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<ol><li> 1. Learning together, learning better. Using Chalkup + Google Apps for Education </li><li> 2. What you need to know about Google Apps for Education. </li><li> 3. Storage &amp; synchronization service Host of Google Apps Stores any le type Google Apps for Edu Set of productivity apps for schools </li><li> 4. According to Google, there are now over 40 million students, teachers, and administrators using Google Apps for Education. </li><li> 5. What we LOVE: GAFE is free for schools and oers 24/7 support Available on any device Real-time collaborative editing . </li><li> 6. When workows are cloud- based, students can connect from anywhere.What we think could be better </li><li> 7. Google Apps werent initially made for education. So in August 2014, Google unveiled Classroom. It was their version of an LMS.. </li><li> 8. Some teachers dug Classroom. (And thats great!) But many of us found a shortcoming: limited discussion capabilities.. </li><li> 9. You could nally assign and submit work via Google (win!!) but how does the entire class connect and get on the same page?. </li><li> 10. We think we have a solution </li><li> 11. Lets keep all of the collaborative, powerful features of GAFE, but make it easier to connect. </li><li> 12. Chalkup integrates seamlessly w/ Google Drive, managing permissions; creating clean spaces for assignment creation, submission, and grading; and leveraging discussion spaces and rubrics lacking in Classroom. . </li><li> 13. Upload anything from Drive. Assign. Submit. Grade. And (of course) discuss. . </li><li> 14. Everything you love about Drive. But with an extra touch. . </li><li> 15. Its all about the workow. </li><li> 16. Same amazing Drive, dierent central hub to bring it all together. . </li><li> 17. Thank you! @chalkupedu ChalkupEdu +ChalkupEdu </li></ol>