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SECOND QUARTER Afro-Latin American music and popular music: An Introduction

Afro-Latin American music and popular music: An Introduction

What is the history of Afro-Latin American music? The history of Afro-Latin American music can be tracd during the European colonization and slave trade in Africa

Latin America is comprised of different regions such as the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, and Central and South Americas which are of diversified cultures of the European, Moors, Mexicans, and other tribes if Africa. European countries contributed religions and languages like Spanish and Portuguese.

Their music is identified by their rhythms, which they adapted from the elements of Moorish music and African and Caribbean music in the slave trade from 1550 to 1880. The enslaved Moors of North America in 1776 were prohibited from playing drums, but in the Congo Square in New Orleans, Caribbean slaves were free to play their drums for recreation and entertainment and also for communication.

What are the characteristics of Afro-Latin American music?

These are the characteristics of Afro-Latin American music

1. Conversation: Call and response a performance of voice interaction as an answer to the first chant.

2. Improvisation: Non-scripted ways of singing that allow for sincere conversations. It is a framework where the artist has freedom in creating the musical mood.

3. The voice as an instrument: It is the manipulation of a freely controlled piece where they can change the tone of voice, its tempo, the creation of moods, and even changing the range and voice power.

4. The instrument as a voice: The instrument serves as a singer along with the range and voice power.

What is African music?

African music is a rich and diverse cultural heritage that exist in hundreds of different languages. The music in Africa always has the technique of call and response in which a person leads by singing a phrase and followed and answered by a group of singers.

They usually perform by singing and using percussion instruments played either by hands or with sticks, drums, and others, and they them also for communication to convey news, to teach, to tell a story, and for religious purposes; this includes the Maracatu.

What are the other vocal forms of african music? There are some vocal forms of African music that includes:

1.Blues-This is a gloomy flok music of African-american origin, which is naturally in a twelve-bar order. This was developed in rural areas in the United States by the end of the 19th century and became popular upon the migration of the African-Americans in the cities in the 1940s. This urban blues gave birth to rock and roll, and rhythm and blues.

2.Soul-This is a kinds of music combining the basics of rhythm and blues and gospel music, which was popularized by the African-Americans. It is characterized by vocal emphasis and an emotional and improvised delivery. The performers associated with this kind of music are Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, and James Brown.

3.Spiritual-This kind of music is always with a Christian or religious theme. This kind of music is monophonic in nature and in a capella, which is the origin of the music which we call blues. A spiritual song provides comfort and eases the boredom from their daily activities. They are an expression of spiritual devotion and a desire for freedom from bondage.

4.Call and Response-This is a sequence of two different phrases usually played by two or more musicians. It is a direct response from the first phrase; is is a commentary response.

What is Latin-American music?

The rhythm and styles of Latin-American music are influenced by the United States and other countries in Europe like Spain and Portugal.Latin music is the combination of four musical elements, musical styles, cultural backgrounds, language, and geography. Some of the musical styles are tango, bossa nova, merengue, and salsa and also other genres such as reggae, jazz, rock, and Latin pop.

What are the different instruments used in Latin-American Music?

1. Bombo -It is a dual-headed drum made from a deep tree trunk with patches made up of calf or goat skin; it is played using two sticks.

2. Chajchas It is a rattle made up of dried hooves from sheep, llama, or goat and is worn with a wrist cloth bracelet.

3. Zamponas It is a panpipe-type of reed made up of bamboo that are tied together.

4. Charango This is an instrument made from the shell of an Armadillo. This is a ten-string guitar instrument.

5. Quena It is a flute made of bones or bamboo that has a vertical-notched reed.

6. Cajon It is a rectangular box made of wood; it is played and used as a drum. It is used by tapping its front part while the musician sits on it.

7. Maracas These are instruments made of gourd-like coconut shells with beans, seeds, or small pebbles placed inside; they are played by shaking.

8. Claves These are a pair of hardwood sticks playe by striking them together.

What are the vocal and dance forms of Latin-America?

1. Cumbia It is a type of dance and music similar to salsa and uses instruments like accordions, guitars, and percussions.

2. Tango This is a lively and spirited dance of tgwo people. It is a passionate kind of dance that shows expression and connection, and is performed in a traditional or modern style.

3. Cha-cha This is a Latin-American ballroom dance with the basic pattern of three steps with a shuffle. It has a fast rhythmic pattern.

4. Bossanova This a style of music that was derived from samba, which is an original Brazilian music. It gives more emphasis on percussion and melody.

5. Pasodoble It is Spains traditional couple dance. It uses music that is traditionally played in bull fighting.

6. Reggae This is a Jamaican form of music and dance with strong, accented, and supplementary beats. In the 1960s, it was known as the ska and is a variation of rhythm and blues. The popular artist of this genre was Bob Marley.

7. Rumba This is a kind of song and a dance that originated from Cuba with a percussive rhythm and a combination of Cubas musical and dance traditions.

8. Foxtrot It is a ballroom dance of two quick slow steps and two quick steps and is executed alternately in 4/4 time signature.

What is jazz music?

Just like other music with different origins, jazz is a type of music with an African-American origin that started in the early 20th century with syncopated beats, improvised sounds, and a regular and foceful rhythmic pattern. The instruments that are commonly used in jazz are woodwind instruments, piano, and brass wind instruments. Sometimes, it usaes guitar and violin for swing, jazz, bebop, and Dixieland.

What are the different types of jazz?

1. Ragtime2. Big band3. Bebop4. Jazz rock

What is ragtime jazz? Ragtime is a popular American music in 1890 until 1915; it has a steady syncopation and a melody with a rhythmic pattern of two-four time.

How do you describe a big band jazz? One of the popular musical trend produced by African-Americans in the United states Of America is the ragtime. This became popular in the late 19th century. It is commonly uses ragged rhythm, which is syncopated in beat and also performed in a lager group. Ragtime artist use an occasional harmony and note that we call blues.

What is Bebop? Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker introduced this kind of musical genre in the 1940s. It is performed in a smaller group rather than a larger ensemble of musicians. The focus of this kind of music is for the solo musician to show brilliance and harmonic knowledge. Bebop replaced jazz in popularity and pushed it into a more knowledgeable tone to capture audience interest, and this is the start of transition from pop music to music as an art.

What is jazz rock? Just like other kinds of rock music, jazz rockor sometimes called jazz fusionis a variant of a musical fusion genre that developed from mixing funk and R&B. in the amplification and electronic effects of rock music, complex time signatures were derived from non-Western music and extended, typically from instrumental compositions with a jazz approach to lengthy group improvisations. Jazz musicians often use wind and brass instruments and display a high level of instrumental technique. This style was developed around the late 1960s. The term jazz fusion as well as for music performed by the late 1960s and 1970s era by rock bands that added jazz elements to their music.

What is popular music? There are many things to consider about popular music. It belongs to a variety of genres distributed to a number of audiences through the music industry. Popular music is commonly preferred by a certain group of people. Age bracket and location are some of the factors that determine what type of music is popular among certain people. Some people could choose jazz, pop, rock, or soul depending on their preference.

What is a ballad? A ballad is a light, simple narrative poem of folk origin, composed of short stanzas and adapted for singing. It is a simple song, especially one of sentimental or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all sang to the same melody.

How can you describe rock and roll? Just like other genres of music and dance, rock and roll started with pride in 1950s, the characteristics of which are simple melodies with accented beats. Rock and roll is considered a combination of white country music, rhythm and blues, and is of a twelve-bar structure with the music of guitar, drums, and bass. one best example is the Jail House rock sang and performed by the King of rock and roll, Elvi