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  • 1.FORUMS WORKChristian van der Ven Offene Archive Spyer, Germany 22 November 2012

2. About MeChristian van der VenCordinator Reference and Digital ServicesBrabant Historical Information Center s-Hertogenbosch, NetherlandsDigital Archivist / BloggerArchives 2.0 / Social Media@cvanderven 3. Topics Forums work! Goals BHIC Overview Strategy Results The good and the bad Questions and discussion Bonus: Chat works! (only when theres time left) 4. Forums work! In between all new Web 2.0 tools and Social Media,forums have been underestimated and neglected But forums have been there since the start of theInternet... and theres a good reason for that:Forums work! Cheap for archives, easy for users All about content, users and interaction Customizable and expandable Largest and most active online communities use aforum as platform 5. Goals BHIC Build user communities for local history, genealogyand historical research in North-Brabant Crowdsource for new and additional informationrelated to local history, and archives and collections Create an alternative for traditional reference, aplatform where researchers can help each other 6. Overview 7. OverviewForums for Local History Pages (2006) Genealogy & Historical Research (2007) Water Map (2009) All forums consist of new posts and comments Local History Pages and Water Map forums alsoinclude comments on stories and photos on thewebsite 8. OverviewForum management Started in 2008 Became a scheduled task in 2009 Monitored & managed daily by Reference Archivists Supported by topic specialists Management via rss feeds in Google Reader 9. Strategy 10. Strategy Monitor constantly Initially: stimulate use by replying on each post No question? Still reply! Challenge patrons for new comments and information Stimulate connections between patrons Explore new frontiers services, without charge (at first) Dont pull back faster than the community advances Stimulate use by referring to forums (via e-mail, chat) Be nice to regulars (extra service, Christmas Cards,special activity day for users etc.) 11. Results 12. 10000 89648781 9000 8000 7000 6000 5567 5950 5000 4000 3000 2000 2120 2049 1000714 618380 347020062007 2008 20092010 20112012 Until OctoberNew Posts Local History/WaterNew Posts Genealogy/Historical ResearchComments Local History/Water Comments Genealogy/Historical Research 13. New Posts and Comments Genealogy/Historical Research70006000500040003000200010000 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 20112012Until October New Posts Comments 14. Share of Posts Genealogy/Historical Research7000600050004000300020001000020062007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Until October BHIC Users Graph shows posting messages, not monitoring them 15. Avarage Amount of Comments15,010,0 5,0 0,02006 2007 2008 2009 20102011 2012 Until October Local HistoryWaterGenealogy/Historical ResearchTotal 16. Community in 2011 Graph based on 5688 posts by 1283 people who left their e-mail address Thats 65% of the total amount of posts for 2011800700707 users posted 1 message600500400Users300 1 user posted 451 messages200(and she is from New Zealand)100 0 1 3 5 7 9 13 15 19 37 43 45 62 11 17 21 23 25 30 39 50 71 8671 24 45 Posts 17. The good and the bad Patrons (and archivists) meet, share and help Loss of monopoly and natural authority Higher flow rate than traditional reference Mix with other service channels Online contact becomes more social and personal Public compliments... and complaints Change of work space and time Rise of community and new type of volunteers Bycatch in the form of stories, photos, indexes etc. 18. The good... I find it to be a bit of a sport to try and find infoon the internet, or in the case of the digitalarchives, from databases Doreth, 29 januari 2009 (and she already posted 700 messages in 2012!) 19. Questions & Discussion 20. Chat works! 21. Goals BHIC To prevent people from clicking away from ourwebsite, by offering a direct, easy accessible helpservice via chat from each webpage The digital archivist as moderator, oracle, supportand anchor, as the digital face of the website 22. W eek days 7 PM10 PM 23. SubjectsHistoryGenealogyResearchGeneralSource data: 2009/2010 24. HandlingAnsweredFollowed by e-mailInvited to study roomInvited to e-mailInternally redirectedReferredNot answeredOtherSource data: 2009/2010 25. Results About 1.300 chats per year First staffed reference desk in a virtual research room Very, very, very happy patrons