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Analysis of horror opening

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2. WOMEN IN BLACKIn this shot you can see that the 3 girls are looking up at something however the audience dont know what is it. This is then creating an enigma code which is commonly used in horror films as many people are scared of the unknown. Also it makes the audience want to know what they are looking at, therefore they would carry on watching. Some of the decor is established such as old fashioned curtains and rug which is suggesting that they are in a old house which is commonly used in horror films. 3. There is several close up of dolls in the opening sequence. This is then suggesting that they are important and that something is going to happen to them. Also I feel that it emphasizes the children's innocence as they are only dolls. However dolls are commonly used in horror films as they can bring a lot of fear to people.The dolls could be representing the girls as they are soon to become vulnerable and under the control of someone else like the dolls are controlled by the girls. 4. In this shot you can see 3 girls playing with their toy, this is commonly used in horror films as the children's innocence can be turned into evil therefore creating scary characters. Also the fact that they are just playing , shows their innocence as they are oblivious of what is going to happen. This master shot would not necessary be scary without the music. The nursery like music creates a mystical, scary atmosphere which makes the audience feel on edge. 5. The representation of the girls through the dolls in further shown when there is a close up of of one of the girls stepping on the doll and breaking it. This then followed by the 3 girls jumping out the window which then kills them. Therefore you u could say that these two actions relate to each other. 6. AMERICAN HORROR STORY