DNA powerfull molecule

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DAN has something in common with your achievement ?????

Kings College London. [2016, July 19].

Interactions between genes and gene environment interactions show differences between achievment in a group of people.

People with many Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) related to academic achievement , will have a higher posibility to develop this problems

They tried to define what was implicated in students differently achievement in school, so they hardly work and conclude that DNA has a direct tie with educcational process

MY OPINION This DNA secuences (SNPs) could be use to give a personalized help to those kids who are more predisposed to complicated learning process, try to make an easier way to learn.

You can storage information safer than you think ..

DNA is made up of four different bases, commonly referred to by their one letter abbreviations: A, C, G and T

They used this to create an encrypted lenguage, where every lettter, space and punctuation was included.

What this for ? They wanted to take historical information and make it last for years so comming generations could have acces from the past.

Help security national systems

DNA requires much less maintenance than disk- or tape-based storage and doesn't need lots of electricity or tons of space

MY OPINION In the medical practice this could be a new way of making information last for many years and to introduce all of the rare diagnosis that will help future doctors.

All of the new discovers make the medicine take advance of them, to improve the practice and do it better every day for patients and their families.

DNA has been taking importance for the last years, and know doctors can used it as an additional support to their patient individual needs to help prevent later difficulties such as learning problems.

THINKING IN PROGRESS DNA is the road to make medicine go through the time line and helps future doctors to learn about old colleagues

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