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2. Presented ByNakhon Phanom UniversityLanguage InstituteMr. Joel D. AldrichB.A. Elementary EnglishM.A. English Comprehension 3. Everyday Greetings 4. Formal Greetings "Good morning. "Good afternoon." 5. Formal Greetings 2 "Good evening.""Goodbye." 6. Good Night+"Good night."+ "Good night." 7. Special Greetings"Happy Christmas." "Merry Christmas." 8. 00.01 - 1st January"Happy New Year!" 9. Special Greetings "Happy Easter."or etc...."Good Luck!" 10. oretc..."Congratulations!" or "Well done!" 11. "Get well soon." 12. Shaking Hands When meeting someone formally for the first time, we shake their hand and say "How do you do?" or "Pleased to meet you.""How do you do?" isnt really a question,it just means "Hello". 13. Greeting - Basic There are many ways to greetsomeone. Well learn about themost common ways to greetsomeone in this lesson. Wellgive a variety of examplesentences. 14. Greeting someone you never met: "Hi, my name is Steve. Its nice to meet you. You can respond to this by saying, "Its a pleasure to meet you. Im Jack." Another common question to ask is "What do you do for a living?" You can respond to this by saying, "I work at a restaurant. "I work at a bank. "I work in a software company. "Im a dentist." 15. Usually, you will not need to ask for a name.It is implied that each person should saytheir name. But in case they dont, you canask, "What is your name?" Many times, I dont hear the name. If you would likefor them to repeat their name, you can say, "What was that again? "Excuse me? "Pardon me?" 16. Greeting Someone you Know "Hey John, how have you been? "Hi Bob, how are you? "Hi Nancy, what have you been up to? "Andy, its been a long time, how are you man?" 17. If you meet someoneunexpectedly, you can say, "Hey Jack, its good to see you. What areyou doing here? Or "What a surprise. I havent seen you in along time. How have you been?" 18. If you see the person at a restaurant,you can say, "Do you come to this restaurantoften?" Or at the movie theatre, "What movie did you come to see?" 19. Appropriate responses: "Hi Steve, my name is Mike. It is nice to meet you as well." "I heard a lot about you from John. He had a lot of good things to say." "Wow. How long has it been? It seems like more than a year. Im doing pretty well. How about you?" 20. Appropriate Responses 2 A typical response to this type of greeting is simple. "Not too bad." If asked what you have been up to, you can respond with, "Same ole same ole." Or, "The same as usual." 21. Here are some other example responses. "Im pretty busy at work thesedays, but otherwise, everything isgreat. "Im doing very well. "I finally have some free time. I justfinished taking a bigexamination, and Im so relieved thatIm done with it." 22. Restaurant Responses "Ive been here a couple of times, butI dont come on a regular basis. "I come pretty often. This is myfavorite restaurant. "I cant believe we havent seen eachother before. I come here at leasttwice a week." 23. Movie Response "I came here to see Matrix Revolution. How about you?" 24. Examples A: Hi, how are you doing? B: Im doing great. How about you? A: Not too bad. B: Do you come to this restaurant often? A: Ive been here a couple of times, but Idont come on a regular basis. What haveyou been up to? B: Im pretty busy at work these days, butotherwise, everything is great. A: Well, have a good evening. B: You too. 25. A: Its nice to meet you. My name is Jack. B: Im Steve. Its a pleasure to meet you. A: What was your name again? B: Steve. A: So Steve, What do you do for a living? B: I work at the public library. How aboutyou? A: Im a University student. B: Thats great. It was nice meeting you. A: Yeah. It was a pleasure meeting you. 26. A: Hey Jack, its good to see you. B: Wow. How long has it been? It seemslike more than a year. Im doing pretty well.How about you? A: Not too bad. B: What movie did you come to see? A: I came here to see Matrix Revolution.How about you? B: Im going to watch Finding Nemo. 27. Give me five!When young people meet informally they sometimes say"Give me five!" and slap their hands together (high five).