Design of smart nodes for wireless sensor network

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>A1 GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING &amp; TECHNOLOGY Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering . Presented by J.SUDARSHANREDDY-117Y1A0425 </p> <p>IN THE GUIDENCE OFV.MADHURI Madam M.TECHAssociative Prof. in ECE Deportment.</p> <p>Design of smart nodes for wireless sensor network</p> <p> Contents:AimIntroduction Block diagramHardwareSoftware AdvantagesApplicationsFuture scopeConclusion</p> <p>AIM:This project aims to develop a smart home system for disabled people. To monitor the environmental conditions.To providing safe, secure and empowering environments. </p> <p>Introduction: WSN can be described as a collection of low power sensor nodes . It enables to communicate sensor nodes between each other.A sensor network provides easy access to information. wireless sensor network plays an important role in creating smart environments effectively. </p> <p>BLOCK DIAGRAM:ARM 7LPC 2148 TEMPARATURE SENSORIR SENSORSMOKELCD DISPLAYZIGBEE MODULEPOWER SUPPLYZIGBZEE MODULEPCHARDWARE COMPONTES:Sensors (IR sensor, temperature, Smoke) Micro controllerZIGBEE module Power supply</p> <p>SOFTWARE TOOLS:KEIL SOFTWAREEMBEDDED CProteous </p> <p>ADVANTAGES:Reliability Accuracy Flexibility Cost efficiency Ease of Installation </p> <p>APPLICATIONS:HOMESMILITARYFIELDSINDUSTRIESFUTURE SCOPE:</p> <p>We add different types of sensorsWe can add different types of wireless technologies.</p> <p>CONCLUSION:This system aims to make easy of peoples daily life . we implemented this system for disabled people, it can be used by healthy people. In this project we suggested a new perspective to use of wireless sensor network to build smart home systems. It provides us easy implementation, installation and portability. Queries ???Thank you</p>


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