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Page 1: Double Spread Page

Double Page SpreadBy Iram.

Page 2: Double Spread Page

Mast Head and Fonts of Music Magazine One reason why I got my inspiration from VIBE and why I

did my music magazine in a similar and inspired look is because, from my questionnaire and research is that most people within my target audience prefer to buy music looking magazines. Therefore, I would make the magazine look like a music and VIBE style. This will make sure that the audience is kept interested in reading the magazine.

The double page spread and contents page has some very similar fonts and colours. For example in the contents page I have the used ‘Malayalam MN’ as it seems to really work together with the layout and the colours in the contents page and double spread page, which are (black, red and yellows). These ideas are all inspired by some more music and fashion looking.

Page 3: Double Spread Page

Mise-en-scene/Background I have chosen to have most of my

photos done in a classroom with a no specific background as I later used ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6’ to change the background. I wanted this because it looks like the magazine has done this photo shoot with the celebrity and therefore makes the magazine seem more respectful towards all the celebrities. I also did this because it again looks classier in comparison to having a scruffy setting.



Page 4: Double Spread Page

Costumes and Props The only props I used where a red sofa and

the way she was dressed, the watch was worn to portray what is commonly used in many music magazines as bling- it suggests perhaps their wealth.

I wanted the magazine to have a hint of fashion in mixed with music therefore I used some fashion pieces and thoughts when doing my shoots. I took some costume inspiration from VIBE, I really liked the way some of their artists laid down and the attraction of colours for instance they only stick to a few colours. So to make the photo my own shot, the photo is taken in a similar position.

Page 5: Double Spread Page

People I only have one model in my

magazine with the front cover, contents page and the double spread page. The reason for this is because I want each issue to be like a tribute and honour towards my music artist.

However the whole magazine would not only consist of one model if it was made with all pages. This is also something that VIBE has, they have the same model or celebrity on the front cover as the double spread page.

Page 6: Double Spread Page

Title Fonts and Styles I made my titles on ‘Adobe Photoshop CS6' but

just having the normal text font. The reason for this is because I wanted the design to look unique in comparison to other music magazines. If seen in VIBE or NME, where I found my inspiration from, they have a very simple font, which seems to be the reason why it looks so elegant.

I have taken some ideas of conventions and put them into my music magazine like the fonts and size also when I wrote ‘magazine’ under ‘air’ it uses some of the same conventions as other music magazines.

Page 7: Double Spread Page

Written ContentThe written content of my magazine follows

the codes and conventions of a real music magazine by covering similar topics. For example, I have done an interview with the same kind of chatty, yet formal mode of register and tone.

The mode of address has been specified and considered, so it would suit and target the main audience. However, it does have a quite wide grammar so that not only the ideal audience will be able to enjoy and read the magazine- but so that others can as well.

Page 8: Double Spread Page

Music Genre and How Your Magazine Suggest It The genre of my music magazine is RnB. It is quite

formal and the codes and contentions are mostly seen through the photos and the language used. E.g. the costume and props such as the dressing and watch this could be a wide variety of music. Also the double page spread has a quite seductive and toned down style to it, this may be something that ‘VIBE’ or other music magazines would consider and include.

These are all conventions that I have dried to portray through my magazine shows and represent the music genre of the magazine (which is RnB). Again, I have taken the ideas from other types of magazines, such as fashion and put and transformed them into the music magazine.

Page 9: Double Spread Page

LayoutThe layout of my magazine is

mainly conventional. In addition to this, the graphology and discourse structure is similar to magazines, like the photo is on only one side of the double page spread with columns, pull quote and a title on the other. However, to make the layout my own I did not use a word drop in my column for example and obviously the camera shot, angles, costumes and colour scheme are not the same.

Page 10: Double Spread Page

Pre-view I didn’t want to fill my double page spread with a lot of writing because I wanted

the image of my model to be obvious and bold in comparison to the other artist pictures I put up. I believe I have successfully achieved the effect I was going for and it looks very effective. Also the colours interlink with all the other pages I have created such as the Front page, and the contents page.

Page 11: Double Spread Page

Last minute changes I noticed that I didn’t have four pictures in total on my music magazine,

therefore I took another picture of three pupils in my class Behraam, Rama and the model who has been used for all my pictures Halima. I made many adjustments to the picture using PhotoShop allowed me to manipulate my picture to make it look like my models have attended the Grammy Award.