Apps and Kids at Your Library

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Updated presentation for 11/15/2013. Social-emotional learnings, iPad, apps, technology, libraries, youth, media, literacy, math, science, eBooks, motivation

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1. Apps and Kids @ Your Library WHY? WHEN? HOW? Hayley McEwing: Blog: 2. Librarys Mission Educate or Entertain? Work or Play? 3. Emotions & Learning Attention Remember: Children do not pay attention when they are bored or frustrated, and they do not learn when they are not paying attention (11). 4. Emotions & Learning Finding Meaning . . . attuning to our feelings, according to neurological research, helps us find the meaning in data , Emotions science now tells us, are part of rationality, not opposed to it (42). 5. Emotions & Learning (Print) Motivation and Play ECRR = Print Motivation as a building block for reading ECRR 2 = Play as a practice for all learning 6. Why Apps? every new technology is an opportunity for learning. 7. References American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): Caring for Our Children: National Health and Safety Performance Standards; Guidelines for Early Care and Education Settings. (2011) : (Standard Limiting Screen Time Media, Computer Time) Dr. Patricia Kuhl Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Childrens Media: Lisa Guernsey, author of Screen Time: National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): NAEYC + Fred Rogers Center Joint Statement Young Children and Media ALSC webinar (2013) with Chip Donahue, Director of Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center 8. Key Practices for Children and Media Limits, especially for ages 0 3 Less than two hours a day and need for activity (AAP). Screen Free Storytime And Sometimes the Device is the Babysitter 9. Key Practices for Children and Media Joint media engagement relationship/social-based education physical closeness conversation Intentional use 3 Cs by Guernsey content (quality apps) context (how) consider the individual child 10. App Resources and Apps Gone Free by 11. Why Use Apps/iPads in the Library To provide access to new technology and the information/learning that comes with it To demonstrate best practices on using the technology, particularly joint engagement To extend and support all learning, digital literacy included 4s and 5s: Green Eggs and Ham/Fox in Socks app To motivate/make positive emotional connections to learning, to others, to oneself Outreach Tweens: Singing Fingers app 12. When to Use Apps/iPads in the Library Cant have the real thing (e.g. cost, practicality, safety) Gotta Move: Red Light, Green Light app as virtual toy Family: Live Butterfly Garden by Questsphere Working with large groups projector Family: Glow Draw app for draw-and-tell story Hands are needed to interact vs hold book Gotta Move: Rah, Rah Radishes pics & rhythm sticks Extra visuals (e.g. lyrics or photographs) Gotta Move: Felt Board app + real stickers Involve kids with limited mobility Gotta Move: Where Do Balloons Go? 13. How to Use Apps/iPads in the Library Incorporated with other activities Gotta Move: Wee Willie Winkie rhyme with toy clock and sunset backdrop 4s and 5s: My First Wood Puzzles: Dinosaurs as one of the toy choices during playtime after program Sound Touch Lite app for sibling With a partner Family: Jelly Doodle app (science/print awareness) iPad Play program 14. iPad Play Access, Joint (Parent) Engagement, Tweens, Motivation to Learn Hey, kids! Want to use an iPad? Hey, adults! Want to motivate your child to learn? Call ________ and ask for a librarian at the location you would like to visit. We'll ask for the subject area you'd like to explore with your child and schedule you for a twenty minute session with the Library's iPad. Registration and adult ID (valid license, state ID or library card) is required. For kids from age four to those in sixth grade. Child must be accompanied by an adult. Appointments are available from ___________ 15. Alphabet Literacy Alphabet Tracing by Oncilla Technologies Inc Stumpy's Alphabet Dinner by Roo Roo Phonics/Sound ABC Alphabet Phonics - Preschool Kids Game Free Lite by Phonics Fun 1 by Innovative Net Learning Limited Phonics Genius by Innovative Mobile Apps Rhyming Words by Sound Touch Lite by SoundTouch Touch the Sound by Innovative Mobile Apps 16. Literacy Sight Words/Reading Eggy 100 by Blake eLearning sight word game Futaba by INKids can program with own word lists Sight Words 2 : 140+ learn to read flashcards and games app for kids. Play word bingo! by eFlashApps, LLC Vocabulary Touch and Learn Emotions by Innovative Mobile Apps Endless Alphabet by Callaway Digital Arts 17. Literacy Tell Stories/Narrative Skills Felt Board by Software Smoothie ($) Glow Draw by Indigo Penguin Limited tell/draw Guess em by GameWeaver Red Light, Green Light by the Future of Pinball, LLC Singing Fingers by Beginners Mind (iPhone apps) Songify by Khush Inc. Story Wheel by EverAge create a story by yourself or with others and share with others Toca Kitchen Monsters by Toca Boca AB Toontastic by Launchpad Toys 18. Science Chirp! Bird Song USA + by iSpiny ($) Jelly Doodle by Shoe the Goose ($) Human Body by Tinybop ($) Galaxies by Kids Discover Live Butterfly Garden by Questsphere Osmos by Hemisphere Games ($) Science Reading Comprehension by Abitalk Incorporated Soundrop by Develoe LLC experiment with sound Star Walk by Vito Technology Inc virtual telescope ($) 19. Math & Puzzles Numbers and Money Amazing Coin by Joy Preschool Game -- no toy money to lose or choke on Counting Money by Kings Apps Counting and Skip Counting by Ikidspad LLC Kids Connect the Dots lite by Intellijoy number sequence Motion Math Hungry Fish by Motion Math ($) Tiny Chicken Learns Currency by TaptoLearn Software Todo K-2 Math Practice by Locomotive Labs Puzzles Flow Free by Big Duck Games LLC Rail Maze by Spooky House Studios UG 20. eBook Apps Can be an interactive, new experience with literature; its own genre! Fiction Cinderella by Nosy Crow ($) Even Monsters Get Sick by Busy Bee Studios ($) Goodnight Safari by Polk Street Press LLC Numberlys by Moonbot Studios ($) Millie Was Here by Megapops LLC Spot the Dot by Ruckus Media Group ($) Where Do Balloons Go by Auryn Inc ($) 21. eBook Apps Can be an interactive, new experience with literature; its own genre! Nonfiction A Jazzy Day by The Melody Book ($) Bobo Explores Light by Game Collage, LLC ($) I Love Mountains by Forest Giant Inc Noisy Bug Sing Along by Dawn Publications ($) Weird but True by National Geographic Society 22. eBook Apps To motivate early readers, stressing awareness of print with interactivity and visual print prompts Bob Books by Learning Touch paper copies wear easily apps touch for print When the physical book is out of print or hard to access Dear Zoo by Pan Macmillan Flash the Dash by Auryn Inc Meanwhile by Zarfhome Software Consulting ($) Professor Garfield Cyber Bullying by Paws Incorporated 23. Apps and Kids @ Your Library WHY? WHEN? HOW? Hayley McEwing: Blog: www.librarieslearnlead.blogspot.