EDF Trading Global Headquarters 80 Victoria Street At a reports/edf...EDF, Dominique Guillaudin, France. EDF Trading At a Glance EDF Trading Global Headquarters 80 Victoria Street

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Text of EDF Trading Global Headquarters 80 Victoria Street At a reports/edf...EDF, Dominique Guillaudin,...

  • EDF, Dominique Guillaudin, France.

    EDF Trading At a Glance

    EDF Trading Global Headquarters

    80 Victoria Street SW1E 5JL United Kingdom

    Tel: +44 (0) 20 7061 4000 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7061 5000


  • EDF, Jean-Louis Burnod, France.

    Who we areEDF Group

    EDF Trading is part of the EDF Group, the worlds biggest electricity generator and a global leader in low carbon energies.

    The EDF Group is involved in every aspect of the energy industry from generation and transmission to distribution and marketing. It operates globally serving 38.5 million customers and producing 623.5 TWh of power. 85% of the electricity produced by EDF is CO

    2 free.

    3EDF Trading At a Glance

  • EDF, Philippe Eranian, France.

    EDF Trading uses its expertise of the wholesale markets to create value for the EDF Group and third party customers. We are global, asset-backed, have a Baa2 credit rating from Moodys and operate from source to supply in wholesale power, natural gas, LNG, LPG, coal, freight and environmental products.

    Who we areEDF Trading

    EDF Trading is a wholesale energy market specialist. We operate across all energy commodities and manage assets along the entire value chain from production, shipping, transportation to storage and supply.

    5EDF Trading At a Glance

  • Operating from offices in Europe, North America and Asia, our origination team structures and negotiates the individually tailored, single or multi-commodity, medium or long-term transactions that create added value for customers and deliver competitive advantage.

    The Group integration team offers a gateway to the wholesale markets for EDF Group businesses developing solutions that secure income, optimise assets and create added value.

    Origination and Group integration

    EDF Trading structures transactions across all energy commodities, regions and tenor to allow the EDF Group and third party customers to optimise their global energy exposure.

    EDF Energy Services

    In North America, EDF Energy Services executes the Groups strategy for its commercial and industrial, power generation and aggregator customers.

    EDF Energy Services provides single and multi-product energy solutions for large commercial and industrial consumers, power generators and retail energy providers. We help our customers optimise their energy assets, manage risks, establish sustainable income streams and develop added value services to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

    EDF, Jean-Luc Petit, France.

    EDFT, Aric Hoek, Texas. 7EDF Trading At a Glance

  • EDF Trading is a leading participant in the European power market providing wholesale market access to EDF Group businesses, EDF commercial and industrial customers and third party customers such as utilities, generators and finance houses. Our services include market and flow access, risk management, asset and cross-border optimisation, VHP and VPP services and grid scheduling. From our London and Paris offices we offer comprehensive, 24/7, pan-European intraday transaction capabilities.

    Power, Europe

    EDF Trading has capacity on all the major interconnectors and provides customer services in every significant national and international market.

    EDF Trading is one of the largest natural gas market participants in Europe managing supply streams and price differentials for the benefit of our customers. Our services range from procurement, supply and logistics to contract management, portfolio analysis, pricing, hedging and reporting.

    Natural Gas and Flow Services, Europe

    EDF Trading operates on all the principal natural gas hubs across Europe and in developing regions to help optimise gas assets owned or operated by the EDF Group and third party customers.

    EDF, Jean-Louis Burnod, France. 9EDF Trading At a Glance

  • EDF, Marc Didier, France.

    Power and Natural Gas, North America

    In North America, EDF Trading is a significant participant in the wholesale power and natural gas markets. We are a trusted counterparty and support our customers with coast to coast coverage.


    EDF Trading is one of the major players in the North American wholesale power market and is consistently placed in the top tier of Platts Megawatt Daily power rankings. We are active from coast to coast and transact in all the deregulated markets across North America.

    Natural Gas

    EDF Trading is one of the leading gas marketers in North America. We have gas pipeline agreements extending throughout the USA, Canada and into Mexico that enable us to manage gas deliveries to customers virtually anywhere in North America. We also manage capacity for gas utilities and exploration and production companies and are one of the markets largest gas storage lessors.

    EDF, Laurent Vautrin, Maryland, USA.

    Environmental Products

    EDF Trading is committed to the environmental products marketplace. We offer a range of multi-commodity structured solutions that help the EDF Group and third party customers around the world to achieve their environmental goals.

    In Europe, EDF Trading is a leading provider of guaranteed origin power certificates and a major participant in the carbon marketplace. In North America, we are one of the largest participants in the evolving regional RECs markets and partner with EDF Renewable Energy to provide environmental solutions to our customers.

    11EDF Trading At a Glance

  • EDF, Stphan Gladieu, France.

    EDF Trading is very well established in the global LNG market. We have long-term trading partners across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We have more than 70 master sales agreements with the markets major participants.

    EDF Trading entered the LPG market in May 2014 through a long-term export capacity agreement from terminal facilities on the US Gulf Coast. We now have an operational trading platform and are delivering cargoes to our customers.

    LNG and LPG

    EDF Trading is a leader in the global LNG marketplace. We are present in all the major geographic regions and operate throughout the value chain providing services ranging from purchase and supply to logistics and terminal operations.

    EDFT, Aric Hoek, Texas.

    Coal and Freight

    EDF Trading has broadened the scope of its coal and freight activities in the form of a minority stake (33%) in JERA Trading, a joint venture with JERA Co., Inc. JERA Trading is one of the leading global utility backed coal traders with a major presence in both the Atlantic and Pacific basins and total physical coal sales of approximately 60 million tonnes per annum.

    JERA Trading manages assets at all the key points in the global coal and freight value chain.

    13EDF Trading At a Glance

  • Flexibility Optimisation

    All energy assets have operational flexibility. We apply sophisticated analytics to identify that flexibility, relate it to the marketplace and then realise its value.

    Our flexibility optimisation solutions are used to enhance revenue streams, manage weather and temperature risk, help define pricing strategies, and optimise all kinds of energy assets. We do this for our EDF Group and third party customers throughout Europe and North America.

    EDF, Julien Goldstein, France. 15EDF Trading At a Glance