Write about Myself All About Me. Me My Name: ____________ ? ? ?

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Text of Write about Myself All About Me. Me My Name: ____________ ? ? ?

  • Write about MyselfAll About Me

  • MeMy Name: ____________???

  • tall





    I am __________.My Looksgood-lookingstrong



  • I have __________.long

    shortbig eyescurly

    straight brownblonddarkgraya big nosehairpierced ears

  • My Talentssciencemathdrawingwritingcookingplaying sportssingingdancingplaying musicI am good at __________. joke-telling

  • My Hobbiessingingreadingwritingtravelinghikingshoppingseeing movieswatching TVlisten to musicI like _________________ in my free time.watching peopleplaying sportsroller-skatingswimming

  • My School SubjectsMy favorite subject is ______. English

  • EnglishHistoryP.E.MandarinClubsMathGeographyVisual ArtsMusicCivicsHealth EducationComputerIntegrative ActivitisMy Class ScheduleScienceSelf-studyMandarinScienceMandarinCounseling ActivityHealth EducationEnglishEnglishMandarinMathEnglishEnglishScienceMathMandarinP.E.MathMandarinMandarinCivicsPerformingArtsIntegrative ActivitisMathScienceStudy GuidanceClass Meeting


  • My DreamsI want to ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________in the future.

    I want to _______________ in the future.

    fly to the sky

  • Now its your turn to write about yourself!

  • Name(Chinese):____________ Name(English):_____________ Date of Birth: _____________ Height:___________________ Weight:___________________ Blood Type:_______________ Horoscope:________________ Favorite Food:_____________ Color:_____________ Animal:____________ Subject:___________ Sport:_____________E-mail me at _______________. Abilities:I am good at _______________ ________________________.Free Time Activities:I am crazy about/love/enjoy/like ________________________ in my free time.Dreams:I want / hope to ____________ ______________ in the future.

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  • All about MeYour Turn!