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  1. 1. School name: Andres Bonifacio Elementary School T2T Validation Rank: Person interviewed: Juvy S. Talimodao Position of person interviewed: Principal III Other attendees: Proposed T2T classroom: Reading RoomActual InterviewInside Shot of ClassroomDoorWindowSchool GroundSchool FenceParticular Comment(s): They had Knowledge Channel before but is not working anymore. They are one of the recipients of DepEd Computerization Program. The principal expressed her eagerness to have their school be one of the recipients of the text2teach package. She is a smart and wise woman, and has answers in every questions we throw at her. The school is very conscious with security. They have 3 security guards that makes rounds around the school 24/7. Criteria 1School's openness and capacity to adapt to ICT-enabled instructions All of the teachers have mobile phones. Most teachers have mobile phone with camera and video feature. Most teachers are adept to mobile phone technology. The following are the trainings attended by the teachers: DepEd Computerization Program. Those who attended the ICT training used the skills learned in: teaching pupils on basic computer operations, researching useful educational IMs and using them as motivation tool in class.
  2. 2. Criteria 2Commitment of the school to support and sustain the project The school keeps the equipment in a safe place/room. The school secures the equipment by providing a safe room with padlocks and steel grills. The school sustains their operational expense through: Secure funds from MOOE Maintenance Operations and Others Expenditures, PTA Contribution, Solicitation from alumni, and Canteen Fund. The community supports and helps as project volunteers and fundraisers in school projects and activities. The school organizes the following activities for the community: Clean up Drive. The projects fundraised and organized by the community are the following: Brigada Eskwela, Drainage cleaning and siphoning of septic tank and Footwalk Extension. The following projects were fully maximized: DepEd Computerization Program, Feeding Program by different NGOs and Book donation by different organizations.Criteria 3School performance indicators The school has a low bracket absenteeism rate of (5.5%). The following are the causes or reasons for low percentage of absenteeism rate: flood, environmental distractions, poverty. The school's drop-out rate falls on average bracket of (6.779999999999999%). The following are the causes or reasons for average percentage of drop-out rate: child labor, poverty. The following interventions are employed to resolve issues on drop-out and absenteeism: Home Visitation, Dialogue with Parents and Feeding Program, 4Ps. The school's over-all mean percentage rating is 56.65% The school's over-all mean percentage ratings are as follows: English (51.88%); Science (48.05%); and Math (57.7%) The following are the factors that contributes to result performance in National Achievement Test: Weekend Review Classes, Remedial Classes, Additional assignments for students and Compilation of old NAT questions for students drill. There are 40 Grade 5 students and 45 Grade 6 students as average class size in the school. The school is a recipient of: E-package (educational DVD).Criteria 4Accessibility to electrical power and Globe mobile phone signals Electricity in the area is stable. The GLOBE signal within the proposed T2T classroom is Strong (6-7 bars). The Globe signal within the school ground is Strong (6-7 bars).
  3. 3. Criteria 5School's ability to provide security The proposed T2T classroom is a Reading Room. The size of the proposed T2T classroom is 7 x 6 meters. The following are present inside the proposed T2T classroom: 2 electrical socket(s), tables and chairs are greater than or equal to average class size and blackboard or whiteboard. In terms of security the school has the following: Proposed T2T Classroom: Windows are well built and with grills; Door is well built, with padlock, . School ground: There are security guard/s provided by school/LGU or maintenance serving as security personnel, barangay tanod/s provided by the Barangay, well-built school gate and fence around the school. There is no case of theft recorded. There were calamities experienced in school.Criteria 6External intervention support The external interventions/support received by the school are the following: Local Government Unit: LGU funded the additional utility personnel/security aides, Emergency Cost of Living Allowance (ECOLA) for teachers the SEF/General Fund. Children's miscellaneous fees were also shouldered by the LGU. NGO/Foundations and Private Institutions: George Quine provides snacks to undernourished children. Rotary Bacolod Central installed washing washing faucet. Sun Life Foundation repainted the school gym during Brigada Eskwela 2010. Rotary donated school supply for school children.Criteria 7Submission of reports The reports are sent to the DepEd office via hand carry. The following are the communication equipment present in school: Computer, Mobile Phone and Telephone. Teachers have no difficulty in submitting reports.