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The Generational Imperative. with Chuck Underwood. How Generations Happen. 3 Truths. Formative years mold core values. Five living generations. Generational values guide decisions. GenX. Birth Years: 1965 – 1981 Current Age: 27 to 43 # born: 58,541,842 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of with Chuck Underwood

  • withChuck Underwood

  • How Generations Happen3 Truths Formative years mold core values.

    Five living generations.

    Generational values guide decisions.

  • GenX

    Birth Years: 1965 1981

    Current Age: 27 to 43

    # born: 58,541,842

    Formative Years: 70s, 80s, 90s

  • GenX Were not what you thought.


  • GenXall about survival

    Divorce Time-poor parents Permissiveness Mobile Society

  • GenX

    a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future

    A Nation At Risk1983

  • GenX

    disturbing inadequacies in

    the way the educational process

    is conducted

    A Nation At Risk1983

  • GenX

    Core Values

    IndependenceSelf-relianceDistance from older generationsMarriage is disposableUs-Against-Them

  • GenX

    Media Isolation



  • GenX From media togetherness to media isolation


  • GenX



    Appreciate parents hard work

  • GenX

    African-American Xers




    Black/white gap shrinking

  • GenXThe Cosby Show1984 to 1992

  • GenXA Different World1987 to 1993

  • GenX1986MLK Holiday

  • GenXTheir mothers used drugs, and now its the children who suffer(1991)

  • GenX

    Strong female generation

    Males seek identity, masculinity

  • GenXFight Club (1999)

  • GenXTV spot - Secret Deodorant

  • GenXTV spot Best Buy

  • GenX

    Xer Men: Female Denigration

    Television programmingAdvertisingMusicVideo games

  • GenXTV spot Miller Lite

  • GenXTV spot Hummer

  • GenX

    Formative Years

    Unimpressed with authority

    Cynical towards older generations

    Distrustful of major institutions



  • GenXHow can we repair all the damage we inherited?

    Winona Ryder Reality Bites

  • GenX


    Save the neighborhood

    No ideology / pragmatic

    Make marriage work

    Be there for children

  • GenXWhy more young moms are opting out of the rat race

  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Creative, entrepreneurial


    Survival of the fittest

    Technologically savvy


  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Individualistic, results-oriented

    Self-focused rather than team

    Dont expect/promise loyalty

    Career free agents

  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Comfortable with change

    At ease with co-worker diversity


  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Career gender benders

    Willing to work hard

    Want to make money, succeed

    Seek work/play balance

  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Might be skeptical of elders

    Might be skeptical of large organizations

    View jobs as steppingstones, temporary

  • GenX

    Xers In The Workplace

    Like start-ups, small firms

    Might choose city first, then job

    Might not socialize with co-workers

  • GenXXers In The Workplace

    Dont buy pay-your-dues

    Demanding: want it fast

    Seek skill-building opportunities

    Seek respect and input

    Whats in it for me?

  • GenXRecruiting Xers

    Describe assignment in detailExplain time demand !Can you describe career path?Be tech-forwardEnhance their skill-setReward individualism, creativity

  • GenXManaging Xers

    Offer mentoringGive individual and specific feedbackDont dominate let them in !Build their toolboxQuantify their performance

  • GenXManaging Xers

    Be alert for: attitude towards ethics

    Be alert for: self-focus

    Be alert for: cynicism, pessimism, distrust

  • GenXManaging Xers

    Flexible schedules for parenting?

    Number of single dads growing

    Enhance maternity/paternity leave ?

