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  1. 1. Engaging Students Through Social Media Presented by: Araceli Sally Prez-Ramos, Manager of Communications & Online Programming St. Edwards University
  2. 2. About St. Edwards University Private liberal arts university Undergraduate and graduate degrees Student population = 5,500 Traditional-aged & Non-traditional student body Centralized Career Services Office Recent title change from Internship Coordinator to Manager of Communications & Online Programming Currently managing the following on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Newsletter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+
  3. 3. How can Social Media Help Career Services Learn about your audience Target audience more effectively Find new students and employers to expand your audience Receive instant feedback from your students perspective Increase website traffic and search ranking Sharing content is faster and easier Create meaning relationships with students and employers through social media dialogue Increase brand awareness and reach for little to no budget
  4. 4. How Students Are Using Social Media USA Today, July 14, 2015 68.6% of students used social media to find an internship Women had a higher likelihood of researching employers whereas men were more likely to network and discuss internship opportunities on social media
  5. 5. The Popularity Contest
  6. 6. When are the Best Times to Post?
  7. 7. Posting on your department Facebook page may not circulate into students feeds Join university Facebook groups and post Develop events on your page to engage students Remember keep your characters short and include pictures & links Pictures & Links will increase your audience reached You can pay to Boost post too! Facebook
  8. 8. Twitter Twitter users can: Find and add friends. Adding friends is NOT a mutual relationshipthey do not have to accept you as a friend for you to be able to follow them. Find and follow companies, recruiters, students, and fellow departments. Create a short bioabout one sentence in length. Share links to anything on the Web. Posts with pictures will always get more attention! Track trending topicsthe most popular topics of conversation on Twitter & how can they relate to you? (i.e. #MotivationalMonday) When posting about internship and job opportunities, utilize company handles to engage employers Utilize hashtags to catch students attention (i.e. #lifeafterseu, #stedwardsu, #seualumni) Remember: Hashtags are the key to information in the Twitter-verse!
  9. 9. Twitter Vocabulary Tweet: A short, 140-character message Twitter users broadcast to their contacts. Twit/Tweeple/Tweeps: Nicknames for people who use Twitter- @seucareer, @stedwardsu Retweet: A way to share another users tweet with your own followers. @ Message: A way to mention or publicly message another Twitter individual. DM/Direct Message: A way to privately message another Twitter individual.
  10. 10. Hashtags (#s): Denoted by a # in front of a word, hashtags are a way to link your tweet to an index of tweets on related topics. Unfollow: This is when someone decides to remove a Twitter contact. Favorite: If you like a tweet, then you can favorite it, and it will show up on your Favorites lists on your profile. The person whose tweets you like will also be notified. Twitter Vocabulary Lists/Listed: This is a way to organize the accounts youre following into categories. If you make your lists public, other people can follow them. Trends: This is a list of the top 10 phrases used on Twitter at any given moment.
  11. 11. Shortening Your Links Since you only have 140 characters, be sure to shorten links to articles, blogs, etc. Favorites used are: For additional URL Shorteners, please click here!
  12. 12. Tweet Chats Engaging Your Audience Beyond the Posts Hosted by Career Services Professionals Great networking Opportunity to exchange ideas or concerns Topics change EVERY WEEK Find out about job postings throughout the U.S. Learn about upcoming webinars Make new friends every Thursday night at 8 pm
  13. 13. Beyond the Twitter Posts
  14. 14. MONDAY #InternPro 8 pm #JobHuntChat 9 pm TUESDAY #CareerChat 12 pm #InternChat 7 pm #LinkedInChat 7 pm WEDNESDAY #TChat 6 pm THURSDAY #CareerServChat 8 pm #EMChat 8 pm FRIDAY #HFChat: 11 am Yes, Theres More Chats! And EVEN MORE CHATS!
