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  • 8/9/2019 Unit7foodb12 (Recovered)


    UNIT 12 FOOD

    Level: B.1.2 ss: 25 age: from 16 onwards

    1 st session


    s!s $ive t%em some #i&t"res related to food. T%e' %ave to e(#lain it tot%eir #artner


  • 8/9/2019 Unit7foodb12 (Recovered)


    1. Nearly two-thirds of the UK population is either overweight orobese

    Fat* not t%in* is toda'+s norm. B"t st"dies s%ow t%at we don+t noti&e

    ,e&a"se it %as %a##ened grad"all' and we %ave got "sed to seeing#eo#le w%o are overweig%t. -ids in #i&t"res ta en on t%e ,ea&% in t%e1/50s* wit% ri,s s%owing* loo famis%ed to modern e'es. T%e' are ofnormal weig%t. "arter of "s are a&t"all' o,ese* defined as a ,od'mass inde( 3weig%t in g divided ,' t%e s "are of 'o"r %eig%t in metres4of 0 or a,ove. B I is not a ,rilliant tool for ever' individ"al 7 ,i&e#s#a& ed wit% m"s&le weig% as m"&% as fla, 7 ,"t it is satisfa&tor' at a#o#"lation level.

    en are fatter t%an women 3689 of men and 589 of women areoverweig%t or o,ese in t%e U-* a&&ording to t%e $lo,al B"rden ofDisease st"d' from t%e Instit"te of ealt% etri&s and ;val"ation in

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    oderate o,esit' 3B I 0! 54 &"ts life e(#e&tan&' ,' two to fo"r 'earsand severe o,esit' 3B I =0!=54 ,' an entire de&ade* a&&ording to ama>or st"d' in t%e Lan&et in 200/ . T%is is most li el' to affe&t toda'+s&%ildren? more t%an a fift% of five!'ear!olds and a t%ird of 11!'ear!olds

    are overweig%t or o,ese. @O,esit' is s"&% t%at t%is generation of &%ildren&o"ld ,e t%e first in t%e %istor' of t%e United

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    T%e N < s#ends C5,n a 'ear on diseases s"&% as stro es and dia,etest%at are lin ed to o,esit'. it%in a few de&ades* t%at is #redi&ted to &lim,to C15,n. T'#e 2 dia,etes is a %"ge #ro,lem: 109 of t%e N < ,"dgetalread' goes on t%at alone. Being overweig%t is t%e &%ief &a"se and t%e

    n"m,ers are soaring* from 1.= million in 1//6 to more t%an t%ree milliontoda'* wit% a #redi&ted rise to five million ,' 2025 .

    st"d' t%is mont% revealed t%at one!t%ird of t%e #o#"lation is on t%everge of t'#e 2 dia,etes* %aving %ig% ,lood gl"&ose levels &lassified as#redia,etes. @If t%is in&rease in #redia,etes and dia,etes isn+t ta& lednow* it will destro' t%e %ealt% servi&e*@ said Bar,ara o"ng* &%iefe(e&"tive of Dia,etes U- . @ an' of t%e #ro,lems t%e se&retar' of stateis tr'ing to ta& le* s"&% as too man' #eo#le &oming in as emergen&ies to%os#itals* are a,o"t t%e one in si( #eo#le in an' %os#ital at an' timew%o+ve got dia,etes.

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    Big Food is wat&%ing 'o". Te&%nolog' %as allowed its s&ientists to tra&s%o##ers+ e'e movements* logging #re&isel' w%i&% s"#ermar et s%elveswe glan&e at 7 and w%i&% ee# o"r attention. It+s not >"st t%e in!'o"r!fa&e,rig%t #a& aging wit% %a##' slogans* ,"t w%i&% aisle t%e #rod"&t is in.

    Food &om#anies #a' a #remi"m to %ave t%eir mer&%andise on end!dis#la's* w%i&% a&&o"nt for 09 of s"#ermar et sales. e are not as in&ontrol of o"r s%o##ing as we li e to ,elieve. e go in wit% goodintentions 7 we &ome o"t wit% large ,ottles of fi ' drin s and #a& ets of,is&"its.

