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  • March 2016 |

    GoalDeliver a sustainable and efficient natural gas measurement site.

    SolutionUtilize the flexibility and reliability of the SCADAPack 350 and Realflo software to deliver complex flow calculations to the gas measurement control site.

    StorySchneider Electrics SI Alliance partner, SCADA Industrial, provides an innovative solution to Mexican gas supply company to accurately measure gas flow and optimally run their systems.

    Results Easier configuration and historical


    Reliable equipment

    Seamless equipment replacement

    Less maintenance and increased operational efficiency

    Schneider Electrics SI Alliance partner, SCADA

    Industrial, recently partnered with a Mexican gas

    management company to deliver the first natural gas

    measurement site using a SCADAPack 350.

    This innovative solution connected the SCADAPack

    350 to the turbine meter and utilized Realflo software

    capabilities to take measurements of the complex flow

    calculations. These are then transferred to the control

    system of Pemex (Petrleos Mexicanos), the state-

    owned petroleum company, giving them the details

    they need to accurately measure the gas flow and

    ensure that its running optimally.

    This was an important site for. which acquires natural

    gas from the national Pemex pipeline system and

    distributes it to local businesses in the area. Since the

    initial site implementation and testing was completed,

    similar SCADAPack models have been installed, with

    and without Pemexs Modbus (their modified protocol),

    at other sites around the country.






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  • March 2016 |

    The Challenge

    The objective of the project was to provide Pemex with the capability to validate the volume of gas that was flowing from their pipes to the customer, in real time.

    The two main challenges faced at the Pemex OASyS SCADA control center were firstly, the replacement of obsolete equipment with the latest, most efficient technology, and secondly, an upgrade to the flow computer without changing registers for local DCS and SCADA screens.

    SCADA Industrials extensive experience, competitive costs, and familiarity with the existing equipment and the SCADAPack 350 already installed, made them the natural choice to implement this project.

    The Solution

    SCADA Industrial implemented SCADAPack 350 flow computer settings using RealFlo 6.84 with the Pemex Modbus. Calculations were validated onsite, using typical flow conditions and verifying real-time data remotely from the Pemexs SCADA control center in Mexico City.

    In order to comply with AGA-7 and AGA-8 recommendations and to validate the flow computer program loaded in the SCADAPack, Pemex and SCADA Industrial measurement engineers ran various volume and energy tests comparing standard natural gas flow calculation software such as FlowCheck 3.1 and GMAS in the OASyS package.

    Event, alarm, and historical data from the SCADAPack 350 were configured with Realflo 6.84 using the Pemex Modbus protocol.

    All transmitters and pulse output signals were checked and calibration records reviewed by the local station personnel. Records polled also included real-time data for the solar panel, battery, and UPS data concentrated in the SCADAPack. Pemex requires the flow control valve status and PID settings to be included in a third phase of this project, which will be completed by the end of Q3 2016.

    The Benefits

    Easier configuration and historical reporting

    The gas management company has found it easier and faster to configure each flow computer and download historical reports at each measurement station. They have reported that the site start-up time has gone from up to several days, to just four hours. This can be translated into labor savings of more than 50%.

    Reliable equipment The gas management company can now depend on the new flow computers with SCADAPack for a life cycle that is twice as long as it was previously.

    Seamless equipment replacement Replacing older flow computers and installing newer SCADAPacks has been a simple task and its now taking 60% less time to replace and configure at new sites around the country.

    Less maintenance and increased operation efficiency Technicians at the gas management company spend less time troubleshooting gas flow computer issues and can focus on serving their natural gas customers.


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