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Book Reviews by Emily Bache

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  • Footsteps

    Katharine McMahon


    Footsteps is an amazing book based on the past and how it influences the future. Whilst

    trying to cope with the death of her husband and caring for her three year old daughter,

    Helena is asked to write a book about her familys past. But especially her grandfather the

    Edwardian Photographer Donaldson, and his relationship with Ruth Styles, Helenas

    grandmother. At first Helena is reluctant to help because her past has always been

    mysterious, and her mother is never keen on the subject. But finally convinced she finds

    out that the past like the present is riddled with dreadful dilemmas and the cruelty of

    love. This book is told through two voices, the voice Helena a young widow trying to find

    out the past and the voice of Ruth Styles Helenas grandmother in the past. This makes

    the story more alive because Helena finds things out about Ruth whilst living her own life,

    at the same time you are also gaining a fabulous inside into the mind of Ruth Styles. To

    start with I thought that this book was really grim because the first chapter was Helens

    husband funeral, but Im so glad I persevered. Due to the fact its not grim at all but about

    trying to find who people really are inside. I loved this book and I am sure you will to!

  • Halo

    Alexandra Adornetto

    Halo is such an amazing book, I loved it so much! In the novel, three angles have been sent

    down from Heaven to bring good to the world and save a small sea side village called

    Venus Cove. Bethany, a teenage angle, wonders why the great powers have chosen her to

    go instead of more experience angles, her siblings have told her it is because she is the

    more human than the other angles. As Bethany starts school how can she possibly keep

    away from a gorgeous human boy with a tragic past, they soon fall in love, defying every

    law in heaven and possibly landing Bethany and her siblings in massive danger. But when

    the mysterious Jake Thorn turns up and bad things keep happening, can Bethany keep up

    her angle work and her relationship? Or will it mean she has all the more to lose? I found

    this really great book and I will definitely be reading it again very soon. You may think that

    it is a book about religion, Heaven and hell, but really it is about the differences between

    good, bad, love and hate. It is quite a chunky book but dont be put off by that, every page

    is worth reading at least once! There are also two other books in the series called Hades

    which I am looking forward to reading and the third and final book comes out in August


  • Little Women

    Louisa M. Alcott

    Little Women is such a great book, it captures the life story of an unfortunate American

    family. In the family there is; Meg the, oldest, vain but friendly about at the right age to be

    looking for love, on the other hand there is boyish Jo always keen to meet people and

    write passionate novels. Gentle loving Beth devotes her live to her family and her musical

    talents, but then theres Amy the youngest and most selfish of the March girls always

    trying to act older than she really is. The novel highlights the girls growing up and facing

    the big wide world, as the sisters experience love, hate, loyalty and sorrow. But as the

    story progresses the sisters are subjected to massive change and challenges. Will they be

    able to cope with the challenges that life throws at them? I personally think that Little

    Women is a fabulous book and deserves more recognition than it has at present. Before I

    read little women I thought that it would be outdated and hard to read, but its not at all,

    the girls in the book experience many of the same traumas as we do now. Little women is

    a classic because it is really good and really worth reading. So why not try reading it I

    loved it so you probably would too!

  • Pride and Prejudice

    Jane Austin

    Pride and Prejudice for me is one of the best of the classics there is. The book follows the

    life of a two young girls, Lizzie and Jane the oldest two of the five Benet sisters. The

    Benets are not most well off family around, but Lizzies mother (Mrs Benet) is very keen

    to get them married to rich men with massive fortunes. But when Mr Bingley and Mr

    Darcy arrive in town the sisters are made to meet them. Jane is intrigued by Mr Bingley

    and is soon thinking about nothing else, but is kept occupied by the thought that he might

    see her as a girl seeking his fortune. On the other hand Lizzie is disgusted by Mr Darcys

    prejudice to her and her sisters. During the novel Lizzie is drawn to the mysterious Mr

    Darcy and wonders if he is the man she once though him to be or has she prejudged him?

    During the novel Lizzie experiences Love, Hate and everything in between. Pride and

    Prejudice is one of the best books I have ever read, even though it is a classic. To start

    with I thought it would be terrible and hard to read but actually it isnt, its just like any

    other modern day book but in many ways even better!

  • Shiver

    Maggie Stiefvater

    Shiver is definitely in my top 10 list of books. Grace has always known about the wolves,

    ever since they tried to kill her as a child. But when a local boy is killed by them she cant

    help but be fascinated by the pack. She cant keep her mind off them especially the wolf

    with the yellow eyes, theres something about him something almost human. But when

    she meets a familiar yellow eyed boy in town he takes her breath away. She cant help but

    find herself deeply involved in the wolves and the yellow eyed boy, and suddenly her

    whole world is upside down and every think she thought was real was a lie. Will she be

    able to keep what she knows a secret? Or will the wolves in the woods never be there

    again? The novel is told through two different voices, the voice of Grace an ordinary girl

    with uncaring and self-obsessed parents and the voice of Sam the yellow eyed mysterious

    half boy half wolf. This is a griping romantic book but with more to it than most, this book

    does not just have love and passion woven in to its words but deep dark secrets and lies

    as well. This fabulous book is so well written, with such an amazing story. Just looking at

    this book you would think that it is an imitation of the amazing Twilight Saga, but it is

    completely different and a great book in its own right, which I absolutely loved! There are

    also two other books in the trilogy: Linger and Forever which are both as amazing if not

    better worth reading.

  • The Star of Kazan

    Eva Ibbotson


    The star of Kazan is an amazing book! Annika lives as a house maid in Vienna, she loves

    her life, especially the other two house maids who she sees as the parents she has never

    had. She also dearly loves the old woman across the street who tells Annika about her life

    as an actor, and about the magical jewels she received. But the one thing she longs for is

    the mother that abandoned her when she was a baby. But when a beautiful rich woman

    comes to claim her she is taken off to her true home far away from Vienna and her new

    life begins. But the dark cumbering castle echoes with secrets and lies, and as Annika

    unravels the truth she finds herself in terrible danger. The star of Kazan if one of my

    favourite books, I have read it so many it times I cant remember. The story highlights the

    question: Is you true family who you are related to or is it where you fit in and are happy?

    It also shows the difference between being rich and happy. To start with I thought this

    book was like any other book about finding lost family, but it is actually about loads more

    than that with an amazing story line. I loved this book so much and you will too!