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  1. 1. The threats of kids appsWhat kind of kids apps should you avoid and how to pick a safe one? 7 out of 10 children use tablets or smart mobile devices and nearly half of them is not even in the kindergarten yet.Therefore,it is veryimportant to recognize the threats coming from the increasing activity of kids in the digital world.7 out of10children use tablets or smart mobile devices There are more than 80,203 apps for children in the App Store6in10parents select an app together with their child 59%of kids apps share person info1/3of parents look for apps which don't advertis84%of kids apps with in- app purchase options are free to downloadApps that link to social media sitesApps with in-app purchase oponApps that collect and_ _ share personal Apps containing ads info4 simple steps for choosing 1. Look at the ratings and 2. Look at the app's reviews of the app screenshots. --I4. Try the app out 3. Find out more about together with your child the developer and their work Referencehttp: //appetiteforeducation. com/ maindangers-of-apps-and-how-to-avoid-them/http: //www. veracode. com/ blog/2013/OS/ appsec-and-your-kids-infographic http: //www. consumeradvertising| awb| og. com/2013/04/ftc-the-busy-parents-guide- to-mobile-apps. htm|