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Annual report-2009-2010

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  • 1. Annual Report 2009 - 2010HAVERN SCHOOL

2. Mission StatementHavern School provides a specialized education program for elementaryand middle school students with diagnosed learning disabilities.Utilizing a 4:1 student to staff ratio, master teachers, occupationaltherapists, and speech/language pathologists provide a comprehensiveprogram of intervention services. Our ultimate goal is to create condentlearners who will achieve success beyond Havern School.Havern School is a nationally recognized community of professionals,parents, families, and friends working together to address the individualacademic, social, and emotional needs of our students.1 We believe in a childs ability to learn. 3. Our 44thschool year was marked by an important milestone with the accreditation of Havern Schoolby the Association of Colorado Independent Schools (ACIS). Realization of thislong term goal was achieved through the focused work of the entire schoolcommunity administrators, faculty, parents, trustees and students! The journeythrough the accreditation process allowed for celebration of the schools manystrengths, including: A long and stable history A strong and consistent mission and program Highly skilled teachers and therapists A supportive and committed parent community Our debt free nancial positionWhile we are proud of these ne attributes, our greatest reasons for celebration are the successfullearning experiences of our students. Nothing can compare to the joy of listening as a child reads forthe rst time or watching as a student navigates her way up the climbing wall, overcoming personalfears and obstacles.These joyful celebrations, big and small, are made possible by the gifts of energy, time, talent andnancial resources given by many friends and benefactors of Havern School. On behalf of the studentsand teachers I offer a collective thank you for your generous support. You are appreciated!Cathleen PasquarielloHead of School2 4. Board of Trustees2009-2010 David C. Barth Peter D. Bowes Amy Burnett Pamela Copp, M.D. Matt Dorighi, M.D. Elizabeth Hesse Chris Koupal Cathy Mueller, SL Mike Price Erin Shrago, Psy D. Denise B. Small John Weckbaugh Don Wendell Mary Catherine Widger, SL3We believe that children develop self-condence from academic success. 5. Dear Friends of Havern, New technology is everywhere these days-our ofces, our homes, and even our classrooms. But as wonderful as these tools can be, they are only an accessory to what really makes up Havern School.At Havern School, Smart Boards may be new technology but they are also a long standingtradition. I have the honor to serve with a diverse, accomplished, and, well, Smart Board ofTrustees who volunteer their time and so much more to fulll the schools mission. Theirleadership is invaluable in maintaining our current program and looking to the schools future.Even with all of the advanced technology available, a classroom still needs ateacher. And Havern School is blessed with a dedicated and talented teachingand administrative staff. This year was the culmination of a lot of hard workby this exceptional group and resulted in Havern School being accredited bythe Association of Colorado Independent Schools. Quite an accomplishment!Technology is helpful and exciting, and at times even inspiring. But it stillcomes down to people - special people like you - working and giving in waysgreat and small, to make Havern School a place of success for our students.Thanks for your continued support,Denise SmallChair, Board of Trustees 4 6. About Havern SchoolHavern School has been educating children in the Denver metro area since 1966.We are a full-service, independent day school for elementary and middle-schoolstudents with learning disabilities.With a student to staff ratio of 4:1, we are able to offer individual and small-group attention to each child. We emphasize the areas of language arts and mathematics in daily classes.Our comprehensive program includes speech/language therapy,occupational therapy, and social skills instruction.Classes in digital/computer skills, art, music, and drama round out our curriculum. 5We believe that children with learning disabilities 7. Fundraising at Havern SchoolThere are two distinct fundraising entities at Havern School. 1. Havern School DevelopmentHavern School Development fundraisers supplement the general operation of the school and thescholarship fund, or underwrite major improvements such as new playground equipment.These fundraising events include the Annual Fund Campaign, the spring Garden PartyFundraiser, and the fall Chip in for Havern Golf Tournament. 