    Help them deal with time-poorness

  • GenXManaging Xers

    Teach accountability

    Teach business courtesy

    Teach interpersonal skills

    Teach them about other generations

  • GenXManaging Xers

    Judge by merit, not seniority

    Create fun atmosphere

    Let them discover solutions their way

  • GenX

  • Millennials

    Birth Years: 1982 Present

    Current Age: birth to 26

    # Born:80,000,000+

    Formative Years:1980s to 2010s

  • Millennials

    Optimistic and enthusiastic

    Respectful of authority

    Focused on education

    Close relationship with parents

  • MillennialsTV spot Coca Cola

  • Millennials

    Grade pressure

    Time pressure


  • Millennials

    Team players


    Declining teen social pathologies

  • MillennialsThe September 11th Generation

  • MillennialsKatrina

  • Millennials

    High School Community Service

    1984: 900,000 Students

    2003: 6,200,000 Students

  • MillennialsTodays teens are helping others in record numbers.


  • Millennials

    Spirituality Rising

    Young people want to know something bigger than themselves.

    Marcus Robinson, college seniorTIME

  • Millennials


    Drug Use: Down, But Not Out

    Sex Bombardment By Many Media

    Adult-World Ethical Failures

  • MillennialsMore college women regularly get drunk.

  • MillennialsSex bombardment by commercial media

  • MillennialsAdult world ethical & moral failures

  • MillennialsSchools react to recent spate of scandals

  • Millennials



    Non-creative, non-risk-taking?


  • MillennialsParents who hover too much

  • MillennialsMy role models, confidantes, weekend buddies

  • Millennials

    Grade Pressure

    Not creative?

    Not risk-taking?

    Not independent thinking?

  • MillennialsNearly 1 in 2 undergraduates will become severely depressed at some time during college

  • MillennialsGrowing richpoor separation

  • MillennialsAt every level of education, theyre falling behind.

  • MillennialsGirls Are On A Tear.

    Boys are falling behind.

  • Millennials


    Feel Like A Generation

  • Millennials

    DO NOT CALL USGeneration YEcho Boomers

    Those names are upsetting. Nobody I know wants to use them.

    Leslie Milner, MillennialMillennials Rising

  • MillennialsAn Army Of One

  • MillennialsTV Spot U. S. Army

  • Millennials

    Extended Adolescence

    Live at home

    Job Sampling

    Have fun

    Postpone marriage, parenthood

  • Millennials

    College debtCredit card debtJob insecurityWill work 80+ yrs.Whats the rush?

  • Millennials

    Millennials At Work

    Disciplined good with deadlines

    Comfortable with elders

    Like team/group environment

    Like and need - clear goals, structure

    Optimistic, good spirit

  • Millennials

    Millennials At Work


    Want to do job well

    Will become competitive careerists

    But seek work-life integration

  • Millennials

    Millennials At Work

    Job security sounds pretty good

    Old-line organizations appeal

    Prefer diverse workforce

    Not loyal yet

  • Millennials

    Millennials At Work

    Seek relevant, meaningful work NOW

    Want in on creative decisions

    Flawed sense of entitlement

    Unrealistic expectations

    Crave variety and change

  • Millennials

    Millennials At Work

    Often distracted by technology

    Seek highest authority, might ignore chain of command

    Require lots of personal attention

  • Millennials

    Recruiting Millennials

    Internships can be effective

    Stress organizations stability


    Commitment to individual

    Stress civic involvement

  • Millennials

    Managing Millennials

    Strong orientation to ensure good start

    Fast immersion into the process

    Give structure and clear rules

  • Millennials

    Managing Millennials

    Teach realistic expectations

    Soft? Might need protection

    Reward them with more responsibility

    Help them develop clear career path

  • Millennials

    Managing Millennials

    Offer variety

    Constant, specific feedback

    Criticize them with kid gloves

    Use their we approach

  • Millennials

    Managing Millennials

    Personalize their work

    Teach generational differences

    Establish clear rules on tech use

    Establish clear rules on dress code

  • Millennials

    Pro - labor?

    Pro - union?

    Anti - CEO?

  • MillennialsExecutive Excess ?


  • MillennialsThat sucks.

  • Generational StrategyUnderstand each generations unique formative years

    Understand each generations unique core values

    Connect with each generation in the workplace,