Chalkup + Google Apps for Education

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  1. 1. Learning together, learning better. Using Chalkup + Google Apps for Education
  2. 2. What you need to know about Google Apps for Education.
  3. 3. Storage & synchronization service Host of Google Apps Stores any le type Google Apps for Edu Set of productivity apps for schools
  4. 4. According to Google, there are now over 40 million students, teachers, and administrators using Google Apps for Education.
  5. 5. What we LOVE: GAFE is free for schools and oers 24/7 support Available on any device Real-time collaborative editing .
  6. 6. When workows are cloud- based, students can connect from anywhere.What we think could be better
  7. 7. Google Apps werent initially made for education. So in August 2014, Google unveiled Classroom. It was their version of an LMS..
  8. 8. Some teachers dug Classroom. (And thats great!) But many of us found a shortcoming: limited discussion capabilities..
  9. 9. You could nally assign and submit work via Google (win!!) but how does the entire class connect and get on the same page?.
  10. 10. We think we have a solution
  11. 11. Lets keep all of the collaborative, powerful features of GAFE, but make it easier to connect.
  12. 12. Chalkup integrates seamlessly w/ Google Drive, managing permissions; creating clean spaces for assignment creation, submission, and grading; and leveraging discussion spaces and rubrics lacking in Classroom. .
  13. 13. Upload anything from Drive. Assign. Submit. Grade. And (of course) discuss. .
  14. 14. Everything you love about Drive. But with an extra touch. .
  15. 15. Its all about the workow.
  16. 16. Same amazing Drive, dierent central hub to bring it all together. .
  17. 17. Thank you! @chalkupedu ChalkupEdu +ChalkupEdu