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1. This is the GetMedia Button 2. Clicking on this Will cause these options to arrive If you choose files and foldersA box like this will show itself 3. From here youcan go to other drives: The R-Drive,your H-Drive, the M-drive You can find files in your My Videos folder. (I wouldnt save much in here, its not very big) 4. If you choose DVCamcorder A box like this willappear and you may be able to download footage direct from the camera onto yourcomputer. (Only available on some If you need help uploading footage from acomputers.)camera to a computer see PowerPoint called Camera Connections 5. Dead easy: once you have imported footage, either from files andfolders or capture from device that footage will show up on the topright of your workspace. It is now a case of drag and drop. Click onthe file to be added and drag to the place where you want it 6. Two options here:1. Hover the pointer over the track andpress C. This will change the pointerinto a razor blade. Cut wherever butclicking on the point to be cut with themouse 2. Place the red line where you want to cut the clip and press the scissors button just below the screen 7. Two options again:1. Right click on the video track to be edited and choose the option Fade2. This will give you some options like Fade In Video Fade In Audio etc3. Choose which one you want and it will automatically be added to the track OR1. Go to the Transitions menu and choose Dip to Black2. Drag this onto the track to be edited.3. (the bonus of Dip to Black is that it can overlap two tracks and one will fade out to black and the next will fade in) 8. Two options again: 1. Rolling titles:Go to theEdit tab andchooseTitles. Thisshows aselection ofrolling andstill titles thatcan be addedand edited tosuit yourneeds.2. Still titles: press the letter T in the corner of the work screen.These are still titles that can also be edited to suit. This will put a blanktitle in the work bar that is ready to be edited. You can add words, adjust their shape, font and size