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  1. 1. BEST EDUCATIONAL APPS FOR KIDS Now that the newness of summer is beginning to dwindle down and the new school year is hovering over the horizon, you may want to have your kids begin engaging in some fun learning activities. Knowing that kids generally dont like to mix summer with traditional learning, there have been some great apps created to make learning more interesting and fun. There is something for all ages, from young children using numbers to teenagers learning poetry and physics.
  2. 2. FOR YOUNGER KIDS 1) Elmo Loves 123s. Elmo guides your kids through games and activities to help them count numbers and learn simple addition and subtraction. 2) Alpha Tots Alphabet. Using puzzles and mini-games, your toddler will love learning his ABCs and singing songs. 3) Doras Cooking Club. There is a fun math game disguised in this app as your kids sprinkle, stir, and chop their way through some math challenges.
  3. 3. 4) Everybody Has a Brain. This is an award winning interactive musical game for ages 4-6. Teaching young kids about the brain, it gives them a fun way to learn and appreciate what their brain does. 5) Reading Rainbow. Inspiring kids to read for 30 years, Reading Rainbow is now an app. Young readers pilot their very own hot air balloons and visit 7 different islands full of great books and videos.
  4. 4. For middle school age kids. 6) Nova Elements. Bring the periodic table to life with amazing graphics and stunning videos. 7) Duolingo-Learn Languages for Free. This creative app uses mini- games to teach basic words and phrases in different languages. 8) Frog Dissection. Learn the parts of a frog without the smell! Provides interactive views of organs and more. 9) Word Joust. Battle with the trolls with knightly quests. Learning new vocabulary wins you points. 10) Buzz Math. Help them keep up their math skills with this interactive app. Very engaging and great practice activities.
  5. 5. For the High School Crowd 11) Magoosh SAT Prep. This app is great to help your student prepare for the upcoming SAT. 12) Ibooks. With many books and genres to choose from, your high school student can read for school and pleasure. Allows note taking, as well. 13) Luminos. Touted as an out of this world experience, this 3D learning app allows you to track objects and view live sky charts for satellites. 14) Shakespeare in Bits. Fun animations and audio recordings help break down Shakespeare line-by-line, making learning it much easier. 15) MindSnacks. Teaching vocabulary using mini games, this app is a hit among high school students who want to practice for the SAT.
  6. 6. Theres no reason to let your kids fall behind this summer! These apps provide entertainment and learning. Most kids are spending more time on their devices during the summer anyway, so why not give them something to engage their minds and offers them a head start on the upcoming school year? Who knows, they may just thank you for it!