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Dental tools for Operative

Dental tools for Operative , operative instruments

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Dental tools for Operative , operative instruments http://theoptimalsmile.wix.com/dentistry

Text of Dental tools for Operative , operative instruments

  • Dental tools for Operative

  • Spoon


  • Mirror

  • Explorer

  • Periodontal


  • Tweezer

  • Amalgam


  • Amalgam


  • Carver

  • Burnisher

  • Matrix

  • Spatula

  • Syringe

  • Rubber dam material

  • Rubber dam holder (frame)

  • Rubber dam clamps (retainer)

  • Rubber dam retainer forceps

  • Rubber dam puncher

  • Rubber dam napkin

  • Amalgam carrier To carry amalgam

  • Amalgam carrier

  • Carrier+ amalgam dish

  • Explorer Exploring caries exploring present or absence of calculus

  • Explorer

  • Condenser Compress amalgam push resin composite or glass ionomer

  • condenser

  • Tweezers To carry small objects

  • Puncher To punch holes in the rubber dame

  • Frame + rubber dam material To secure the rubber dam in place while working + Isolation

  • Metal frame To secure the rubber dam in place while working

  • Mirror Reflect light indirect vision retract soft tissue tissue


  • Clamps To anchor the most posterior tooth to be isolated

  • Clamp forceps Hold the clamps during their placement and


  • Plastic Carving and shaping of composite and glass

    ionomer restorative material

  • Spatula Mixing restorative material

  • spatula

  • Spatula

  • Burnisher (egg shape) To produce smooth and shiny surface

  • Burnisher (ball shape)

  • Ivory matrix It provides one proximal wall only in class II cases

  • Contra angled headpiece

  • 5 Grasps used with hand instruments:

    (1) Pen grasp, (not acceptable).

    (2) Modified pen grasp .

    (3) Inverted pen grasp .

    (4) Palm & Thumb grasp .

    (5) Modified Palm & Thumb grasp .

  • Scissor to cut items.

  • Applicator (small ball) For applying cavity liners in thin layers in the


  • Spoon excavator Removing caries carving amalgam or direct wax

  • Periodontal probe Evaluate the Periodontal condition of the teeth

  • Universal matrix It is the best one in its stability

  • Carvers to shape amalgam and resin composite and

    tooth colored restorative materials.

  • Amalgam carrier

  • Moth mirror

    Provide indirect vision .

    Retract lips, cheeks and Tongue.

    Reflect light into mouth.


    Examine tooth for decay, calculus, furcation and abnormalities.

    Cotton forceps (Pliers)

    Grasp materials and/or transfer it into or out of oral cavity.

    Periodontal probe

    Measure depth of periodontal pockets .

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