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  • Enterprise Social Networking: Yammer DoD ASSMC 3 FEB 2011 Brittany Brown Online and Social Media Division Office of the Chief of Public Affairs Pentagon
    • What is Yammer?
    • Features of Yammer
    • What Are Yammer Users Saying?
  • Exactly What Is Yammer? Yammer is an enterprise solution to Social Networking What are you working on?
  • Yammer Features
    • Enterprise microblogging
    • Files, Links and images
    • Communities
    • Leaderboards
    • Groups
    • Company Directory
    • Knowledge Base
    • Topics
    • Mobile Applications
    • Security
  • Enterprise Microblogging
    • "Yammer has proved to be a great way to seek input, test ideas, and gather feedback quickly."
    • - Deloitte
  • Files, Links and Images Upload and share documents with co-workers, groups, or your entire company.
  • Communities
    • "Yammer really does empower a totally different way of working: much more real-time, collaborative, global and effective."
    • - LG Electronics
    Create communities for working with partners who are outside of your network .
  • Leaderboards
    • "Weve made real decisions over Yammer that would have previously needed a phone call or email chain. Generally people are pleased with the connectivity it provides. For us, Yammer is a keeper.
    • -Kynetx
  • Groups
    • "Yammer is introducing many of us to one another for the first time, creating a human network that defies geographic boundaries and cultural differences."
    • - Mentor Graphics
  • Company Directory "If you don't use Yammer at your business, you should. It has replaced email for most of our in-office communication." -TechCrunch
  • Knowledge Base Each conversation is archived and fully searchable so you can find what you need from your company's knowledge base.
  • Topics Tag content and messages in your network to make content easy to organize and discover.
  • Mobile Applications
  • Security Mechanisms
    • Data Center Security
    • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Anti-Virus Security
    • Internal and 3rd Party Testing
    • Logical Firewall
    • Password Policies
    • Strong Authentication
    • Single Sign-on
    Each company or organization on Yammer lives in a separate network
  • What Are Yammer Users Saying Yammer survey results revealed benefits in six key areas: 1. Team communication 2. Productivity 3. Knowledge sharing 4. Employee onboarding 5. Company culture 6. Employee engagement
    • "Employees from one continent ask a question and employees from another continent respond with crucial real-time information and suggestions. Our client service has improved through Yammer: as its demand- led, these connections wouldnt occur otherwise.
    • -Hill & Knowlton
    • "What I love about Yammer is that no explanation was necessary. The value of the tool was obvious to our employees, and were a closer company with faster feedback cycles because of it.
    • - Stanford Student Enterprises, Chief Operating Officer
  • Questions Brittany Brown [email_address] 703.697.4314