    %. Obesity took off in the have-it-all &'s

    B"t it was "nregistered ,' t%e government in #ower. &Donald+s movedits %ead "arters into argaret T%at&%er+s Fin&%le' &onstit"en&' in 1/G2*t%ree 'ears after s%e ,e&ame #rime minister.

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    &reated and its e&onomi& s"&&ess.

    (. !nacking is )a newly created behaviour)

    It was virt"all' "n nown ,efore t%e se&ond world war* a&&ording to Barr'

    )o# in * #rofessor of n"trition at t%e Universit' of Nort% Aarolina atA%a#el ill

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    &onsidered a ma>or growt% se&tor for t%e food and drin ind"str'. )o# in#",lis%ed a st"d' s%owing U< &%ildren were eating almost &ontin"o"sl'*wit% t%ree sna& s a da' as well as t%eir ordinar' meals. @O"r &%ildrenare moving towards &onstant eating*@ %e said.

    *. +he food industry is behaving as the tobacco industry did

    Ariti&s sa' it #a's e(#erts* f"nds s&ientifi& #a#ers t%at s"##ort its &ase*r",,is%es t%e eviden&e t%at goes against it and de&lares* as #art of its#arti&i#ation in t%e government+s Hes#onsi,ilit' Deal * t%at it is ma ing its#rod"&ts more %ealt%'.

    Big Food and t%e #oliti&ians w%o s"##ort t%e ind"str' sa' t%ere is no

    s"&% t%ing as ,ad food. T%ere is an element of tr"t% in t%at. One ars,ar 3on&e mar eted as a %ealt%'* energ'!giving sna& wit% t%e slogan: @

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    ars a da' %el#s 'o" wor * rest and #la'@4 won+t in itself do 'o" an'%arm. Dail' sweet sna& s* was%ed down wit% s"gar' drin s ands"##lemented wit% &ris#s* #rior to a &%eese,"rger wit% &%i#s* are %ig%l'li el' to &ontri,"te to %eart disease* %owever.

    Large n"m,ers of s&ientists advise t%e food ind"str' and ta e f"nding for resear&% ,e&a"se t%e' are fo&"sed on t%e mi&ro* not t%e ma&ro #i&t"re.T%e @s"staining mem,ers@ of t%e Britis% N"trition Fo"ndation in&l"deAo&a! Aola* -ellogg+s* ondele 3owner of Aad,"r'4* Nestl * )e#siAo*Tate J L'le* sso&iated Britis% Foods and Unilever. T%e &%air of t%egovernment+s n"tritional advisor' &ommittee investigating &ar,o%'drates*in&l"ding s"gar* is )rofessor Ian a&donald from Notting%am Universit'*w%o %as ,een an adviser to Ao&a!Aola and ars.

    &. ,our brain not your sto ach tells you when to stop eating"nger is in t%e mind. Dr

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    1'. Obese children are increasingly being taken into care

    T%ose w%o t%in &%ildren are getting fat ,e&a"se t%e' sit in front of t%e

    television too m"&% ma' also ,e wrong. not%er finding from ;arl'Birdwas t%at ina&tivit' does not lead to o,esit' 7 o,esit' leads to ina&tivit'.Overweig%t &%ildren feel less li e r"nning a,o"t.

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    getting t%eir &%ild+s 3or t%eir own4 weig%t down. @ s o,esit' remainse(tremel' diffi&"lt for #rofessionals to treat* it is "ntena,le to &riti&ise#arents for failing to treat it s"&&essf"ll' if t%e' engage ade "atel' wit%treatment*@ said Dr H"ssell Kiner of t%e Instit"te of A%ild ealt%* w%o

    along wit% &olleag"es #ro#osed a framewor for a&tion in t%e Britis%edi&al o"rnal in 2010 .