2. Parents for Havern Parents for Havern fundraisers support activities that enrich student learning and community spirit, such as in-house assemblies and child/parent activities. These fundraising events include sales of grocery/gift cards, the Sally Foster giftwrap sale, the Scholastic Book Fair, and the Usborne Book Fair. 6benet from small group instruction... 8. Golf Tournament and Garden Party Fundraisers The 8th Annual Garden Party Fundraiser Date: May 2009 (fiscal year 2009 - 2010) Proceeds To: The Havern School Tuition Assistance Fund Total Raised: $43,850 The 25th Annual Chip in For Havern Golf Tournament Date: September 2009 Proceeds To: The Havern School Tuition Assistance Fund Total Raised: $17,864The 9th Annual Garden Party FundraiserDate: May 2010 (fiscal year 2009 - 2010)Proceeds To: The Havern School Tuition Assistance FundTotal Raised: $38,4387... and a structured, consistent, multi-sensory approach to education. 9. Annual Giving Campaign Giving CampaignAnnual 2009-2010 The Annual Giving Campaign Date: 2009 - 2010 Proceeds To: The General Operating Fund Total Raised: $35,87558% of Havern families participated in the 2009-2010 Annual Giving Campaign, a new record for the school.Participation (not donation amount) = the key to success in the Annual Giving Campaign! 2009 - 2010 Participation LevelsBoard of Trustees 100%Staff 100%Families 58%8 10. Donors 2009-2010Kathy & Phil BarenbergScott & Robin Christie Thomas DumstorfDavid & Leslie BarthDenis & Sandy Clanahan Harvey DunhamMarelise Beckmann Tom & Laurie Clark Tamara DunlapLise BellmarAnn & Greg Clute Gail DureeMrs. Margaret Bellmar CNT GroupRonald Edelman, DPMStuart & Kathleen Bennett Lynn Cohen Marie Ego, S.L.Pete & Peggy BernardisJohn & Rosemary ColemanCarol & Max EhrlichTom & Gail Bezdek Mrs. Margaret CoonrodRobert & Theresa EisingerJoan Birkland Jack & Paulette Cooper Tarek El Gammal & Pamela GerardNatalie Blecher Pam & Mike CoppErrin Elizondo & Amanda PiscopoBlue Spruce Life Member ClubMaryPat Coughlin & Ed FarrellDenise & John Ensslin of Qwest PioneersRobin & Craig Courtney Darren & Siobhan EubanksIrene BlumMary Ann Coyle, S.L. Dean EvansRoberta AbbottLinda & Richard Bluhm Mr. & Mrs. J. Wilson Craighead Jonathan & Cheryl FairRob & Mark AdamsJacqueline Bolders-FrazierJohn & Carmen CripeFrank & Mary Kay FarinaLawrence Adler, M.D. &George & Janet BorregoMary Ann Cunningham, S.L.Jo Anne Farley Shoshana Shapiro Adler, Ph.D.Peter & Devon Bowes Brian & Maria Cunningham Mrs. Alberta FiedlerAdriana Aguilar Annette BradfordBrad & Sara Cupp Robert & Nancy FioreMr. & Mrs. Richard Albertus Ted & Jayne BrandtPenny CurrierFirstBank Holding CompanyHoward AlexanderMaggie & Andrew Bronson Brian & Kristen Dale Tiffany FitzwaterAll Souls Catholic Church Beth BrownLarry & Marilyn Dale Pat & Katie ForsheyAlta Colleges, Inc. Brown & TedstromHarry & Becca Dalton Mr. & Mrs. Frank FreyerSandra Anderson Jim & Mary BruceRebecca Dalton & Mark FloodTim FryPhil Antonelli & Jennifer Rodgers Sheila BuckleySally Dalton & Clayton Frazier Drs. Charles FuenzalidaJean AnziaJohn BurgessRichard & Julie Damm& Susan SavageJ. J. Appelbaum, M.D. Karen Burgess & Christina Clark Tom DanielsRobert & Norma GarramoneDan Archer & Julie DionigiAmy & George BurnettTed Dann Neil & Kay GeitnerAngie ArmijoCletus Byrne, Jr. Nick & Lynn DavisGreg & Lorre GibsonMr. & Mrs. William ArmstrongPerry & Glenda Cadman Tom & Janice Davis Amy Giovanini & Ben AhrensLisa Bailey Adriene CallahanDr. & Mrs. Colman Dell Kerry GiovaniniRaymond Baker Carroll & Mary Campbell Frank & Edith DellApa Kris Giovanini & Doug MeierWilma Brugger Frances D. Campbell Mrs. Betty DenkerJoe & Jane GiovaniniJean Ashby & Kenneth Burger Frank & Sue Carmody Mike & Nancy DiefenderferSue GiovaniniWillis Ashby & Karen BurchSusan ChabinRobyn & Mike DinoPaul GiuntoPaul A. BaillyChalat Hatten & Koupal, P.C.Dr. Matt & Sydnee DorighiJan & Larry Glassburn9 Cameron & Traci ChandlerWayne & April Dorris Rod Gloria & Cheryl Martinez-Gloria 11. Donors 2009-2010Heather Goeddel & Chad Anderson Sharon Joseph Joe & Happy LearCathy Mueller, S.L.Amy & Brian Goyette Denise & Scott Kaplan Joan Van Leeuwen, S.L.Kurt & Laura MuenstermannLinda & Paul GrantRobert KelceDrs. Mary Ann & Alan Levy Walter & Bonnie MuenstermannLori & Chandler GrayKendra KellyBill & Becky Levy Todd MunsonArnold GreenbergBob & Hazel KernMark & Patty Levy Brian NelsonMr. Fred GriffenKelly KernLindquist & VennumMary Smid NewmanLori Grgurich Frank & Janet KesterLarry & Joni Litvak Peter & Betty NeyMr. & Mrs. D. M. Gustin Doug & Margie KiddRon Litvak & Amy Gaines Dave & Eileen NickelRon & Renee Guy Tim & Ginger KimptonJim LockhartMr. & Mrs. J. W. NollenbergerTom & Kathy HagglundKnights of Columbus,Mrs. Jane Hardaway LoinMr. & Mrs. Bart OConnorCory & SuAnne HallAve Maria Council #7880 Mrs. Dolores D. Loiseau-RobinsonTim OConnorJames & Linda HallOLF Knights of Columbus Ida LombardiThomas R. ODonnellKimberly Hall K