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Submitted in partial fulfillment towards the award of the degree in the of Master of Business Administration




ROLL NO. : 1213370030


Department of MBA

Noida Institude of Enginerring and Technology(NIET) DECLERATION

I, DEEP ARORA Student of M.B.A. program in NOIDA INSTITUTE OF ENGEERING AND TECHNOLOGY hereby declare that all the information, facts and figures produced in this report are based on my own experience and study during my CUSTOMER SATISFACTION LEVEL TOWARDS BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMTED MORADABAD,

I further declare that all the information and facts furnished in this project report are based on my intensive findings. They are supportive to the actual figures of audited statements.

DEEP ARORAStudent of M.B.A. II year

NIET, GREATER NOIDA ACKNOWLEDGEMENTIt take immense pleasure in completing this project and submitting the final project report.It has been a pleasurable experience working with BSNL This Company has provided me valuable knowledge and experience, which I took back with me.

I take this opportunity to thank all those people who made this experience a memorable one and without the valuable help from those this work couldnt have been turned into a finished product.

In this context at such a learning stage and as a student of NOIDA INSTITUTE OF ENGEERING & TECHNOLOGY. I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Verma for assigning me such a worthwhile topic Consumer Satisfaction Level towards Services Provided by BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED. He had been a pillar of strength to me and always stood by my side during the project tenure with his innovative ideas and conversation full of force, zest and attitude. He was always there whenever I needed him and despite of the fact that he was constantly busy, he always took out time for my project and me. I also thank all the office employees at BSNL. for making the environment at work extremely conducive and being very approachable.

I am also thankful to all the respondents whom I contacted. The information gathered through them was very helpful for my project. I would like to express my deepest sense of respect to Dr. O.P. Agarwal (NIET) who offered opportunity for management education in NOIDA INSTITUTE OF ENGEERING & TECHNOLOGY .




introduction of the topic,

objective of the study, 11-18


company profile, history, location 19-42









OBJECTIVE OF STUDYit is said that an objective well defined is half done. Thus in order to make sure that the proper survey ensures defining clear-cut objective and outline is a prerequisite.

Objective serves as torchlight in a project. It lays down a well-defined path between start and the end and that is the goal. As also an objective is well defined and it is important for the research study that a scholar undergoes.It is an action, a purpose, which is directed to a person to conduct a study. It represents a fact having actual existence of outside the mind or a goal for which the study is to be conducted Project work is in the nature of a real life problem-solving exercise which is planned and carried out by the learned himself. I had study the working of BSNL and come out with the problems from which they suffer, the benefits they enjoy . I had also suggested some suggestions to them.As a project is a learning activity involving some practical problems and it is carried out by the learner or a group of learners whole heartedly. The teaching methodology of project work is base upon the philosophy that functional knowledge and skills result from active participation of the leaner in solving practical problem.The main objectives behind preparing this report are as below:

To study the marketing strategies of the telecommunication companies.

To study the various products and their prices.

To study the various plans and schemes.

To study the preference of those factors which are considerable by the customer.

To analyze the satisfaction level of the customer.

To study the promotional strategies of telecommunication companies.

To analyze the market share of telecommunication companies.

To show the coverage area of telecommunication companies.


Title:- Consumer Satisfaction Level towards Services Provided by BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITEDThis project report is based on a leading company of our country named as BSNL. In this project I tried to get the knowledge of Consumer Satisfaction Level from the Services Provided by BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED that whether the consumers are satisfied with the services of BSNL or not. So I have done a survey and get feedback about the topic.

Telecom industry is undergoing a revolutionary phase in India. It is witnessing cut-throat competition. Telecom companies can grow and sustain in the market only if they are able to attract more and more customers and retain existing customer. They can do so by satisfying and delighting customers. It is possible if they know customers expectation.

Customers expectations keep changing with the passage of time. Market research is always required. These things influenced me to do research about customers expectation from Telecommunication services. I did this project working with BSNL. CHAPTER NO.1


BSNL Registered OfficeBharat Sanchar BhavanHarish Chandra Mathur LaneJanpath, New Delhi-110 001

BSNL Corporate OfficeBharat Sanchar BhavanHarish Chandra Mathur LaneJanpath, New Delhi-110 001


Today, BSNL is the No. 1 telecommunication company and the largest public sector undertaking of India and its responsibilities includes improvement of the already impeccable quality of telecom services, expansion of telecom services in all villages and instilling confidence among its customers.

Apart from vast network expansions, especial emphasis has given for introducing latest technologies and new services like I-NET, INTERNET, ISDN (INTEGRATED SERVICES DIGITAL NETWORK), IN (INTELLIGENT NETWORK), GSM and WLL (WIRELESS IN LOCAL LOOP) services etc. Now BSNL has also entered in mobile communication. BSNL has all the new services send technological advantages, which are available with any well, developed Telecom network anywhere else in the country.Full credit for all above achievement goes to the officers and staff of the BSNL. The administration is fully aware of the challenges lying ahead and quite committed to provide the latest and best telecom services by their continued support and active co-operation.

BSNL provides basic telephone services, fax services in addition to other digital and internet services. All the exchanges are digital and nearly 1,01,824 telephones are working in the state.

For long distance communications connectivity on OPTICAL FIBRE CABLE & MICROWAVE systems which enables easy access to connect rest of the Country (STD) and World (ISD). Most of the Telephone Exchanges in the states are provided with STD and ISD facility. All the State Capitals cities are having the facility of Internet and Intelligent network. Internet facility is also available in few more places.

BSNL has installed Village Public telephones (VPT) to provide communication facility to the people living in interior parts of these states. Efforts are on to improve upon the Telecom facilities in all these states for an overall development of the region.

n India, the telecommunications market has undergone a major transformation in the past couple of decades. From being a complete monopoly of the public sector, to the breaking down of these monopolies, the telecom industry has witnessed significant policy reforms. These reforms also led to the entry of private players in all kinds of telecommunications services, such as cellular and wireless in local loop (WLL) services, in addition to the basic telephony services. Reforms:

The telecom sector reforms were undertaken in three phases.The first phase began in the 80s, when private manufacturing of customer premise equipment was given a go-ahead in 1984. A proliferation of individual STD/ISD/PCO networks also took place throughout the country, by way of private individual franchises. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL) was created out of the Department of Telecommun