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  • 1. Welcome Back!Take a seat whereveryou like (in the front halfof the room) and have apen or pencil handy.CERAMICS 1MRS. DUCKWORTH ROOM 003

2. FIRE DRILLS & PHONESFire Drill routeNorth Wing Parking LotParking spot #20Leave your phone in the room 3. QUICK STUFFWho am I?What are we doing today? 4. What is Ceramics?The SyllabusCERAMICS 1 YEAR, CREDIT COURSE 5. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNvarious hand-building techniques with clayPinch Coil Slab 6. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNterminologyassociated withthree-dimensionaldesign 7. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNthe production of functional and non-functionalpottery, as well as sculpturalobjects 8. IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARNto develop theirown personaland artistic waysof working 9. MATERIALSSketchbook Binder 1-1 binder with 5tabbed dividersPencils bring one to every classErasers pink, white or kneadedPlastic Bags several, the heavier the better 10. ASSIGNMENTSWeekly process and participation grades 11. ASSIGNMENTSDaily warm-ups and reflections 12. ASSESSMENTWeekly Process & Participation:Given weekly based on your work ethicand activities during class timeWorth 50% of overall grade20 possible pointsIncludes daily warm-ups and reflectionsSee weekly rubric for expectations andrequirements 13. WEEKLY PROCESS & PARTICIPATIONBecause we do not have projects due each week,you will receive a weekly process and participationgrade.At the end of each week you will receive a gradeout of 20 points based on an assessment of yourparticipation and work ethic in each class.In order for your skills to improve in this course,you must gain an understanding of the informationprovided and practice the techniques and processesintroduced. Class time is provided to learn theseskills and it is essential you use this time wisely.The weekly grade is meant to reflect the credit youhave earned for the skills you demonstrate withinyour studio time. 14. WEEKLY GRADE, 20 PTSDuring class you have exceeded expectations andexcelled in your effort. You complete your classassignments and begin research or preparationsfor upcoming projects, help your peers, thoroughlyclean your area, etc. (19-20 pts)During class you have put forth your best effort.You complete the work assigned and clean yourarea fully, but do not go above and beyond what isrequired of you. (11-18 pts)During class time you socialize, play on the web,do your math homework or anything that is notyour class projects. You will receive an automatic0 for skipping class. (0-10 pts) 15. ASSIGNMENTSSketchbook assignments related to eachindividual project 16. ASSESSMENTSketchbooks:Required to complete sketchbookassignments related to each unit projectPart of individual project gradesMust be submitted with final, completedproject or points will be deducted from finalproject grade 17. ASSIGNMENTS4 large scale unit projects 18. ASSESSMENTProjects:Rubrics provided at the beginning of allprojects outlining how they will be gradedGraded on areas such as: composition,craftsmanship, creative problem solvingand application of materials & processesWorth 50% of overall grade30-60 possible points 19. LATE WORKDue date given at the start of eachassignmentExpected that you will work both in class andoutside of classPoints deducted on work ethic for lateprojectsBehind on a project?Sign-up to finish it during Advisory, AcademicStudy or Activity PeriodPlan ahead - this room is not always open to 20. LATE WORKWont complete assignment on time?Your responsibility to communicate with me inadvance of the due date with a valid explanation ofwhy you need more timeIf you have not worked to your fullest potential ormade full use of class time you will not be allowedextra time to complete the assignment 21. OVERALL EXPECTATIONSVictor Central Schools Code of Conduct applies inall of my classesSee Agendas for full rules and expectationsMy class rule: RESPECT 22. DAILY EXPECTATIONSWhen the bell rings to START class:In seats, quiet and ready to begin classWhen the bell rings to END class:In seats, cleaned up, ready to tuck chairs in and leaveLatenessUnexcused and repeated will result in contact homeAbsencesMust be excused and legitimateAttendance lists are checked dailyYou are responsible for making up class work andreviewing materials discussed in classStudents found skipping are given a 0 for their weeklygrade 23. DAILY EXPECTATIONSNo cell phones in class at any timeUsing cell phone = taken away and given to theISS teacher until the end of the dayiPods OK only during work times and providedyou can still hear me while using them 24. IPODS OK OR NOT OK???Check daily agendaNo iPods today 25. CLEAN-UP & MAINTENANCEClean-up own workspace 5-10 minutes prior tothe end of the blockpicking up all materials and returning them to theirproper locations (see safety & clean-up handouts)washing tables, chairs, tools, sinks, floorlogging off and returning computers (if used)tucking in chairs/stoolsClean-up early = stay extra time to assist inadditional clean-up tasks 26. CRITICAL CLEAN-UPIn Ceramics clean-up is critical toa safe environment.Improper clean-up will result in a0 effort grade for the week. 27. MAINTENANCENo food or drink is tobe consumed in theart room at any timeduring the dayIf you have food ordrink with you whenyou enter the roomyou must leave it bythe door or in yourbag until the end ofclass 28. COMPUTER PATHSAll projects & assignments are posted onShared Files and my websitePathway to Course Files:Shared Files High School DuckworthS Ceramics Current Project NameWeb:http://vshceramics.blogspot.com/ 29. COMPUTER PATHSComputer work completed in class saved toyour student server spaceNOT THEDESKTOP!Pathway to Drop Box for Submitting Projects:Shared Files High School DuckworthS Drop Box Your Block Class YourLast Name 30. COMMUNICATIONEmail:DuckworthS@victorschools.orgWeb:http://vshceramics.blogspot.comPhone:924-3252 x5003 31. WHAT WILL WE LEARN? 32. The Ten GoldenRules ofCeramicsSAFETY 33. HISTORY OF CLAY 34. METHODS & FORMSPinchCoilSlabFunctionalSculptural 35. PINCH CONSTRUCTION 36. PINCH POTS 37. COIL CONSTRUCTION 38. COIL POTS 39. SLAB CONSTRUCTION 40. SLAB CREATIONS 41. FUNCTIONAL 42. SCULPTURAL 43. PLANNING, RESEARCH, SKETCHING Reference Images Planning Sketches Descriptions Technique Documentation 44. BASIC KILN & FIRING KNOWLEDGE Basic Firing Cones Loading &Unloading 45. TOOLS & MATERIALS Clay cutter Fettling knife Loop tools Needle tool Sponge Bat 46. STAGES & PROPERTIES OF CLAY Greenware Bone Dry Bisqueware Glazeware Plasticity 47. WHAT ELSE? Cleaning Procedures Storage Methods Process Documentation Quizzes & Tests Artistic Influence Cultural Research Critiques 48. QUESTIONS? 49. HOMEWORK: ASSIGNMENT 1Bring home syllabus to review withparent/guardian see this PowerPoint on webCut out Student and Parent Reference Sheetand give to your parents to put in appropriateplace for referenceGet parent/guardians name, phone numberand email address on Contact Informationsheet and return to meComplete questionnaire and return to meBring in binder, dividers and plastic bagsDue: Start of next classeasy 10 points! 50. NOW WHAT?Lets explore the classroomToolsStorageMaterialsKilnsSeatingCleaning