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Jolly Phonics Set 1: s, a, t, p, i, n Set 2: ck, e, h, r, m, d Set 3: g, o, u, l, f, b Set 4: ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or Set 5: z, w, ng, v, oo, oo Set 6: y, x, ch, sh, th, th Set 7: qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar Click on the set you need to access or just click through the presentation

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  • 1. Jolly Phonics Click on the set youneed to access or justSet 1: s, a, t, p, i, nclick through the presentationSet 2: ck, e, h, r, m, d Set 3: g, o, u, l, f, b Set 4: ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or Set 5: z, w, ng, v, oo, oo Set 6: y, x, ch, sh, th, th Set 7: qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

2. Song: sActionWeave like aThe snake is in the grass.The snake is in the grass.snake,making s/sss/! /sss/!shaps,saying sssss. The snake is in the grass. 3. Song: aActionWiggle fingersabove elbow as /a/ - /a/ ! Ants on my arm. /a/ - /a/ ! Ants on my arm.if ants are /a/ - /a/ ! Ants on my arm.crawling onTheyre causing me alarm.you,and saya,a,a. 4. Song: tActionChildren imitate When I watch the tennis game,watching tennis,turning /t/ - /t/ - /t/,head from side to/t/ -/t/-/t/side,and saying t,t,t,t. when I watch the tennis game My head goes back and forth. 5. Song: pActionHold up index finger,as if Puff out the candles on the pretty pinkit is a lit candle,and cake. /p/,/p/,/p/,imagine puffing it /p/,/p/,/p/,out,saying p,p,p.Puff out the candles on the pretty pink cake. Puff! Puff! Puff! 6. Song: iAction Inky the mouse is my pet.Pretend to be aShe spilled the ink and got wet.mouse,by wigglingfingers on end of your The ink it spread all over the desk.nose(whiskers) and /i/, /i/,/i/,/i/ - Inkys wet!squeak i, i, i . 7. Song: n Hear the aeroplane, /nnn/!Action Hear the aeroplane,Hold out arms,as if an /nnn/!aeroplane nose divingHear the aeroplane, /nnn/!...and say nnnn.making lots of noise. 8. Set 2ck, e, h, r, m, dck cke h r md 9. Song: c,kActionWe are clicking castanets,Raise hands and snap/c/-/c/-/c/.fingers together as ifWe are clicking castanets,playing castanets and say /c/-/c/-/c/.k,k,k,k.We are clicking castanets,Clicking castanetswe are clicking castanets,/c/-/c/-/c/. 10. Song: c,kActionRaise hands and pretend Kites are flying in the sky,to fly a kite and say /k/-/k/-/k/,k,k,k,k.Kites are flying in the sky,/k/-/k/-/k/,Kites are flying in the sky,/k/-/k/-/k/, 11. Song: eActionPretend to hold eggwith one hand,as ifcracking it against the Eggs in the pan,/e/,/e/,/e/.side of a bowl or pan.Eggs in the pan,/e/,/e/,/e/.Use both hands to Eggs in the pan,/e/,/e/,/e/.open shell,saying Crak the egg like this/e/!eh,eh,eh 12. Song: hActionAct as if panting after arace,holding hand up tomouth and saying h,h,h. I like to hop,hop,hop,up and down.I like to hop,hop,hop,up and down.I like to hop,hop,hop,up and down./h/,/h/,/h/,/h/,/h/. 13. Song: rActionPretend to be apuppy pulling arag with teethSee my puppy rip the rag./rrr/! /rrr/!clenched andSee my puppy rip the rag,shaking headWhen he pulls so hard.saying rrrr. 14. Song: mActionRub tummyseeing tasty food The mum and the dad make many meals./mmm/! /mmm/!and say The mum and the dad make many mealsmmmmm.for their hungry children. 15. Song: dActionPretend to holddrumsticks and See me play on my drum.beat up andPlaying drums is lots of fun,down on a drum with a /d/-/d/-/d/-/d/and say d,d,d,d. /d/-/d/-/d/-/d/. See me play upon my drum! 16. Set 3g, o, u, l, f, bgoulfb 17. Song: gActionSpiral hand downThe water gurgles down the drain.as if water The water gurgles down the drain.gurgling down a The water gurgles down the drain.With a /g/-/g/-/g/-/g/-/g/.plug hole,andsay g,g,g,gurgle. 18. Song: oActionImagine turningNow its dark,a switch on andThe lights go on.off,and say /o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/.o,o,o,on,off. Time for bed,The lights go off!/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/-/o/. 19. Song: uActionKeep one hand steadyand raise the other,asif raising anumbrella,and say /u/-/u/ up go umbrellas.u,u,u,up./u/-/u/ up go umbrellas. /u/-/u/ up go umbrellas ..when it starts to rain. 20. Song: lActionPretend to lick alolly,saying l,l,l,l. We lick our lollipops.We lick our lollipops./l/-/l/-/l/!We lick our lollipops. 21. Song: fActionPlace one hand abovethe other,lower the tophand as if an inflatableMy friends and Ifish is deflating,and saywent to the beachwith my floating fish.fffffff.It got a hole the air came out. /ffff/! 