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Welcome to Mr. Yung's ClassYou are in-store for a super year!!!Do NowThe assignment is on your desk or it is on the smart board.Sit in your assigned seat and begin working.The assignment will be taken up each day.Wait for next set of instructions.Still remain quiet.When the timer goes off, pass assignment to designee.Quietly listen to AnnouncementsIntroductions/Ice breakerSharing from the I Am templateWhat do you expect from me?Here are my expectation of you.Follow all rules and procedures.Follow all rules and procedures.Follow all rules and procedures.Follow all rules and procedures.A Little Pep talk from Kid President RULESListen carefully while others talk; no side-bar conversationsKeep hands and feet to yourselfFollow directionsDo your bestShow respect and kindness to everyoneRaise you hand for permission to speak or get up from your seat Positive ConsequencesEarn bronco bucks for bronco storeHomework passExtra computer timeClassroom helperA phone call to parentA special awardNegative ConsquencesThe student is given warning.Time out to sit alone to write an essay behavior about disruptive behavior.Behavior improvement planParent contactOffice referralPROCEDURESHow things are doneBeginning Class ProcedureEnter class quitely.Sit in assigned seat.Start on your do now.The Do Now will be on your desk or on the smart board.When announcements are on proceduresStop what you are doingQuitely listeningStay in your seatNo hands are raisedObey the voice of the announcerLine-up ProceduresOn the count of 1 bring what you are working on to a closeOn the count of 2 stand and push your chair up and stand behind the chair.On the count of 3 listen for your group to be called. When your group is called, get in line quietly.Restroom Procedure as a ClassStand in the hall quitely and wait your turn.If you see someone you want to speak to, wave at them.Three students at a time will go in the restroom.Use it and come out. One out and one in.When you finish the restroom, you may get water. If you do not want water, please get in line.When you finish getting water, line-up and face forward. No talking!Lunchroom ProceduresEnter the lunchroom quietly. Lunch is silent.Stand in line in the order you left class unless moved by the teacher.Be respectful when getting your tray.Cafeteria workers will be called by their last names.Move through the line quickly getting all you need. You will not be allowed to go back.Have your card or know your number.Bell ProceduresThe bell is for me!I will dismiss and give instructions.End-of-Day ProceduresGroups will be called to put up books and get bookbags quietly.Come back to seat and pack. Take out a book and read queitly while waiting on afternoon announcements.Be ready for dismissal.Van, car, and walkers may quietly get up when the teacher come to the door to escort them.