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Book reviews by 4th ESO students

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  • The book is La vida imaginaria of Mara Torres. It

    was first published by Planeta 6th, November, 2012.

    It has 260 pages.

    The books author is Mara Torres he was born in

    Madrid, 1974 and she is a journalist, writter, radio

    host and television presenter.

    This book is a romance novel and talks about a girl that her

    boyfriend has cut with her, so the book talk about all the things

    that she is thinking in her mind. It takes place in

    Madrid and it isnt a novel penalty Iit has very

    funny and optimistic points. The style of the

    author very simple and easy to read because she

    use a very day language.

    I liked the novel so much more than expected, no

    doubt. The argument at first didnt say anything

    special but the entertainment narrative of Mara

    Torres has made it a novel Ive read quite comfortable. I

    recommend this book, Its very interesting, current and was a

    finalist for Planeta awards.

    By Beki Garca

  • Derrick Burton Bravo 4B



    Its a science fiction and/or Post-apocalyptic novel

    It was released in the year 2005 in Russia and 2010 in the US

    It has a sequel (Metro 2034), a videogame and other books which take

    place in the same universe by other writers (With Glukhovskys permission

    and approval )

    Story & universe:

    It takes place, as the title says, in the year 2033. After a nuclear war that has

    devastated Moscow (Along with other cities) a few survivors live in the now old

    subway network. People live in the old stations, and with time, alliances (such as

    the Red Line or the Hansa stations) and enemies have appeared. Wars happen

    often. Military rounds now work as a currency, since they are a scarce source. In

    the wars, Metro-made bullets are used instead.

    The dark ones, or Homo Novus are some sort of species that have appeared in

    the surface. They are the cause of many mental problems in the Metro, also they

    are kind of hostile.

    The book focuses on Artyoms (The protagonist) quest for saving his home from

    the dark ones menace. A respected warrior, Hunters, gives him a military dog tag

    to show, which proves that its also his petition. He wants to go to the considered

    capital of the Metro, Polis, which is formed by 4 stations next to each other.

    Artyom departs from his home, the VDNKh or the Exposition

    The trip takes longer than expected, some issues appear during it. First of all he

    goes to the station next to his home, where he suffers an attack from the called

    Dark ones which are some kind of new humans. After he arrives there he goes

    with a person, Bourbon, who is in financial problems, which makes him take

    alternative routes. They go armed through a bandit station and arrive to their

    first stop. After negotiations, they have to get out, which makes them leave and

  • Derrick Burton Bravo 4B

    enter the surface. Its a hostile place, where traps from the called stalkers,

    mutants or radiation can kill you within minutes. They struggle and enter a

    station, where they held Artyoms partner. He is executed and Artyom fled with

    Khans (a new character) help. When Khans trip is over, Artyom continues. Now

    hes looking for Andrew the blacksmith, a citizen of a soviet occupied station.

    Then, being cautious, he makes it to the frontline of a war, the Red Line against

    the Reich. After being in the communist station, he is now in a fascist one. He

    sneaks and finally arrives to his destination. His help request gets denied,

    therefore his station isnt getting Hansas support, after sneaking, killing and

    making a long trip. Artyom decides to join their forces, called Spartans. They

    make a trip to find secret files at the old national library and they find documents

    with the location of an old military base (D-6), which still works. At the end, they

    have to climb an old radio tower, from there, he can aim at his objective and

    guide the nukes that have been found. They launch nukes to the settlement of

    the Dark Ones, making them completely vanish. Artyoms long trip is now over,

    he has successfully completed his mission, not in the way he was originally

    planning, but he did.


    Some of them are:









  • Derrick Burton Bravo 4B


    This is one of my favorite books. I really enjoyed it, the universe is rich and

    besides being science-fiction, and it has its logic and realistic feeling. The people

    in the Metro, even having a complete different lifestyle, have the same problems

    like us. Artyoms quest is filled with action and stories, many things happen

    throughout his journey/quest where he meets different people, situations and

    realizes (with us, the readers) how crazy can things be out there! I also enjoyed

    the sequel and the videogame, which is quite fun and made a good job.

    The book teaches us about how hard is to survive, how generations can pay for

    something they didnt do (talking about the nuclear disaster). Artyom gets what

    he wants, paying the price he had to, but it was that or giving up.

    Talking about the dark ones, Khan always defended them, saying that they were

    trying to communicate with us and that they killed anyone who attacked them.

    Artyom seems to be conscious about this, since he isnt vulnerable to the

    paranoia and sickness which they cause when they interact with others. We can

    see how at the end they do not want to be killed, they try to stop Artyom and use

    their unknown powers which consist on getting inside his mind. These powers

    had killed thousands of people. But as always, its about the survival of the


    If its hostile, you kill it is the most memorable phrase from the book. Hunter

    said that to Artyom at the beginning, and at the end, this phrase is used again.

    Its simple enough to understand how the situation is in the Metro.

  • TITLE: The boy in the striped pajamas

    AUTHOR: John Boyne is a novelist who was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1971, that studied English Literature at Trinity College.

    He has published 9 novels for adults and five for younger readers, including The

    Boy In The Striped Pyjamas which was a New York Times no.1 Bestseller and

    was made into a Miramax feature film. It has sold more than 6 million copies

    worldwide, and his novels are published in 48 languages.

    GENRE: Fiction, historical novel, childrens literatura and tragicomedy

    PLOT: Bruno is a nine-year-old boy growing up during World War II in Berlin. He lives with his parents, his 12-year-old sister Gretel and maids, one of whom

    is called Maria. After a visit by Adolf Hitler, Bruno's father is promoted to

    commandant, and the family has to move because of the orders.

    One day, Bruno sees a camp and decides to explore the strange wire fence. As

    he walks, he meets a Jewish boy named Shmuel.

    Bruno and Shmuel talk and become very good friends, although Bruno still

    does not understand very much about Shmuel and his side of the fence.

    When lice eggs are discovered in Bruno's hair he is forced to get all of his hair

    shaved off. Bruno comments that he looks like Shmuel. Bruno's mother

    eventually persuades his father to take them back to Berlin but he stays there

    without them.

    So the next day Bruno concocts a plan with Shmuel to sneak into the camp to

    look for Shmuel's father. Shmuel brings a set of prison clothes, and Bruno

    leaves his own clothes outside the fence. As they search the camp, both

    children are rounded up along with a group of prisoners to be sent to the gas

    chamber. Bruno apologizes to Shmuel that they didn't successfully find his

    father, which Shmuel does not have a chance to reply to before the gas is

    turned on, and they both die.

    CHARACTERS: The main character is Bruno , is tall, thin, dark hair and light eyes. He has a very brave personality and he prefers to help others instead

    benefit himself. Another character is Shmuel , who is thin ,he has blue eyes,

    shaved head and he wears striped pajamas. He has a friendly personality , he is

    peace-loving and he knows how to forgiving others.

    I dont have any favorite because both of them bring good things to the story

    THEMES: The ideas and topics that are told in the story are mainly empathy and friendship.

    I dont feel 100 % identified with the story because it isnt a time like that

    which can happen to me, but there are times when I have to choose or

  • between friendship and to be a good friend, or my dignity. And of course, I

    choose to be a good person

    SETTING: The story takes place near a concentration camp during the Second World War.

    PERSONAL OPINION: I chose this book because I find very interesting

    everything about what happened during the Second World War , and I enjoyed

    it because it is very entertaining to see the story told by an innocent child and

    learned more about that stage. I recommend it because it is not a very long

    book and when you start reading it, you won't want to stop it.


    1. My book is called The boy in the striped pajamas.

    2. It was written by John Boyne and was first publishe