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Customer satisfaction of bsnl

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customer satisfaction of BSNL

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  • 1. A SUMMER TRANNING PROJECT REPORT STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION OF BSNL AT BSNL BAREILLY Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of degree Of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SESSION (2012-2014) SUBMITTED TO:- SUBMITTED BY:Ms. Nishtha Sharma Assistant professor Piyush Tewari MBA IIIrd SEM
  • 2. Roll No12021335 CERTIFICATE OF OROGINALITY I Piyush Tewari Roll No 12021335 a full time bonafide student of first year of Master of Business administration (MBA) Programme of IFTM University, Moradabad . I hereby certify that this project work carried out by me at BSNL Bareilly and the report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the programme is original work of my under the guidance of the industry mentor P. K Kashyap and Faculty mentor Nishtha Sharma , and is not based or reproduced from any exiting work of any other person or any earlier work undertaken at any other time or for any other purpose and has not been submitted anywhere else at any time. Piyush tewari (Student Signature) Date: 11/11/2013
  • 4. ACKNOWELEDGEMENT It is sense of immense pleasure & satisfaction for me that this Research Project report has been successfully completed. I have made his project as concise as possible and also arranged the topic in straight forward and logical manner. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Manjula jain for providing me an opportunity to undero summer tranning at BSNL Bareilly. I am grateful to my faculty guide Ms. Nishtha Sharma who has given me this opportunity to prepare this project and provided her valuable guidance. I am also grateful to my parents and friends who inspired me to put my best efforts. Piyush Tewari
  • 6. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Research project in Bareilly region to study there STUDY & ANALYSIS OF BSNL MANAGEMENT The research is done by visiting all the BSNL in whole Bareilly region thus. Undertaking there working culture and simultaneously interacting the walk in customer reading there mentality and listening to the problems & suggestion if any, also providing a suitable treatment to the problem if available with us. The research Methodology used to collect the data was Questionnaire method, Personal interviews and techniques. In order to maintain un-biasness a random sample of 150 people from 3 classes viz. businessmen, servicemen, student & other. All the data has been properly gathered and analyzed. The finding have been presented in a lucid manner using various graphs. Also problem areas, short coming are pointed appropriate reason, & explaned in detail and suggestions are given with in order to help BSNL desigen the future marketing strategies to take leverage out of it.
  • 7. CONTENTS 1- Certificate of originality 2- Company certificate 3- Acknowledgement 4- Executive summary 5- Introduction 6- Services of BSNL 7- Research problem 8- Objective of study 9- SWOT analysis 10- Research methodology 11- Data prsentation and analysis 12- Finding 13- Suggestion 14- Bibliography 15- Questionnaire
  • 9. COMPANY PROFILE BSNL is a leader in GSM mobile telephony in india. It also has a significant share in the GSM mobile market. The mobile communication market is characterized by immense competition with large player fighting for the market share. BSNL has a superior infrastructure, which is a big advantage to it. The company faces many problem on account of its faulty billing system and poor response to its GSM iniative , BSNL has positioned its brand primarily as a common mans phone and supported it by providing the lowest tariff plans in the industry. For distribution BSNL has setup a large number of BSNL web words and retails points of sale all over the country. BSNL is also aggressively into the billboard space. The four main existing customer segments are in the metros, and the category A, B, C categories circule. Tata tele services, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. Bharti, Idea Celluar BPL mobile, and Vodafone services are the main competitors of Reliance. BSNL communication, with its mass a marketing strategyhas been successful in attaining a large customer base within a sort span of time. throgh the subscriber base in high, the growth seemd to have slumped dramatically in the last year. the reason for this drop in the growth of subscriber base can be attributed to the changing telecom scenario. . This has left title to segments in terms of the market, where in the differentiation was purely on the basic of image. BSNL communication current targeting approach is a massmarketing method that tries to address the needs of the entire market and widen its subscriber base.
  • 10. This plan proposes to launch a new service catering to the identified target market while maintaining the existing service without any repositioning. The marketing objective of BSNL communication as per this marketing plan are to increase market share of BSNL communication in mobile services market to 30% by the next year and to attain revenue of Rs. 11, 000 crores by the same period. The monthly expenses for the various marketing actions programs mentioned in the plans have been estimated in the report. The projected additions to the subscriber base and revenue earning projection have been also included in the report. The key focus is on the product bundle that should be provided to attract the largest possible chunk of the youth market. For this, newer feature that need to be incorporated were explored and proposed. The pricing need to be competitive, as the target segment is demanding, yet price sensitive. BSNL communication also needs to come up with offerings in the niche segment as well and look for further scope to segment the market and likewise come up with wellpriced products to tap the maximum potential. Next the product- services bundle has to be packaged in such a way that it acts as a source of differentiation and the promotions should be focused make use of this differentiating factor. Finally, with newer demands, the retail network needs to be revamped and all issues pertaining to territorial adjustment need to be worked out.
  • 11. Vision To become the largest telecom service provider in South East Asia. MISSION 1 - To provide world class state of art technology telecom services on demand at affordable price. 2 - To provide world class telecom infrastructure to develop the country economy. OBJECTIVES 1- To be a Lead Telecom Services Provider 2- Build customer confidence through quality and reliable services 3- Provide Bandwidth on demand. 4- - Contribute towards
  • 13. Description of the Brand , Product, Category & Company The Brand BSNL Mobile- Postpaid Joy Plans The postpaid plans have been specifically designed to help the customer save on costs. Depending on the customer usage and the customer budget, the customer has a choice of plans with economical tariff rates. Unlimited Talktime Pack Now the customer can enjoy the benefits of making unlimited Calls to other BSNL Phones within the customers circle, Absolutely Free. Get Started Kit The customer can now set the customer free with the new Get started Kit from BSNL Mobile. Bill Payments BSNl has introduced the most convenient mode of Bill Payment. The customer can now pay the bills directly from Credit Card or Bank Account and save precious time.
  • 14. INNMARSAT BSNL now offer its subscribers significany saving for voice calls made to any Innmarsat number. The saving could be as high as 70% depending on the type of terminal and the location. BSNL india Mobile BSNL postpaid CNJ 199 SOHO Plan Now people who mainly use mobile for local call can save their lot of money by using this Plans NJ 499In this plan all calls free to any BSNL Mobile within the region. Call from UPE/UPW made to any mobiles phones in the region of Haryana, Punjab, HP, Rajasthan and Delhi Charged 50 paise per minute only. MY Unlimited 440Call made to any phone expect BSNL MOBILE charged 99 paise per minute. Call made to BSNL mobile is free all over in India. Other PlansUnlimited 399. NJP 124, BSNL India 299 & 399
  • 15. Fixed Wireless PhonesBSNL has launched FWP to increase its market share. Cost of phone is very low. There are various plans for customers as One India plans 180, Plan 125, Plan 299, One India Plan 225, One India Plan 180. BSNL Data Card USB Modem BSNL has launched data card and modem for the people who want to use the Internet on their computer. These are differents plans for different need of customer. BSNL has presented the new Rs. 360 and Rs. 335 recharge vouchers.