  15. 15. Create Your Own Tweet Chat
  16. 16. Host Department Group page Post about events, job opportunities, internships, and advice LinkedIn Blog Host specialized workshops/webinars Utilize LinkedIn in online programming Engage in more than just your own LinkedIn Group! Highlight students posting articles LinkedIn
  17. 17. Create Your Own Blog Utilize WordPress, Blogger, Wix, or SquareSpace but SEU hosts Wordpress for free! Create a calendar! Benefits of a blog: Provides daily analytics broken down Great tool to showcase expertise Ask for guest bloggers, people love to highlight samples of their writing Writers: Partner with Alumni office Students (soon to graduate, interns, etc) http://sites.stedwards.edu/seucareer
  18. 18. Using Instagram as Your Secret Weapon 8 Tips to Increase Likes & Following on Instagram 1. Have a theme whats your thing? 2. Post AMAZING content 3. Tell a story with your caption 4. Stick to a content schedule 5. Engage with your followers 6. Use your hashtags but dont overkill it 7. Develop a branded hashtag 8. Use the explore tool to engage with people outside your following Apps to partner with Instagram: PicCollage, Aviary, Pixsta, Overgram & Instasize Pablo by Buffer.com
  19. 19. Engage your Audience Through Memes and Gifs http://memegenerator.net http://giphy.com
  20. 20. Social Media Newsletter Pricing Plans: Educator Year Fee - $59 www.smore.com Engaged entire university in naming the newsletter Comes out every Monday Smore allows you to do social media blasts via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and mass email Subscribers can add themselves to email list Able to embed on university CAPD site
  21. 21. Track Your Hashtags TagBoard is free Track hashtags for Twitter & Instagram Will only show as a collection Will not catch anything other than hashtags Storify is free Track hashtags on all social media networks Create slide show, tiled collection or scroll Will catch usernames and hashtags
  22. 22. LiveStreaming: The Next Big Thing Meerkat (launched 2/27/15) & Periscope (launched 3/26/15) Setting Up a LiveStream Simply enter a title for your broadcast, tap the "Schedule" option, set the time and add a photo. Your followers will get a notification you're planning a future broadcast. When the time comes, the apps will alert you to begin. Both are only available for iPhone and Androids
  23. 23. Online Chat Program: ZoHo Chat (free) Mirrored from Berkley University Debuting Fall 2015 Hours: 8 pm 10 pm/ Monday Thursday Student Career Advisors will be managing evening shifts
  24. 24. Free to host up to 5 accounts Ability to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, FourSquare, WordPress Track analytics for various social media accounts Collaborate with others on scheduled posts Can also monitor, post, and schedule from smartphone
  25. 25. Managing Your Twitter Posts - TweetDeck
  26. 26. Ideas to Get Them Engaged Provide incentives to have them follow you Present social media at freshman orientation Secure online ambassadors students, staff, administrators Engage with other departments to share information Post interesting articles outside of your departments activities Join campus Facebook Groups works miracles!
  27. 27. Get Your Fellow Departments Involved! Student Academic Success Center (SASS) Social Media Consortium Academic Counseling & Exploration, Academic Support Programs, College Assistance Migrant Program, International Education, Student Disability Services and Career and Professional Development Lead for departmental appointed social media liaisons (10 in total) Trained liaisons on how to utilize social media Meet quarterly to discuss new initiatives, trainings, and scheduled tweet chats
  28. 28. Risks to Consider What are the risks? Privacy implications Inability to succeed How to manage these risks Be professional at all times with these accounts Designate 1-2 people in office to manage accounts Be consistent Create a privacy policy User generated content Addressing student comments Remove comments that use bad language Dont get mad with criticism Answer questions immediately Address complaints immediately
  29. 29. Whoa! Thats A LOT! Remember: This is an investment in your department Standing students are your best promoters Your online presence will be seen by countless others Students will follow you because they want to be in the know Social Media helps to create a sense of community Hire an intern to help you! Most Important: HAVE FUN WITH SOCIAL MEDIA!
  30. 30. Before You Take This On Ponder these thoughts: 1. Where should your focus be beyond LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook? 2. What specific activities should be considered? 3. What are the realities of managing multiple accounts?
  31. 31. Questions? Araceli Sally Perez-Ramos, Manager of Communications & Online Programming St. Edwards University, Austin, TX aracelip@stedwards.edu facebook.com/seucareer @sallyperezramos @seucareer http://bit.ly/HilltopScoop @seucareer pinterest.com/seucareer smore.com/u/seucareer