Birthday greetings!

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Greetings to a very special woman

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  • 1. Bhing,I have always been thankful for having you as my friend. Of course wehad those not-so-good times, but surely, the good times overlapped it.I want to thank you for being my confidant. Y our listening skill has alwaysbeen your best asset all these years. :P On your birthday, I pray that itmay bring with it all the success and fulfillment your heart desires.May your day be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. MayGod continue to bless you in all the years to come.God gave a gift tothe world when you were born a person who loves and cares, who seesa persons need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, whospends energy on others rather than herself, who touches each life sheenters & makes a difference in the world. May the love you have shownto others return to you multiplied.HAPPYBIRTHDAY! AND I KNEW THATYOURE TWO YEARSYOUNGER THAN YOUR ACTUAL AGE . (: REMEMBER NANGALAY TAYO SAKATATAYO NG 6HRS.SA NSO I HAVENT FORGOTTEN IT LOLS!..ANDALWAYS TELLING ME BLAME IT TO THE MANGHIHILOT!!! I THINK SHES TOOOLD ALREADY WHEN SHE DONE THAT AND HER MEMORY AFFECTS IT ^_^SABI MO NGA NAKAKAINIS IPAAYOS DAMAY LAHAT NG DOCS. MO ANDWAG NA LANG MAKAKUHA KA LANG AGAD NG PASSPORT .NAKAKUHAKA NA BA? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!MUCH LOVEFAYE

2. BhingThe woman who waste a lot of energy lols! A woman who isenthusiastic about life and trust easily and gets broken but thenshe knows how to move on with life..hayyy sana ganyan din attitudeko..Wish you all the best in life and a boyfriend that offers aplatonic love relationship hahaha na pag walang makita youllconsider na or may exception basta you love him miss our bondingtake good care hinay hinay lang sa work.Live life to thefullest..Happy Birthday!!!Love lots,Emmanuel & Che 3. A woman who is strong willed and calm, your beingoptimistic and ambitious by nature made me to reachimpossible dreams I thank you for cheering me up when Imdown .Sinabi na nilang lahat hahaha and one thing more I lovethe praticality attitude of yours minsan reserved anuyun?..hahaha weird happy birthday !!! Sagutin mo na dawsi Christian ..hahaha jokeLoveStar 4. What can I say The woman admired & respected by all, youreundying optimistic attitude and full of energy inspired each one ofus to dream more. Ikaw na talaga gurl !sa lahat ng ups & downyouve been through you always overcome easily and believe the brighter side of life. I thank you for being my friend and who alwaysthere for me no matter what happens. It seems to be your very happythe last time we talk I knew in my heart your keeping something that I dont know hahaha (echosss) I m so happy for you ..Mag-pahinga ka naman sa mga raket mo..hahaha hahaha ..I miss you gurlpag uwi namin gimik tayo.. Keep safe ! Love you 5. Bhing,Maligayang kaarawan para sa pinaka-magandangkaibigan naming hindi nagbabago . Wish namin sa iyo ay mag-bf.ka na !!!gurl gosh 2 years in arow wala hahaha unbelievable sa panahon ngayon perosa iyo namin napatunayan na ikaw na ! Ikaw na angwalang dalawang taon!! Lol!!! Wag na masyadong mapili and napaka imposiblebavesh ng platonic love relationship ngayon hahaha..sorry laglagan na ito its your bday naman so ok lang!!!sabi mo nga may kung wala tlagang mahanap na ganun pwede but sa love mo at like m tlga tamaba???lols!!! Thank you gurl!!!! And we missed you so much..Hang out ulit tayong lahat.. Stay pretty as you arewagmasyadong magkapa-pagod..and pumili na daw or maynapili ka na?:d anyway pahinga ka naman gurl sobrangworkaholic mo love yeah!!! Happy bday!! More blessingsto come !!loveJewel & Mina 6. Hahahaha!!!! TalagaHulaan komeron n b?or crush n nman hahahaha!!! Ryan happy birthday !!! MagReynolds (( :bf na gurl (( ;Gurl happy happy birthday saan tayo sasusunod???meron na ba? Hehehepakilala mo na sa amin..anyways thank you for being there I love you friend.. Mwahhhmwahh.. 7. We wish you great success and happiness for the year ahead. Happy Birthday!!! We love you !!! A good friend is just like a good bra hard to find supportivealways lifts you up makes you look better and always close to your heart thanks for being our supportive bra!!! Happy birthday!!! Stay beautiful!!! Love much District mates!!! 8. Mam bing alin ba dito sadlawang birth cert.moang totoo hehehe sabi ni boss sya nakakaalam ngtunay mong age ..happy bday! Mag-patalo ka na naman , gusto din naming maranasanang maging TOP 1 PMSR!!! Hahaha ..happy birthday!!! Inuman na !!! HappyBirthday!! Mam! We luvu.. 9. Miss Diclowal !!!! Ano bang pinag-uusapan natin dito atmay pen kang hawak hehehe.. At ako naman ay nag-bibilang..Collections? Targets? New Projects ?Happybirthday sa No.1 PMSR hahaha secret lang natingmga mates di ba ooppsss (( :.. Wish you all the greatthings in life and success!! Inuman na 10. Happy Birthday!!!! A Birthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A PromiseOf Fulfillment Of UR Dreams, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans.. Wish U A Very Happy BDay ABirthday is A Million Moments, Each holding A Promise OfFulfillment Of UR Dreams, and ACCOMPLISHMENTS Of Some Special Plans.. Wish U A Very Happy BDay