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  1. 1. Danny DeMichelesReviews BookBusiness owners are waking up to the fact that thecompany online reputation must be managed every day. Inhis book titled, Complaints, Reviews and OnlineExtortion, Danny DeMichele brings knowledge of themethods that work in the effort to protect an onlinereputation. Search engine ranking plays an important rolein the number of times a negative comment is noticed.Decision makers are realizing that social media sites rankin the top 10 spots in the big three search engines:Bing, Yahoo and Google. Statements about products andservices can go viral in one day if the sites are notmonitored.
  2. 2. Danny DeMichele reveals the best ways tocombat the trend of placing opinions onwebsites instead of dealing with issues. Socialmedia sites cannot be ignored since so manypeople are using online reviews to determinehow well a company performs. Validating thecomments does not take place since too manypeople believe anything that is written online.Business owners are surprised to find thatdirect responses to these comments makematters worse. Techniques shared in the bookallow business leaders to take appropriatemeasures to address the issue. Learn torespond to online comments in the mosteffective way for great results.
  3. 3. Each chapter of the book, Complaints, Reviews andOnline Extortion, outlines insights that will preventdamage to the company reputation. Business ownerswill never again fall prey to the opinions of one person.Sales will not slump when one person decides toassault the business with unfair reviews. A copy of thebook is available for decision makers who are seriousabout entering the fray to establish and protect apositive online reputation. Invaluable guidance is onevery page of the book. Why wait? Get your copy ofDanny DeMicheles latest book, Complaints, Reviewsand Online Extortion today!