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  • 1. + Intro to Diversity for Educators EDF 2085 Dr. Qadri Ryan Johnson
  • 2. + ESOL This ESOL classroom had posters such as this set up around the entire room that would help the students learning English. This poster specifically contains common prefixes and suffixes for the students to reference to for help.
  • 3. + ESE This is an IEP or an Individualized Educational Program. Each special needs child is required to have one in the U.S. It describes to teachers what are the individual needs of these students and how to specifically accommodate for each of these students. This specific student has issues comprehending instructions so the teacher is instructed to verbally give instructions to this student and repeat if necessary.
  • 4. + Religious Artifact This is an example flyer for what a catholic school would have to promote an after school bible study which is much more acceptable in a private school. A flyer like this probably wouldnt be as acceptable in a public school.
  • 5. + This is a sample ESOL lesson plan which uses several different methods to promote English learning. It utilizes different verbal, written, and reading activites all designed to promote English learning.
  • 6. + The classroom I visited for special education was set up as in this picture. The teacher identified the special needs of each of these children and sat them at tables with students who would most benefit them.
  • 7. + This is a picture of Orlandos First Baptist church that houses The First Academy. Many private religious schools are associated with a church that most of the students attend which creates a better sense of education
  • 8. + The ESOL classroom I observed was set up into four different groups. Two reading and two writing groups. Since most of the students in this class are still trying to learn, English, this helps them interact with the students that have advanced further than they have in English and allows them to learn it easier.
  • 9. + Interview What exceptionality do the students have? What grade level and what age are they? Every disability, from all grades, ranging from mild to severe disabilities. Hearing impaired. Also have gifted students. What needs do the children seem to have that are unique to this group? Common to other children? What modifications to instructional approach are made? Behavioral kids need verbal encouragement more frequent. Give frequent feedback. More visual tracking such as stars. Ese require more small group interaction. More frequent breaks.
  • 10. + What recommendations does the parent have for you, regarding what you might have to provide for children who have special needs? Placement meetings for kids have parents invited to discuss needs. Many parents are in denial. Monitoring of kids is needed for placement. How have you been effected by the education policy directed at children with special needs? What modifications has the teacher made in teaching? What do you as the teacher made in teaching? What do you a a teacher feel is needed? Laws give special needs kids the right to be in every classroom (inclusion law). Have to stop class and accommodate the student. Program sometimes has to be adjusted around these kids. Feels the teacher should have more ese preparation. School should support the teacher and help them on how to accommodate to that student.
  • 11. + What type of assistive technology do you use to accommodate the special needs of your students? FM system to help deaf students hear. Alpha smart allows student to type assignments on own tablet and it uploads to the teachers computer.
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