Creating Free Online Learning Environments

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<ul><li><p>NCMLE 2015</p><p>Creating Online Learning Environments</p><p>Erica Preswood!University School, !East Tennessee State University!</p></li><li><p></p></li><li><p>Learner Management Systems Edmodois a dynamic learning platform that will </p><p>enhance online learning. You can click the link to add the professional development group fortoday's session or use the code8x5gub at!</p><p> Engradeis a simple to use online learning platform.Visit to create a teacher account.!</p><p> Haiku learning is an intuitive online learning platform. Visit to create a teacher account.</p></li><li><p>Interactive Online Resources</p><p> Kahoots! Visit to create a Kahoot! account. There are thousands ofpre made Kahoots in most subject areas.!</p><p> Visit Newselaat to create a teacher account. This site provides news articles with accompanying reading levels, questions, and student interactions.</p></li><li><p>Interactive Online Resources</p><p> Visit Socrativeat to create a teacher account. This site provides an interactive platform for teachers to assess student comprehension.!</p><p> Visit Nearpodat to create a teacher account. This site provides access topre made units in most curriculum areas. The site also provides tools for teachers to create their own interactive units.</p></li></ul>