    H; OU INDL;

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    ;at w%ile standing "# or wal ingE

    ;at w%ile drivingE

    ;at w%en not %"ngr'E;at >"st ,e&a"se food Mis t%ere E

    ;at w%ile wat&%ing televisionE

    ;at in front of t%e &om#"terE

    ait "ntil e(tremel' %"ngr' to eatE

    ;at in res#onse to stress or an(iet'E

    ;at in res#onse to de#ression* loneliness* or sadnessE

    ;at in res#onse to anger or fr"strationE

    ;at in res#onse to ,oredomE

    ;at &onvenien&e and fast food ,e&a"se 'o" %aven t #lanned a%eadE

    ;at >"st ,e&a"se ot%ers are eatingE

    ;at ,e&a"se t%e &lo& sa's it s time to eatE

    Onl' now t%at 'o" re finis%ed w%en t%e #late or #a& age is em#t'E

    Head more: %tt#: www.dail'mail.&o." femail arti&le! 0266/1

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    d>e&tives #re#ositions

    Flas%&ards: ad>e&tives and #refi(es. Aom#o"nd as man' ad>e&tives as'o" &an in 5 min"tes. fter wor ing in gro"#s of 5 st"dents* ever' gro"#is going to sa' w%at words t%e' ve got

    )ag 2G!2/ New ;nglis% file granate

    )ag 16!1/ wor ,oo o,>e&tive #rofi&ien&'

    )ag 1 ! 1/ ad>e&tives! s"ffi(es and #refi(es grammar longman

    dvan&ed new ;nglis% file re&i#e for disasterV

    Fat to ft: how Finland did it

    T%irt' 'ears ago* Finland was one of t%e world+s "n%ealt%iest nations. Diet was #oor* #eo#lewere ina&tive and %eart disease was at re&ord levels. Now it+s one of t%e fittest &o"ntries oneart%. Ian

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    itself in the spotlight from health officials across the world who are desperate to find out whatit was the Finns got so right.

    !*he biggest innovation was massive community based intervention. 2e tried to changeentire communities, !says 'us(a. "nstead of a mass campaign telling people what not to do,officials blit3ed the population with positive incentives. 4illages held !+uit andwin!competitions for smo(ers, where those who didn t spar( up for a month won pri3es.-ntire towns were set against each other in cholesterol cutting showdowns. !2e would go in,measure everyone s cholesterol, then go bac( two months later, !says 'us(a. *he towns thatcut cholesterol the most would win a collective pri3e. !2e didn t tell people how to cutcholesterol, they (new that. "t wasn t education they needed, it was motivation. *hey neededto do it for themselves. !

    5ocal competitions were combined with sweeping nationwide changes in legislation. Allforms of tobacco advertising were banned outright. Farmers were all but forced to producelow fat mil(.

    "n time, the Finnish authorities succeeded in forcing down salt inta(e, a crucial move forcutting blood pressure, and blood cholesterol has fallen along with fat inta(e and smo(ing.

    Observers of the Finnish success story are now wor(ing on how they can bring such drasticimprovements to their own countries. 'rivately, some claim that Finland had it easier thanmany because its citi3ens are happy to live in a nanny state. 4uori believes nanny state is toostrong a term, but concedes that Finland had advantages other countries might not. !*heremay be a greater proportion of people in 6ritain who believe it is not for the state to say whatwe can drin( and eat, or whether we can smo(e. "n Finland, regardless of your political

    views, we are +uite obedient, we are trustful of the state and the media.

    6ut people are also well educated, they hear the messages we put out and they (now they aresensible, !says 4uori.

    Listening Michael Sandel, the public philosopher

    Michael Sandel is a political philosopher with the global profle o a rock star. He'sa Harvard pro essor who doesn't ust lecture in halls ! but in stadiu"s.

