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Engaging students through discussion

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Implementing Innovative Talent Management Strategies: Barriers and Solutions

Engaging Students Through Discussion

Miguel A. QuionesO. Paul Corley Distinguished ChairDepartment of Management and Organizations#TI4GS



Why Class Discussion?Increases student interestMakes students accountableDifferent perspectives and ideasOpportunity to apply conceptsIncrease retention


When to Use Discussion?DiscussionGenerateGeneral PrinciplesDiscussionApplyGeneral Principles#TI4GS

Generate Example: Diagnosing Performance ProblemsJohn is an engineer at a prestigious energy firm in the southwest where he works on a number of projects dealing with energy exploration and production. As the VP of Operations, it is your job to assess and correct the performance of all engineers in your firm. Recent evaluations of Johns performance by project leads are among the lowest in the firm and peer comments indicate that he comes to meetings unprepared and does not seem to know the technical issues well. You have heard rumors that he hasnt worked on many projects lately so you request to see his billing records. You do note that he is involved in several professional organizations and serves as a mentor to other younger engineers.#TI4GS


Determinants of PerformancePerformance = Motivation x Ability x Situation#TI4GS


UncooperativeCooperativeCooperation(Importance of Relationship)AssertiveUnassertiveAssertiveness(Importance of Issue)






Conflict Management Approaches (Blake & Moutons Managerial Grid)#TI4GS


Thomas Green Case Analysis

Sources of conflict between Green and Davis.

Greens handling of the situation.

What should Green do?#TI4GS

Ways to Start a DiscussionSolicit input before revealing bullet pointsUse current eventsAssign casesUse videosQuick peer conversationsDebatesUse student dataBe patientAsk instead of tell


Dr. Miguel A. Quionesemail: [email protected] You!#TI4GS