Computer Assisted Language Learning

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My Presentation on Computer Assisted Language Learning.


<ul><li> 1. Computer Assisted Language Learning.Paper no: 12Roll no.27M.A. Sem:IIIEnrolment No:PG13101036Sejal Vaghela P.Submitted to: Department of EnglishMaharaja KrishnakumarsinhjiBhavnagar University.</li></ul> <p> 2. Computer assisted language learning LAN (Language area networks ) In the 1990s the personal computer emerged asa significant tool for language teaching andlearning. A significant interest of early CALL studieswas the comparison of computer enhancedclasses with traditional or conventionalclasses. 3. The Four skills, Grammar, vocabulary Speaking skill Listening Skill Reading Skill Writing Skill Phonetics and phonology Grammar and vocabulary practice 4. Highly motivating use of technology are multimediaprojects using presentation software such asMicrosoft PowerPoint. TV channels, news papers, meteorological offices,stock market traders, fiction writers, medical societiesand film makers. Students can be encouraged to post opinions aboutcontroversial events, research statistics, participate inlive chat or write fan mail. One model program in this area is the Division ofEnglish as an International Language. (DEIL) 5. Thank You </p>


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