22. Song: bActionPlace hands together Bring your bat and bring your ball.as if batting a ball,and /b/-/b/!say b,b,b. Bring your bat and bring your ball to the park to play! 23. Set 4ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or aij oa ie ee or 24. Song: aiActionCup one hand over ear My ear hurt., as if hard of hearing I was in pain., and say ay? /ai/? /ai/?My ear hurt.I was in pain.What did you try to say? 25. Song: jActionPretend to be ajelly,and wobble,saying Jelly and jam,jelly and jam,j,j,j,jelly.jiggling on a plate.Oh,what will I eat it with//j/-/j/-/j/-/j/-/j/. 26. Song: oaActionBring hand up to OH, did you see the billy goat?mouth as if seeing /oa/-/oa/-/oa/,something go wrong /oa/-/oa/-/oa/., and say oh!. Oh, did you see the billy goat, Under the old oak tree? 27. Song: ieActionStand to attentionand salute,sayingThe captain said,/ie/-/ie/! The captain said,/ie/-/ie/!aye,aye. Stand up straight! Dont be late! The captain said,/ie/-/ie/! 28. Song: ee orAction See the donkey in its stall.Pretend to be aEeyore!donkey braying and /ee/-/or/!saying is its call.eeyore,eeyore. 29. Set 5 z, w, ng, v, oo, ooz w ng v oo oo 30. Song: zAction Did you ever hearPretend to be a bee,with a bee buzz,elbows in,and handsa bee buzz, a bee buzz?flapping,sayingDid you ever hear a bee buzz,zzzzzzzzzzzzzz./zzz/!, like this? 31. Song: wActionI see the clouds moving,Blow onto open hands like /w/-/w/-/w/.I see the kites flying,the wind,repeating/w/-/w/-/w/.wh,wh,whI see the trees bending,/w/-/w/-/w/.The wind is blowing strong. 32. Song: ngActionIf youre strong and you know it,Say/ng/!Pretend to be a If youre strong and you know it,weightlifter,putting your Say/ng/!arms above your head,andIf youre strong and you know itsay ng,ng,ng. And you really want to show itif youre strong and you know it,Say/ng! 33. Song: vActionDrive Vics vanPretend to be driving along Round the village.in a van,saying vvvvv.Drive Vics vanRound the village.Drive Vics vanRound the village./v/-/v/-/v/-/v/-/v/! 34. Song: oo short longActionImagine being the cuckoo in aWho wants to be a cuckoo?cuckoo clock,jutting headWho wants to be a cuckoo?forwards and back,repeatingWho wants to be a cuckoo?the call of the/oo/-/OO/, /oo/-/OO/,/oo/-/OO/!cuckoo, u,oo,u,oo. 35. Set 6 y, x, ch, sh, th, thyx chsh th th 36. Song: yActionI like to eat,eat,eat,Pretend to eat yoghurt from a yoghurt and bananas.spoon,saying y,y,yoghurt with I like to eat,eat,eat,yoghurt and bananas.each spoonful.I like to eat,eat,eat,yoghurt and bananas./y/-/y/-/y/-/y-/y-! 37. Song: xActionPretend to take an x-raywith an x-ray/ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray.camera,saying ks,ks,ks./ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray. /ks/-/ks/! Take an x-ray. - x-ray of my hand. 38. Song: chActionPretend to be a steamtrain moving arms likeTrains are chugging up the hill.the piston rods, saying /ch/-/ch/-/ch/,/ch/-/ch/-/ch/.ch,ch,ch. Trains are chugging up the hill./ch/-/ch/-/ch/Choo.choo. 39. Song: shActionPlace index finder over Hush!Hush!Hush!Dont make a sound.your lips ,and say sh,sh. Be as quiet as you can be.The babys asleep and Im tiredout.Sh! /sh/-/sh/-/sh/-/sh/! 40. vunvSong: thActionChild pretends to be a little rude bysticking out tongue a little and sayingDid you ever hear a rude clown make this soundth(as in them),and very rude by sticking and that sound?tongue out further and saying th(as in Did you ever hear a rude clown saythumb)../th/-/th/, /th/-/th/? 41. Set 7qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar quouoi erarue 42. Song: qu The duck in the pondAction quacks/qu/-/qu/-/qu/, /qu/-/qu/-/qu/.Make a ducks beak with hinged /qu/-/qu/-/qu/. The duck in the pondhands ,and say qu , qu ,qu.. quacks/qu/-/qu/-/qu/, all around the pond. 43. Song: ouActionPretend your finger is a needleI pricked my thumb with a needle.and prick the thumb,saying ow!/ou/-/ou/-/ou/!/ou/-/ou/-/ou/!I pricked my thumb with a needle./ou/-/ou/,ouch! 44. Song: oiActionCup hands around mouth as ifThe sailors met upon the sea,hailing a passing boat,saying /oi/-/oi/,/oi/-/oi/,oi,ship ahoy.They found some oil way downdeep./oi/-/oi/,Ship ahoy! 45. Song: ueActionPoint to differentpeople around Id like to have a barbecue,you,and say/ue/-/ue/-/ue/,you,you,you. /ue/-/ue/-/ue/. Id like to have a barbecue with you,and you,and you! 46. Song: erAction The mixer in the bowl goes /er/-/er/-/er/,Roll hands over and /er/-/er/-/er/.over each other, and The mixer in the bowl goessay er, er(as in mixer). /er/-/er/-/er/, /er/-/er/-/er/. mixing the food together. 47. Song: arAction Open wide, the doctor said.Open your mouth ,and /ar/!/ar/!say ah!Let me look at your sore throat. Please say, /ar/! 48. Thank YouJolly Phonics images Jolly Phonics