contract before signing ng vi nh thu trng thu trc khi k Contract price Gi hp ng

The price agreed by procuring L gi c bn mi thu v nh entity and the successful bidder after thu trng thu tha thun sau khi contract finalization in accordance thng tho hon thin hp ng v ph with award results hp vi kt qu trng thu Contract standard The agreed quality or standard Quy chun hp ng L cc yu cu v cht lng trong

to which supply or performance against a contract shall conform. The standard may be in the form of description, drawings, specifications, samples, or any combination of these Conversion to a single currency

qu trnh thc hin hp ng phi tun th. Quy chun hp ng c th di dng m t, bn v, c tnh, mu m hoc t hp cc yu cu trn

Quy i sang ng tin chung

All prices are converted to a L vic chuyn i sang mt ng single currency (if bids quoted in tin chung (nu HSDT cho theo nhiu various currencies) using the exchange ng tin) theo t gi quy nh trong rate specified in the bidding document HSMT lm c s so snh cc HSDT for the purposes of comparison Cost estimates c tnh chi ph

The result of an estimating L vic c tnh thnh tin cc procedure which derives the expected khon ch