Free info share - SPELD SA phonics readers to use with Jolly Phonics

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Thank you SPELD SA for creating these readers, and sharing them for free. Link to visit the SPELD SA site to download, or to find out more about services offered, please view slide. Do you know of other great resources to share? Please send to us at the new web site- a FREE resource for parents and teachers, subsidised by Read Australia

Text of Free info share - SPELD SA phonics readers to use with Jolly Phonics

  • 1. The new Reading Teacher Training web site is a FREEresource to give parents and teachers access to the mosteffective strategies , that help the highest number of childrenlearn to read and spell This slide share is one of many, created to share info about free resources offered by individual and organisations. Read Australia strongly recommend the free phonics readers offered by SPELD SA.

2. THANK YOU SPELD SA for creating thesewonderful free phonics readers, to support theJolly Phonics program. We use these readerswithin the SSP Phonics GREEN Level (s,a,t,p,i.,n)along with the Jolly Phonics songs 3. Example book 4. Please visit the SPELD SA web site to download these readers and to find out more about Jolly Phonics training offered by SPELD 5. With kind permission from SPELD SA- for non commercial gain- we adaptsome of these readers to use withinthe SSP GREEN LEVEL, when we have a focus on flap books.