    Script #Should we bribe people to be health$%&

    Hello and welco"e to the LS , "$ na"e is Michael Sandel and it(s a pleasure towelco"e $ou to the third in our series o debates. )he debates involves publiccontroversies and it(s an e*peri"ent in civic discourse and civic argu"ent. M$hunch, and that(s what we(re going to tr$ out is this: that our public discoursewould go better i when we debate, and when we disagree, we articulated "ore

    ull$ the principles, the reasons, the big ideas o philosoph$ that lie ust beneaththe sur ace o the argu"ents we have. +t see"s to "e that public philosoph$ is a"atter o thinking and reasoning together even about hard and raught andcontested "oral uestions that arise in public li e. )oda$ we take up a uestionthat has generated a lot o controvers$. +t has to do with the use o fnancialincentives, the uestion o whether we should pa$ people to change unhealth$

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    habits. +t(s esti"ated that hal o - health spending goes on treating theconse uences o unhealth$ behaviour: e*cessive eating, s"oking, drinking andlack o e*ercise, but onl$ hal o one per cent o /HS spending goes on pro"otinghealth$ behaviour. -ntil the logic o pa$ing people to undertake health$behaviour is that spending s"all a"ounts o "one$, now, could encouragepeople to live healthier lives and also to save the /HS "uch bigger su"s in the

    uture. )hat(s the argu"ent in avour, but not ever$one agrees. So"e people sa$that bribing people to look a ter their own health is patronising to the", andun air to those who don(t take up unhealth$ behaviour in the frst place. So our

    uestion this week is should we bribe people to be health$% Let(s begin b$ seeingwhat our audience here at the LS thinks about this uestion, and let(s take aparticular e*a"ple o a health bribe: pa$ing people to lose weight. +n ent therewas a trial sponsored b$ the /HS to pa$ people, people who(re overweight, tolose pounds and to lose weight. +t was possible to earn, i $ou reall$ needed tolose a lot o weight and succeeded in doing so, possible to earn up to 0123, i$ou could do it. /ow, let(s see what the audience here thinks about the idea opa$ing people to lose weight. How "an$ people are in avour o a sche"e like

    that% 4aise $our hand. 5nd how "an$ are against%

    For the listeners at ho"e + will tell $ou that the results o our voter in or"al voteb$ raising up hands, the "a orit$ here in the LS are against. Let(s begin ourdiscussion b$ hearing frst ro" so"eone who(s against the sche"e% 6hat(swrong with it%

    M$ na"e is + don(t believe we should bribe people to be health$, + thinkwe all have a personal responsibilit$ to be health$, + think i $ou are o sound"ind and bod$ and $ou(re an adult + believe that $ou are responsible or what$ou put into $our bod$ and how $ou live $our li est$le, + think it(s absolutel$ludicrous to bribe people to be health$.

    Ludicrous to bribe people to be health$7 6ho else%

    + disagree with the view, + think $ou can pa$ people to be health$, i we take onee*a"ple: cigarettes s"oking, the govern"ent taking a lot o ta*ation ro"s"okers, so on the one hand the$ take "one$ in, what contra proportion o that"one$ be given back to s"okers as a wa$ o stopping s"oking, we wantulti"atel$ the lowest cost and it "a$ will be cheaper to pa$ so"eone to stops"oking than allow the" to get a serious disease potentiall$ cancer where thecosts o treating that cancer is substantiall$ "ore than giving a ew hundred uidto sa$ i $ou stop s"oking will give $ou three hundred pound would be a lot "oreless than spending thousands upon thousands, so + think $ou can pa$ people tobe health$.

    8uestions about the listening e*ercise:

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    2hat8s an addiction9 -licit answers from my ss, try to find a proper definition

    *hen, explain the situation in different countries.

    Next step is ss have to thin( about possible solutions to the addiction of obesity. *hey have tothin( about measures to tac(le it. *hey8ll wor( in groups of five. After 0 minutes, each grouphas to explain their ideas.


    7how and taste


    Computer room. *ry to find a recipe on the internet with your partner.

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    T%is dida&ti& "nit is t%o"g%t for a gro"# of 25! 0st"dents* t%e level is B12 a&&ording to t%e ;"ro#ean

    ar& of referen&e. T%e age of t%e st"dents is 16 'earsold onwards* as in t%e ;OI it s not #ossi,le to ,eregistered ,efore. T%e' ve got a strong motivation tolearn ;nglis%. T%ere are 5 sessions of 100 ea&% and t%eto#i& we re going to deal wit% is related to food.